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Call your parents! “I showed them how to take the space and treat it like a business, and I made each one of the owners the [general manager] of a very small hotel, and I taught them how to think like that.”. On the other hand, Peter Lorimer coaches the homeowners about pricing and branding. Given the overall positive reaction to the first season, it is most likely that the show is going to return for another season.

While you might have heard of Gorder, or the TLC hit that launched her career, Trading Spaces, Lorimer is still something of an unknown in the world of real estate reality TV. According to the show’s co-host Peter Lorimer, he was told by plenty of viewers about how his show helped them transform their homes into profitable assets.

Genevieve Gorder renovates the property and adds features to make it look appealing for the guests. “I’m happy to say all of them are now a roaring success,” he said.

Given the recent success of Netflix’s other reality shows (Queer Eye, Sugar Rush, and Amazing Interiors), there’s a clear indication that these kinds of shows are gaining a dedicated fan base. The duo travels to different parts of the country, visits unique properties and brings the property in the market. The show additionally presents an unsympathetic, quiet character: the impermanent rental market itself.

This Netflix series showcases the challenges owners have to face in bringing the property up for business. But if someone expects the show to go into the nuances of the stock market and the bigger picture of real estate development, then they are mistaken. While you are waiting for an official go-ahead from Netflix regarding season two, now is a good time to catch up all its episodes. Stay Here is a reality television series which focuses on the many innovative ways of improving our homes. Short-term rentals are money machines in these cities, The essential guide to social media in real estate, Opendoor and Zillow are losing tens of thousands on each iBuyer home: DelPrete, Americans head to the polls as real estate industry holds breath. "I decided to run at video very hard," he told, "because there was no one I could find that was really doing it on a consistent basis and was consistently making interesting content that was in the real estate industry.". But, the people at Netflix insisted that Lorimer audition, and they did a screen test via Skype shortly thereafter. “I didn’t think I was going to get it, so I was my normal, balls-to-the-walls self, and they loved that,” he said. “And I never went back.”. Given the overall positive reaction to the first season, it is most likely that the show is going to return for another season. Hopefully, the planets will align, and it will do well.”, Behind the scenes of Netflix’s new real estate reality show ‘Stay Here’, Popular video-blogging agent Peter Lorimer will help struggling Airbnb hosts alongside ‘Trading Spaces’ designer Genevieve Gorder, What you need to know to start your day with all the latest industry developments. Gorder is an interior designer while Lorimer is the real estate broker who provides valuable insight into the transformation of the properties. They have to recreate innovative stuff found on Instagram and Pinterest such as vintage pieces, chunky knit blankets, antique boutiques, market amenities, fire pits and much more. Lorimer is the CEO as well as a broker who works behind PLG Estates situated in Beverly Hills, California. Stay Here, on the other hand, is committed to getting lost.

On Aug. 17, plenty of real estate professionals will see a familiar face appear on their Netflix accounts. All rights reserved. Stay Here is a reality television series which focuses on the many innovative ways of improving our homes.The first season consists of 8 episodes and premiered collectively on August 17, 2018, on Netflix.It features an interior designer who along with a real estate broker embarks on a journey of transforming rental homes into big moneymaking ventures. What’s more interesting is that Peter Lorimer tweeted on August 27, 2018, that they are “hopeful” for a second season. You don't know these people They're not … Lorimer launched his own venture, PLG Estates, in 2010, as per his bio on the company's website. “Being a creative, I understand the creative process, but I still had no idea how it would look until I saw it,” he said,  “When I saw all eight episodes, I could not be more proud. As Stay Here begins, we see our star real estate broker and interior designer helping couples turn their homes into a Bed & Breakfast accommodation and thus generating revenue through it. But before he was selling mansions to millionaires, the U.K.-born Lorimer was hobnobbing with artists in a different capacity: as a music producer. Then, right as Inman Connect San Francisco 2017 was kicking off, Lorimer was asked to do a chemistry test with Gorder at a swanky estate in the Hollywood Hills. Stay here instead Just tell me what you'd like to do We'll talk and we'll laugh And I'll sing to you And I promise you we won't fight Don't leave tonight Momma, I'm late The boy doesn't care Not at all He'll be here at eight He'll build you up only to watch you fall Carrie! 50+ videos Play all Mix - Riverdale Cast - Stay Here Instead | Riverdale 2x18 Music [HD] YouTube Prank Calling Makeup Stores! Newsletter archive. Stay Here Instead - Riverdale Cast From the Riverdale "Carrie The Musical" Episode Available now here: Tracklisting: 1. Despite their uniqueness and great potential, each of these listings had abysmal ratings, and the owners were on the verge of giving up. The first season consists of 8 episodes and premiered collectively on August 17, 2018, on Netflix. ft. Larray - Duration: 14:15.

When Does Ghost Adventures Season 21 Release? Also, before being known as a designer, Genevieve Gorder appeared as a commentator on Sex in the ’90s (MTV).

But there's good reason why he was selected to co-host this new makeover show. That sounds like reality TV at its most decadent.

Subscribe to the CAST e-newsletter . Stay Here is a reality television series which focuses on the many innovative ways of. Stay Here, a new Netflix series where struggling Airbnb hosts get some much-needed marketing and design help from Lorimer and former Trading Spaces designer Genevieve Gorder. But if you're a hot celebrity looking to invest in your second property along the Southern California Coast, well, Lorimer might already be your guy. If you have trouble signing up for our newsletter please email

“Normally they want very nice fitting, tight Italian suits, they want you to scream at people, and I said, ‘If you want someone who will scream at their wife, and the water [pipe] is going to burst, and there’s just going to be all this drama, then I’m not the guy for you,’” he said.


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