teruteru hanamura execution
Seems appropriate for kicking off pride month. Variety is the spice of life, and Teruteru knows spices better than anyone. (Then we meet him for real in the prologue and it was downhill from there, but I digress), I like the more oddball style breaking designs in the series, In short, Teruteru is great, and if you don't think he is, then that's fine. No matter what you look at with Teruteru, this weakness is conveyed heavily. In fact, your panties would drop, too! Venturing into the underwater facility beneath the main building, Akane commanded Teruteru to begin serving the meat he was cooking from a stove, swallowing it whole and giving her the energy to run at a very fast speed, bumping into Teruteru, causing him to spin uncontrollably. nobody gonna call him out? He confesses he wants to see his mother again, and the last thing he does is scream for his mother before he is executed. He takes great pride in his cooking, insistently telling other people to call him Ultimate Chef instead of Ultimate Cook, as it 'gives off a more urban feeling'. like, he pulls the "loins" shit and other people go "what the fuck bro" and he's like "huh? And Teru is just being his normal pervy self making weird innuendos. They all act like none of them are in the same room during group talks. Teruteru says he was born in Nishi-Azabu district in Minato, Tokyo, and raised in southern Aoyama. Comparing MY dishes to this lowly peasant food, how rude! From the designs alone, when I first saw Teruteru I thought he was uniquely adorable. Teruteru Hanamura Teruteru is very lewd and usually can be seen hitting on anyone near him, male and female alike, often to the point of sexual harassment. While we're talking about his interests, there's a quote from Teruteru's first freetime event that I find to be rather interesting: Hajime: "(...)don't tell me that's the reason you started cooking? Dislikes Maybe it's just that the situation didn't seem anywhere as bad at the start, so he was in a much more laidback mood where that seemed reasonable. Gundham and Nekomaru appear from the dark room. Makoto Naegi plans to undo Junko's influence by putting them into the Neo World Program, but the program is taken over by AI Junko, right according to the Ultimate Despair's plan. Currently, Teruteru is most likely comatose, just like most of his classmates. It's both selfish, and altruistic at the same time. Teruteru is very openly interested in both men and women, which has been shown in multiple scenes: If Hajime gives Teruteru a present he enjoys, one of the possible responses is: ", In the booklet included in the special edition Japanese BluRay release of, Additionally, although it is not considered canon, in, Teruteru and Nekomaru are the only two male characters who acknowledge the trips with Hajime as dates. For someone that a lot of people would call unlikable at the start, I think Teruteru takes the bronze medal in the contest of sympathetic killers (Gundham holds the gold, Kaede takes silver). While preparing all the food, he noticed Nagito, who won the lottery to clean the old lodge, hiding a knife under the table, and confronted him. I don't know if I'm missing some kind of subtext, but what do people mean when they say Teru drugged Hajime? Double standard." A lot of people would say that they're willing to save the majority in such a circumstance, but this trial gives a great look into the type of person that wouldn't. That's why a lot of Teruteru's comments don't often drag strong negative reactions out of the other students, which helps to make his brand of humor come off as much more tolerable. If Hajime suggests taking their clothes off on a beach date, Teruteru responds: "Hmhm... Wow Hajime, how bold of you. Later, Teruteru was persuaded by Nagito by giving him a photo book of the infamous idol Sayaka Maizono that he found. Anime These sprites appear during the Island Mode minigame while collecting resources. Not because this is the kind of behavior that should be condoned, but because it fits the situation better and skips the joke we've seen time and time again. He turns his back entirely on this harsh reality, opting instead to try and maintain the casual mood from earlier in his own mind. While we're on the subject though, I think that's actually a pretty good place to start with Teruteru. Without his voice I would dislike both Teru and Kiyo just a little bit more. I just wanted to cook for someone important to me. I wonder if the fact that neither reaches their intended just murders is symbolic, considering that their typical mindsets would often be described as immoral. After spotting her, Teruteru couldn't believe that Akane smelled the grilled meat and came for it. But I do like Teruteru, and I'm very happy that he was part of Danganronpa 2. It's like if you prepared a potluck, where every dish was a scene featuring Teruteru. It's also implied that their diner is constantly targeted by big chains and other businesses attempting to buy it out, prompting Teruteru to even enter an unnamed competition with his skills to help stall this. The scarf around his neck is now yellow. During Teruteru's second Free Time Events, he mentioned that he had a brother and sister who were known as the "Ultimate Male Escort" and the "Ultimate Female Escort". I think that eating Teruteru's food at full power just causes this effect at Hajime. Teruteru and half of his classmates took cover on the side of the class during Nekomaru and Akane's deadly training session that almost destroyed their classroom. Teruteru thought that what Nagito saw may have been a case of mistaken identity. BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT! I don't think I was paying attention. She faced off against the former Ultimate Street Performer, using Teruteru's cooked meat to defeat him. Similar to Hifumi Yamada from the previous game, he can react to the slightest innuendo that surfaces in a conversation. In the English localization, Teruteru's speaks with a heavy country accent when agitated. Body discovery announcement played 10 minutes later, after Gundham, Ishimaru, and Oowada forced the door open. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. He was last seen by Fuyuhiko going into his room. Prologue - Welcome to Dangan Island!


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