surface book 2 charger wattage
The Feedback Hub app lets you tell Microsoft about any problems you run in to while using Windows 10 and send suggestions to help us improve your Windows experience. And this is intentional, Microsoft says, to prioritize productivity: “Through power management design, the battery will never drain entirely, ensuring that users are able to keep working, creating or gaming.”. by advertising and linking to Simple math puts those two components alone at 105 watts or more, and that’s not accounting for the display, RAM, solid-state drive (SSD), and other electronics. *Power Supply made exclusively for Surface Book, Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Pro 3. Yes, the GPU turns on, the fan runs quietly, and the performance and battery life are high enough to generate rave reviews—but it’s not all the performance that the GPU can deliver. As PCWorld's senior editor, Mark focuses on Microsoft news and chip technology, among other beats. The measured peak wattage from charger to SB2 as measured by this power meter. The USB port available on some power supply units is only for charging other devices while your Surface is charging and can’t be used to transfer data. But the Surface Book 2 doesn’t include a Max-Q chip, at least not yet. While the Surface Book 2 performs well, and you might be willing to simply wait for the battery to recharge, there’s another problem: Batteries have a limited lifespan, and every discharge and charge cycle cuts it short. By default, at its highest-performance mode, the Surface Book 2’s Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 chip runs at about 1.4GHz. Contact. Your Surface alerts you when the battery is getting low. How can you tell if your Surface is charging? When operating at peak performance, it may draw more power than its stock charger or Surface Dock can handle. If you experience charging issues when using a USB-C port, see Fix USB-C problems. Good device design and electrical safety hazard tests ensure that any touch current passing through a person is insignificant and non-hazardous. As it ships today, the Surface Book 2 15-inch comes with a 95-watt power supply (it’s actually 102 watts, but seven watts is set aside for the USB power port). In no case will the battery deplete completely, though. The Surface Book 2’s problem seems to boil down to this: Its charger doesn’t supply enough power to charge the Surface Book 2 while under load—which, for our purposes, means games. How to disable secure boot on Microsoft Surface Book 2. We strongly recommend that you use only a genuine Microsoft or Microsoft-licensed power supply, one that either came with your Surface or was purchased separately, to charge the battery.


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