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People don’t just buy ‘a newspaper’ they specifically buy The Sun, The Daily Mail or The Times. World Bank Res Obs 20(1):1–27, Park S, Kang S, Chung S, Song J (2012) A computational framework for media bias mitigation. In September 2016, the price was raised to 60p, with the weekday edition rising to 50p. [8] On 20 April 2011, editor Simon Kelner announced that a Saturday edition of the i would be published, starting from 7 May 2011 and costing 30 pence, 10 pence more than the weekday version. Nick Clegg, former UK Deputy Prime Minister and former leader of the Liberal Democrats, a centrist party, is a fortnightly columnist for the i. As the geography feature, we use the distance from the commune to the news source, given that the actual population is closely related to our target variable (a function on the number of followers). We thank one of the anonymous reviewers for crystallizing this point for us. The Modern News Consumer Journalism & Media Pew Research Center. Proc VLDB Endow 7(13):1681–1684, Hecht B, Hong L, Suh B, Chi EH (2011) Tweets from Justin Bieber’s heart: the dynamics of the location field in user profiles. There are two alternative definitions of “audience” when using the Twitter’s Application Programming Interface (API) that are based on Followers or Retweeters.Footnote 2 We think both approaches have pros and cons. Learn more. Fifty-two percent of Guardian readers are male, and the average reader age is 44. Hence, their followers should be located predominantly in populations that are closer to them, and the size of a population at a particular place should influence how newspapers cover events originating in that area. The i prides itself on having no supplements, something common in many other quality British newspapers, saying they want to give readers the best experience without supplements that "clog up" recycling bins. Phase Two Phase two was designed to react to the findings of the research at the end of the initial stage of launch. 6) differs from that of the news outlets. So, the results must be evaluated relative to each other. 8). As mention before, our target variable is, given a news outlet and a commune, the ranking position based on the number of followers of that communes for that outlet. 1(c) shows a difference in the income level between communes from East to West (which coincides with the popular perception). Our primary task in this work is to approximate the distribution of the audience of the online media based on the geopolitical and socioeconomic characteristics of an area. The data in all three dimensions was aggregated at the level of communes and normalized by calculating the z-score of each area on each feature. MATH  Here, however, we are testing how influential the three dimensions (geography, economy and political leaning) are in the average mass media sources of the country. His column usually features in the "My View" comment section of the paper. The location may be determined by the intended audience if the name of the commune is in the name of the outlets (e.g., soyConcepcion is assigned to Concepcion city) or by the location of its headquarters. Another way to differentiate the two datasets is by comparing the individual influence of each dimension. ACM, New York, pp 484–491. Distribution of the correlation coefficients (Gravity Model vs. Ground-Truth). Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. CIKM ’10. Moreover, a general query in the Twitter API for tweets geo-located near “Lo Prado, Chile” during August 2017, gives almost 100,000 unique users, while the same query for tweets near “San Miguel, Chile” throws only 61,165 unique users. News outlets that can secure good advertising contracts may afford lower sell prices and become more competitive. CHI ’11. The results are clear to see. The only peculiarity of Chile could be its heavy centralization in Santiago. This filter suggests that in their efforts to align their content with the advertisers’ interests, the media have shifted to a lighter and less controversial programming (e.g., lifestyle, fashion, sports, etc.) To further improve our predictive and explanatory capability, in a second step, we fit a regression model that, besides the geographic feature, also takes into account the political leaning and income level of the communes in the most populated region of the country. We also create a vector \(T^{j}\) for each outlet with the number of Twitter followers on each commune i obtained from our ground-truth (see Sect. In 2016 digital advertising constituted approximatively 37% of all advertising revenue (not just news outlets), and Facebook alone comprises for 35% of digital advertising revenue [25]. Summary of four different metrics for Santiago. In both cases, the outlets are biased based on political factors. Penguin, Baltimore, McPherson M, Smith-Lovin L, Cook JM (2001) Birds of a feather: homophily in social networks. This profit-driven media system seems to promote selective coverage that targets specific segments of the population based on the “quality” of the readership. Part of Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. We decided to use the commune as our location unit given that this is the smaller political division in Chile, but at the same time, it is big enough to create both a statistical and popularly perceived socioeconomic profile at the population level. The ATL activity in Phase Two was designed to clearly spell out the benefits of the paper. On both these measures, i has been a huge success. In: Proceedings of the demonstrations at the 13th conference of the European chapter of the association for computational linguistics. As the figures below demonstrate, the title outperformed its rivals in the shrinking daily market for the first 6 months of 2011 (source: ABC Avg. Explained variance using the regressor model for the top 25 news outlets in Santiago. Am J Psychol 59(3):401–421, Article  The paper had an average daily circulation of 302,757 in March 2013,[12] significantly more than The Independent, though that figure has since continued to decline, and had dropped to 233,869 by February 2019. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. For those which are not, we use a regression model to study the influence of socioeconomic and political characteristics in news outlets adoption. We use only those profiles that have a non-empty location field, which brings our list down to 1,579,068 accounts (31% of the initial amount). Pantheon, New York. In Chile (and Latin America in general), right-conservative political parties are popularly associated with wealthy people. … From left to right, top to bottom: population, distance, income and political-leaning. KT correlation for communes in the Metropolitan Region for the top 25 news outlets. We conclude that indeed larger, national-distribution news outlets target populations based on these factors, rather than on geography or immediacy. In March 2010, The Lebedevs acquired The Independent and The Independent on Sunday. Available from: [Accessed 12-August-2017], Reinikka R, Svensson J (2005) Fighting corruption to improve schooling: evidence from a newspaper campaign in Uganda. At the 2019 British Media Awards, the i won Gold in the Media Brand of the Year category, Silver for the Digital Product of the Year, and Bronze in the Print Product of the Year category. This work presents a method to characterize the news outlets in the media system based on the geographic, socioeconomic and political profile of their audiences. We also kept only the followers that were geolocated in one of the 51 communes of the capital region. We also created a vector \(T^{j}\) for each outlet with the actual number of followers on each commune i obtained for our ground-truth. Privacy The Independent had an audience of over 33.7 million individuals in the year from April 2019 to March 2020 in Great Britain. But, if we look at the actual number of followers for the same set of outlets, the average difference is almost 250%, with an overwhelming dominance of followers from San Miguel. statement and The latter may achieve high precision for the geo-localization of users at a country level, or even within country regions or cities [41, 42]. If anything, the “old” news industry has evolved and has adapted to the new environment. In this section we give a short account of the geographic, socioeconomic, and political targeting strategies. With this heavily concentrated power in all spheres, and based on our set of hypothesis, the capital of Chile matches all the conditions needed by a population to receive an extensive media coverage. The second filter of the PM is in line with the predictions in Proposition 4(b) in [2]. To build it, we used Poderopedia’s “influence” database [29] and Wikepedia [30] as our baseline, manually adding other news outlets in Chile. Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. This type of media systems neglect areas of low population (e.g., rural communes) and high deprivation levels, causing these to be underserved and underrepresented in the news coverage. [2] On 6 December 2019 the Competition and Markets Authority served an initial enforcement order on DMGT and DMG Media Limited requiring the paper to be run separately pending investigation.[11]. We represent each outlet j as a vector \(F^{j}\). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Also in October 2010, Independent Print Limited launched an advertising campaign to promote the new publication. As we mentioned earlier, a strategy that the news outlets could implement to increase advertising revenue is to target sectors of the population with a higher purchasing power. As of this date, Scribd will manage your SlideShare account and any content you may have on SlideShare, and Scribd's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. The paper is now 65p on weekdays and £1.20 at the weekend, running Monday to Saturday (although the Saturday edition is also sold on Sunday).[26]. 1(d)). (i.e., Wall Street Journal, USA Today and New York Times) had a circulation of over 5 million users (which include digital subscribers); any of them counting at least one order of magnitude more readers than the next closest competitor [24]. Available from. Article  Available from: [Accessed 10-January-2018], Banco Central de Chile (2017) Cuentas Nacionales de Chile. PIB Regional 2016. This prevents us from creating a characterization of the outlets that better reflect the actual preference for a population with either a certain political profile or a socioeconomic range, but not both. More specifically, in [28], the authors analyze the dynamics of news and journalism on the Twitter platform. Only for its geographic and demographic characteristics, Santiago is already a desirable market for the media based on Proposition 4 of Prat and Strömberg [2]. Finally, for every pair of communes we use their estimated populations (obtained from the INE [33]) and GPS coordinates. Servicio Electoral de Chile. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? On 30 September 2017, a new, redesigned, version of the weekend edition of the i went on sale, costing 80p. Since some users follow more than one news outlet account, we collected only the \(4\text{,}943\text{,}351\) unique user’s profile using the Twitter API.Footnote 3 The collection of the users’ profile was made in April 2017. Each newspaper will have a ‘lifestyle profile’ to be able to understand and relate to its readership in order to sell its publications to its target audience. To find these coverage effects as predicted by the PM and PS models, we look for empirical evidence in the massive adoption of social networks.


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