subaru 4eat differences
The persistent lockup condition under acceleration provides the efficiency and control of a clutch while still behaving much like a traditional planetary automatic transmission. I tow a similar weight with a similar Outback - your 1200kg is well within the RoW towing limit of 1800kg for this model. The control unit monitors several factors including vehicle speed, gear position, and wheel speed and then varies the application of the clutch based on a model stored in memory. Subaru Forester R160 Torq Locker with VTD Center differential Controller demonstration There are 2 types of center differential on the 4EAT's. 3rd 1.296 3rd 1.296 The second generation saw use until 2008. This transmission was dropped in 1994 when you could only get a 4WD unit. Next is a dimmer switch, this doesn't have to be done but to control the center diff and keeping it from being front wheel drive i recommend this as its the best option to fully control how your center differential acts around town and off road. Some Subaru models were equipped with a 1-HOLD button. The Ford Motor Company also uses a transmission on some Ford, Kia Motors, Mercury, and Mazda products called the F-4EAT, which shares some similarities with the Subaru, since they are both manufactured by Jatco. We grounded our at the dimmer switch which will very on application on which wire needs power and which needs grounding as there are 3 wires on the back on the dimmer. I mainly just move the gear selector from 3 to D and vice versa. There are differences in aftermarket exhausts, most seem to be 4EAT friendly but some are not. The Spec. Reverse: 3.636 Again, it’s something new but looks familiar. 4EAT. 2nd: 1.947 A Dual Pull Dual Throw switch is needed. The 2010 Legacy and Outback models offer a six-speed manual as one of the two transmission options in the base 2.5i, and is the only option for the Legacy GT model. I think moving the selector from D to 3 to hold the 4EAT in 3rd gear may produce faster acceleration to 3rd gear's redline, which is around 100 mph. I am interested in enhancing my vehicle’s performance. Major differences between 4EAT and MT. Our shop Forester is a 2003 which we have swapped the VTD center differential into. Subaru built their own four-speed automatic transmission based on the old Jatco design. There are 2 options to wiring in a center diff lock, Option #1 (best for Forester swapped VTD). Subaru released the 5EAT w/ SportShift in 2003 based on the Jatco JR507E transmission. From my research, I have noticed about a 20-25 WHP difference between similarly equipped 4EAT and 5MT WRX’s due to the extra driveline loss through the torque converter. Active Torque Split and VTD are found in both generations of the 4 speed while the 5 speed uses only VTD. If you have any question about this modification let us know! 2nd 1.888 This booklet is designed to support the 4EAT Transmission Core Course and in no way should it … These include: Yes. The bellhousing and input shaft were changed for the Subaru EJ engine, the first generation was used until about 1998, when a major redesign of the holding devices was released. Again, it’s something new but looks familiar. 3rd 1.404 R 3.686 The second generation saw use until 2008. For a more thorough description of specific 4EAT operating characteristics or features, refer to the applicable Subaru service manual for the year and model Subaru you are working on. Subaru Automatic Transmissions (4EAT) Module 302 – Technicians Reference Booklet PDF free online, Golf GTI & Golf R 2013 – Specification Book, Subaru Automatic Transmissions (4EAT) Phase II Module 302 – Technicians Reference Booklet, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. These are the years and models when the Phase II Version II valve body started production: 2004-Later Subaru Forester, Turbo So my car can be used 1 2 3 D as in gears 1 2 3 4. The difference is the Reduction Drive Assembly. Stock 5MT models dyno at around 170 WHP where 4EAT models dyno at around 150 WHP. I really liked my dsg in my vw but the maintenance is pricey. So this will require a grounding instead of 12v. (,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Subaru claims that the transmission provides "uninterrupted power that maximizes fuel efficiency while keeping the engine at the optimal rev range". Gear Ratios : 1st 3.636 2nd 2.375 (or 2.235) 3rd 1.761 (or 1.590) 4th 1.346 (or 1.137) 5th 0.971 (or 0.891) 6th 0.756 (or 0.707) Rev 3.545 (This only applies to either the 04-05 STi or the 06+ STi, not both, and not the Spec B.). This Technicians Reference Booklet introduces the first generation of Subaru Four Speed Electronic Automatic Transmissions. Often I find when reading the description of aftermarket parts (mainly exhausts), it says that they are for 02-03, or 03-04, and pretty much all of them specify "manual transmission". Does this make it faster? Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, CKE Subaru 2.5/2.0 Type 1 CVT Anti-Wobble Insert, We are still operating as normal! This transmission was Subaru's first full-time 4WD transmission, only used in the Alcyone/XT6, and 3 door RX. Subaru Tecnica International's choice to continue using the oil pump-equipped 6MT for Group N racing, originally for the 2007 model years and older, led to the assessment that oil pump transmissions are still favored for motorsport/heavy duty applications. new system for North America is equipped on all Subaru vehicles with Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC). The Justy ECVT was also available with hydraulically actuated 4WD (unlike the 5MT Justy, which has pneumatic actuation) in November 1988, this model was called the Justy 4WD ECVT. In addition, the metal chain pulley system is generally quieter than other CVT designs. No Trans light flashing. I work on other people’s vehicles for a living. The differences between the front-wheel-drive (FWD) and the four-wheel-drive (4WD) transmissions are also illustrated. ....don't try to put a light/underdrive pulley(s) on an AT... i heard the APS downpipe doesnt fit well with the 4eat but can be made to fit (you have to unmount the engine and move it a little or something) - they may have redesigned it since the time i was looking into exhausts though .. 1st: 3.454 I actually really like my 4eat. If you dont want it to hit 4th(cause you'll never use it in a 1/4 mile acceleration race) just put it in 3rd and keep it at full throttle and it'll do the work for you at just the right time. Subaru developed a CVT for the Subaru Justy to gain reasonable acceleration and fuel economy from its small three cylinder engine. Final 4.444:1[5]. But remember, the VTD will need 0v to lock up. In 2006 and 2007 the 6MT came with a final drive of 3.545 which made the 2006 and 2007 much sought after for the non-STi WRX owners as a transmission swap.


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