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Comedian Stephen K Amos has faced personal tragedy in the last 18 months so his new show, Bouquets and Brickbats, has a brutal honesty. Some things are so joyful and joyous on one hand, and on the other, so devastating. We’ll definitely go again to cool Stockholm, 48 hours in Malta’s cool capital, Valletta, Drama By The Rice Fields: Working With The Moradokmai Theatre Community, Geoff Norcott the ‘exotic’ Tory of stand-up. Are you sure you want to delete this comment? Comedian Stephen K Amos has faced personal tragedy in the last 18 months so his new show, Bouquets and Brickbats, has a brutal honesty. There is only one role Stephen wants in the school play – the best one. Nothing – I’d done nothing. As a subscriber, you are shown 80% less display advertising when reading our articles. See more of Stephen K Amos on Facebook. [11] In March 2010, Amos appeared with the England rugby squad playing Nelson Mandela, in an comedy sketch for the BBC's Sport Relief. We spoke to Stephen about his new book in which he tells us the truth about him and the singing star! I was very shocked by her reaction, which was about facts, like maybe there are people here who think that didn’t happen then.”, Surely it’s true of every family that no two members remember events identically? It was the final run of my show and afterwards I couldn’t speak, but in a weird way I want this new show to honour her and another family friend I lost. [22][23], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Review of Stephen K Amos: Work in Progress, Fringe 2012", "Virgin 1's brand new cock-umentary gets to grips with The Great British Penis", BBC This Week: Amos, O'Rourke, Kat Von D and Moore, "BBC Radio 4 – Life: An Idiot's Guide, Series 1", "Stephen K Amos Interview. “It made such an impact,” he agrees. I know people [there] who are hiding on the ‘downlow’. Thankfully, we never seem to run out of material! All we knew was we were uprooted and suddenly taken to this strange, horrible place.”. In 2010, Amos's own show was launched, a combination of stand up, sketches, and guest performers (who for the most part had not fully broken into television comedy), simply entitled The Stephen K Amos Show. “That’s why I do a joke in my show about dual heritage. When I got my own place and they started visiting, it was like, ‘You’re in my house now, my rules’, and they were fine with it.”, Those close to him knew, but as for the public – I tell him that a couple of years ago his sexuality felt like a major talking point of the Fringe. [18] He is gay and an atheist. In March 2007, his documentary on homophobia in the black British community and Jamaica, Batty Man, was broadcast by Channel 4.


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