starbucks doubleshot on ice review
of beverages on my list to review, right after the. Would recommend everyone give this doubleshot a “shot”! I believe this drink, when made to standard is five shots shaken over ice, sweetened with 5 pumps classic, and topped with 2% milk to the top. But, this is one of my daughters favorite drinks so, we buy it often. One of these cans will fill up about 2/3 of an ice cube tray. Pow. A little bit of story time: I had not been to a Starbucks in a reeaaally long time. Personally, I much prefer the Blonde Doubleshot. Actually, I’m pretty much describing a Blonde Caramel Machiatto, so I’ll be trying that as soon as possible. so now I’ve experienced the entire Starbucks-recommended Blonde Espresso flavor profile, and it varies more drink-to-drink than I expected. Required fields are marked *, 2018 | Freezy Boys Inc. | All Rights Reserved, I grimaced. You want to taste that delicious Blonde Espresso, right? Bum. It has a delicious, creamy vanilla taste. What the ‘eff, Henry! Summary: Boy, oh boy. Bum. This is an easy one: It’s great. I had to hustle to make my meeting with the big boss. I mentioned tasting caramel in other Blonde Espresso drinks, but the Doubleshot is in a whole other league. Bum. Boy, oh boy. Pow. This was the last of Starbucks’ featured Blonde Espresso line of beverages on my list to review, right after the Blonde Caffè Latte. . A Grande Blonde Doubleshot only contains 11 grams of sugar, which is way on the low side for Starbucks. Let’s start with Starbucks’ description of the Blonde Doubleshot on Ice: “Our new Starbucks Blonde Espresso gets a touch of sweetness and is topped with milk for an extra delight.”. Your email address will not be published. Just then I couldn’t take it anymore. Even so, I’d personally recommend only going as high as 2 or 3 pumps in an Iced Venti. I know it's not on the main menu board anymore because it came out last summer (or was it the summer before that, I forget), but I haven't checked to see if it is in that little handy pocket drink guide. I grimaced. Pow. You want to taste that delicious Blonde Espresso, right? I strolled into my big boss’s office. This is a legit looking drink. He let out another one of his deep sighs and said “enjoy.”. STARBUCKS® Doubleshot® Energy Vanilla Drink not only is a double shot of espresso but, it contains guarana, B vitamins, and ginseng for added focus and energy. This thing tasted good. Review: McDonald’s Fresh Beef Review – Worth Doing Anything For? I mumbled out a. THE STARBUCKS BLONDE DOUBLESHOT ON ICE is the last of the featured Blonde Espresso beverages on my list to review, and it was worth the wait. Eric said to come back into his office the next day and that he was very disappointed. If you enjoy this blog and are looking for someone to write content for you or your company, contact us at [email protected], Get a daily email update of all our new posts in your inbox. His name is Eric. Starbucks Blonde Doubleshot on Ice Review: This Delicious Drink Contains No Caramel, But Sure Tastes Like It Does. Nothing to do with Eric’s comment, but my stomach had erupted into an unbearable pain. Blonde Espresso shots (2 in a Tall, 3 in a Grande, 5 in a Venti), Classic Syrup (unflavored sugar syrup) (1 pump in a Tall, 2 in a Grande, 4 in a Venti). The frothy milk was a delicate addition that made me feel like a sophisticated individual. The Most Amazing Doubleshot on Ice I’ve Had So I know most of y’all on here are Starbucks employees (just customer here), but I just felt like I should share this awesome recipe that a barista filled me in on yesterday.


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