super metroid jump
Jump onto the dorsal hatch to enter the ship. Mid-air super jump Like the super jump but in mid-air. To perform the basic vertical Shinespark, dash until the Speed Booster kicks in. When she hits the wall, quickly press the D-Pad in the opposite direction and then A. Pressing up or forward while holding jump after breaking out of your spinjump with shot will cause Samus to immediately shinespark, whereas pressing and releasing forward after breaking out of your spinjump with shot will activate the shinespark. To perform a diagonal shinespark from the air, press up or angle up while in a spinjump to initiate the shinespark, then press jump while holding angle up. Vertical shinesparks have a different flight animation than horizontal/diagonal shinesparks. Activating a Charge Beam Combo then performing a shinespark will reduce the crash duration of every subsequent shinespark by 31 frames while the combo is still active. Since the Right press will clear the text box, this means a consistent rhythm of those two button presses will work better for some runners than relying on visual cues from the textbox disappearing. Shinesparking in this manner is complicated by the fact that if you press left or right before activating the shinespark (or if you already are holding left or right) away from a wall, you will gain momentum, preventing activation. Overfiendvip and Oatsngoats have provided additional information regarding execution of this technique. Breaking out of your spinjump by pressing shot is different than the above. With these three buttons held down, press the fire button and hold it down as well. Unknown to beginner players, Samus can kick off walls and propel herself higher while performing a standard somersault jump to allow her to effectively climb up walls. In the case of 14%, as well as Any% PRKD (or any run that does "Phantoon first"), a CWJ is used to cross the moat before the Wrecked Ship. You can press left as late as Frame 33, otherwise you will do a vertical spark on Frame 34. As an alternate Phantoon strategy, if you stand at the right corner of the room, you can easily just blast away at his blue flames and grab the energy and weapon refills they drop. A CWJ is executed by barely clearing the top of a platform by spin jumping over it, and then performing a walljump on the side of the platform just cleared. If Phantoon appears above, just aim up and keep firing. Hold run from when you start running until you hit the door transition, then release run during the transition. This won't be easy, but it is possible (and can be done before he rises from the ground, but is very hard). Select the Wave Beam and the Charge Beam, select a Power Bomb and charge your weapon to create four purple energy balls that soar out around Samus in diagonal directions. Jump through the hole to the ledge above if you already have the Hi-Jump Boots upgrade this will be alot easier. Right after clearing that platform, press and hold jump, and if executed properly, speed will be maintained, allowing the player to reach the other side of the room. If you have the L or R buttons mapped to fire, enter Morphing Ball form and press and hold Down on the D-Pad along with the shoulder button that isn't mapped to fire. The window of time to press right or angle up with an aerial shinespark is almost the same as a grounded shinespark -- 1 to 29 frames after activating it, instead of 2 to 30. A CWJ can be executed in 14% Iceboots and 14% Speedboots as well; however, it has a completely different setup location than NTSC has due to the speed in which Samus moves and her acceleration out of doors. This page was last edited on 17 July 2019, at 01:38. Once you're ready, select a Power Bomb and activate the Morphing Ball. These lengths can effectively be increased by the Charge Beam. Activate the Morphing Ball, then lay bombs to propel Samus up. Firing a charged beam shot with a shinespark charge will delay the shinespark timer by one frame each time, allowing up to a maximum delay of three frames. If timed right, Samus will jump off the wall and launch herself higher. From A complete guide to Super Metroid speedrunning,, About A complete guide to Super Metroid speedrunning, Hold the run button while moving forward until Samus turns blue, producing echoes, Slide your thumb on the directional pad from forward to down, While in a stationary position with a shinespark charged, press and hold the jump button, Press forward (whichever direction (left or right) you are facing) or up on the directional pad, Press up on the directional pad or angle up, Press forward (whichever direction (left or right) your spinjump was traveling in) on the directional pad. To perform a horizontal shinespark from the air, press up or angle up while in a spinjump to initiate the shinespark, then press jump while holding forward (and only forward). Once it does, press down and Samus will halt her run while continuing to flash. Other than the Moat, the other major timesaving CWJ is for Taco Tank. Pressing left on Frame 4 will result in a vertical spark, and pressing left on Frames 1, 2, or 3 will actually cause the shinespark activation to not happen, and you will simply jump left instead. If you press and hold jump, press shot, then release jump afterward or press and hold jump, press and hold shot, release jump, then release shot, you will be able to activate a shinespark with up or angle up. Upon colliding with such a surface, a 70 frame 'crash' animation will occur, which will produce a pair of 'echoes' the moment it ends. The diagonal shinespark is also always performed in the direction you are already facing. If you find yourself surrounded by the smaller of Zebes' inhabitants, power up the Charge Beam and activate the Morphing Ball. The length of a shinespark charge is 180 frames on NTSC (3 seconds) and 143 frames on PAL (2.86 seconds). The Speed Booster can be used to perform spectacular almost never-ending jumps in different directions. If you hold the Angle Up button (R) while Samus is flashing and press A, she'll soar up diagonally - this move helps out quite a bit to reach higher platforms and ledges normally far out of range. The shinespark can be performed either from the ground or in the air and can travel either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. To perform a vertical shinespark from the ground, simply press the jump button while in a stationary position. CWJ is mandatory for an optimal performance in 14% categories for crossing The Moat, although certain forms of bomb jumping, such as horizontal bomb jumping and ceiling bomb jumping, are alternatives. The TASes do several others to save time, such as Pit Room, but there's currently no known setup to make these human-viable. To perform a vertical shinespark from the air, simply press up while in a spinjump. Start out like a regular super jump; speed dash until the blue echoes appear, press {down} and do a spin jump. When fighting Mother Brain, whenever you get hit you'll be invincible for a few seconds, so you can jump down in front of the glass container and pump Mother Brain full of normal missiles (super missiles won't work from here). Position yourself where you want to jump and press A to jump straight up incredibly fast. You'll keep flying up until Samus strikes something but you'll lose energy at the same time so be careful. Now press diagonally down in order to break the spin jump, press {jump} and immediately press desired direction, Samus will do a super jump … The actual walljump itself normally has a two frame window, but can be only a one frame window instead depending on your starting location before running and jumping towards the beam. It's a good idea to go via the power recharge station above and to the right of Crocomire's room when you're heading down to fight Ridley.


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