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I really felt the energy of the divine soulmate connection between Tami and her fiance.”. With great reviews like that, you might want to start buying your tickets. On October 12, the vessel was caught in the path of Hurricane Raymond. Tami Oldham Ashcraft and Richard Sharp, just before setting out on their fateful trip. Her book has been made available in at least 15 countries, and the movie has been released internationally. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Finally, some Japanese sailors in the port spotted her boat and helped reel her in. On top of that, emotionally and mentally she was left with deep scars that she struggled to work through. As they smashed down on the couple’s 44ft boat, Tami, 23, looked into the “electric blue eyes” of her handsome British lover Richard Sharp and saw fear. Besides her physical and emotional state, physically she had also sustained some injuries during the storm. Sie verließ sich stattdessen auf einen einfachen Sextanten. Tami’s book eventually got the attention of movie producers and before she knew it she was off to Hollywood. When she awoke, she was surrounded by destruction. ", "Während ich im Überlebensmodus war, war die Trauer ziemlich gering", fuhr sie fort. Sharp, however, was gone. Doch schon bald nimmt die scheinbar idyllische Liebesgeschichte eine düstere Wendung. Tami’s incredible story of survival has drawn in a wide audience all around the world. There were moments when Tami considered giving up and joining Richard in the depths of the sea, but something stopped her when she heard a voice. She heard it again when, desperate to get out of the flooded yacht, she prepared to set off in the lifeboat. They took many pleasure trips in the little sailboat, and it was certainly the boat that the two were most comfortable with. Die Segel waren jetzt unbrauchbar; Sie entwarf eine neue mit Sturmfock und Spinnakerbaum. Doch schon bald nimmt die scheinbar idyllische Liebesgeschichte eine düstere Wendung. "Es gab Zeiten, zu denen ich gar nicht mehr leben wollte, weil ich nicht wusste, wie ich vorgehen würde. Unfortunately, on two separate occasions the other ships just couldn’t see her flares or the red flag she had made. "Es hat mein Leben gerettet", sagte Tami San Diego Union Tribune von dem Navigationsgerät, einer mit Diamanten besetzten Nachbildung, die sie jetzt um den Hals trägt. Tami Oldham Ashcraft (* 1960) ist eine US-amerikanische Seglerin und Autorin.[1]. In fact, he helped teach his young fiancé many of the things she came to know about sailing. In Adrift, Woodley portrays Tami Oldham, a sailor who accompanies her fiancé Richard Sharp on a sailing trip from Tahiti to San Diego. "Als ich meine Geschichte im Laufe der Jahre erzählt habe, haben mir die Leute erzählt, was für eine unglaubliche Geschichte es war, und es hat mich dazu veranlasst, mein Buch zu schreiben. She said: “I think Richard was definitely with me, that he was helping guide me and being there with me because we shared such a passion for each other and for life. She was then thrown against the side, knocking her unconscious. It kept me going.”. Eine unglaubliche Geschichte, ja, aber glauben Sie es oder nicht, es basiert tatsächlich auf einer wahren Geschichte - und die 2002 von Tami selbst geschriebenen Memoiren Roter Himmel in Trauer: Eine wahre Geschichte von Liebe, Verlust und Überleben auf See (das seitdem von Dey Street Books als neu herausgegeben wurde Adrift ) . View our online Press Pack. "Das Schwierigste war definitiv der Umgang mit Richard, der weg war", sagte Tami Tribun . The first three weeks of the voyage were pure happiness and freedom. Despite that, the ship was miraculously still afloat. Sadly, Richard was thrown overboard and Tami never saw him again. Everything was strewn about. Public-school educated Richard, from Cornwall, had been set to follow his officer father into the Royal Navy, but was thrown out of the academy for insubordination. Tami had managed to steer the damaged yacht towards the island of Hilo, Hawaii. Actress Shailene had to survive on 350 calories a day in order to lose enough weight to portray Tami in her emaciated state — a diet she calls “f***ing miserable”. For other inquiries, Contact Us. Im Oktober 1983 nehmen die erfahrenen Segler Tami Oldham Ashcraft (damals 23) und ihr Freund Richard Sharp … She never saw him again. The yacht was sinking, the sails were shot, and she had a gash on her forehead that was increasingly painful. The then 23-year-old Ashcraft accompanied him on the crossing. Using her knowledge of celestial navigation, Tami was able to use her sextant to map out her location and figure out where she needed to go. Her fiancé was gone and her boat was badly damaged, the result of an unexpected category-four hurricane. Aus diesem Film Adrift wurde gemacht, und ich liebe es, wie meine Geschichte erzählt und gewebt wird wie ein Wandteppich. Well known actress Shailene Woodley stars as Tami, and actor Sam Claflin co-stars as Richard Sharp. Tami Lee Oldham Ashcraft ... Ashcraft's then-fiancé, 34-year-old British sailor Richard Sharp, was hired to ferry the 13-metre yacht Hazaña from Tahiti to San Diego. Little did they know how much things would change when they made a big decision for their next trip. Tami was on her way. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. “But no Richard. Trotz des Kurswechsels folgte ihnen der Sturm und zwang das Paar, 40-Fuß-Wellen und 140-Knoten-Winde zu bekämpfen Chicago Tribune . Die damals 23-jährige Oldham Ashcraft begleitete ihn auf der Überfahrt. Then the radio crackled to life with a warning that Hurricane Raymond was bearing down on them. The couple loved to sail together, and frequently took long boat trips out on the water. The couple loved to sail together, and frequently took long boat trips out on the water. Katie Serena is a New York City-based writer and a staff writer at All That's Interesting. I just really had a hard time. She and Richard only carried enough for what they thought would be about ten more days at sea. You knew you could walk away from the beach, or hunker down in the safety of your home. Das Buch half ihr, vom Verlust ihrer ersten Liebe zu heilen. Richard and Tami, played by Sam Claflin and Shailene Woodley, look worried as hurricane approaches, Fury . She administered what first aid she could, sometimes using torn pieces of clothing to bandage her leg and head. 1983 wurde Oldham Ashcrafts damaligem Verlobten, dem britischen Segler Richard Sharp (34), angeboten, die 44-Fuß Yacht Hazana von Tahiti nach San Diego zu überführen. Nur die reale Version ist noch herzzerreißender. Get the water out of the boat.”. Tami segelte mehr als einen Monat und 1.500 Meilen lang allein, geleitet von ihrem "inneren Geist". When they did, 40-foot waves and 140-mile-per-hour winds descended on the tiny vessel. At another time, perhaps they could have. Shailene Woodley has also received high praise for her performance, with many saying it’s the best of her career so far. Die beiden jungen Liebhaber und erfahrenen Segler Richard Sharp und Tami Oldham Ashcraft spielen eine Reise von Tahiti nach San Diego. Ungefähr drei Wochen später traf der Hurrikan ein. 1983 shipwreck In 1983, Ashcraft's then-fiancé, 34-year-old British sailor Richard Sharp, was hired to ferry the 13-metre yacht Hazaña from Tahiti to San Diego. The navigation station is in pieces. She created a makeshift sail and rigged up a way to pump water from the cabin. . Twice ships appeared in the distance but their crews did not see the distress flares Tami sent into the sky. Tami Oldham sticht mit ihrem Verlobten Richard Sharp von Tahiti aus in Richtung Kalifornien in See. Aber der Kampf war nicht vorbei für Tami. While today she is a wife and mother in her late 50s, back in 1983 Tami Oldham Ashcraft was just a young 23 year old woman with a bright future ahead of her. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click here. In 1998 she wrote and published a book about the experience. The loss of Richard was difficult for Tami to process, especially because she was still adrift in the middle of the ocean. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Ich konnte es kaum erwarten, aus dem Auto zu kommen Staaten und zurück zu etwas Ruhe und wieder zurück zum Wasser. Then a British couple hired them to sail their bigger yacht, the Hazana to San Diego — Tami’s home town. Today, the book has been translated into at least eight different languages. Shailene, 26, said of the true-life survival story reviewed here by Sun film critic Jamie East, which took place in 1983: “I was so captivated by it, by who Tami is and the love story. Keep reading to discover more about someone can survive an impossible situation against all odds. It helped me to focus, to keep myself on track.”. Tami Oldham Ashcraft verbringt 42 Tage allein auf See. She later described it as an inner voice that spoke to her and drove her to keep going. Regardless of the situation, chances are that you were able to assure yourself that you were safe and you knew it was unlikely you were in danger. . Tami Oldham Ashcraft (* 1960) ist eine US-amerikanische Seglerin und Autorin. Da alle elektronischen Navigationsinstrumente vom Sturm zerstört worden waren, navigierte sie manuell mit Hilfe eines Sextanten. Tami would have to rescue herself. August 2018. Together they sailed a yacht Richard had built himself to Tahiti, where Richard proposed. . “It reminds me of how I got home,” she said. Oldham Ashcraft ist seit 1994 verheiratet und hat zwei Töchter. "Niemand hat es je vorgeschlagen, aber ich wünschte, ich hätte Rat bekommen, weil ich definitiv ein schweres posttraumatisches Belastungssyndrom hatte", erklärte Tami der Chicagoer Zeitung.


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