the iliad pdf book 6
But when he was now come to the beauteous palace of Priam, adorned with polished colonnades—and in it were fifty chambers of polished stone, built each hard by the other; therein the sons of Priam were wont to sleep beside their wedded wives; and for his daughters over against them on the opposite side within the court were twelve roofed chambers of polished stone, built each hard by the other; therein slept Priam's sons-in-law beside their chaste wives—there his bounteous mother came to meet him, leading in Laodice, fairest of her daughters to look upon; and she clasped him by the hand and spake and addressed him: "My child, why hast thou left the fierce battle and come hither? To slay him he forbare, for his soul had awe of that; but he sent him to Lycia, and gave him baneful tokens, graving in a folded tablet many signs and deadly, and bade him show these to his own wife's father, that he might be slain. Even as are the generations of leaves, such are those also of men. Come now, have pity, and remain here on the wall, lest thou make thy child an orphan and thy wife a widow. ", [359] Then made answer to her great Hector of the flashing helm: "Bid me not sit, Helen, for all thou lovest me; thou wilt not persuade me. Iliad . ", [72] So saying he aroused the strength and spirit of every man. Or, clearing the history of your visits to the site. Even as when a stalled horse that has fed his fill at the manger breaketh his halter and runneth stamping over the plain—being wont to bathe him in the fair-flowing river—and exulteth; on high doth he hold his head, and about his shoulders his mane floateth streaming, and as he glorieth in his splendour, his knees nimbly bear him to the haunts and pastures of mares; even so Paris, son of Priam, strode down from high Pergamus, all gleaming in his armour like the shining sun, laughing for glee, and his swift feet bare him on. But he kissed his dear son, and fondled him in his arms, and spake in prayer to Zeus and the other gods: "Zeus and ye other gods, grant that this my child may likewise prove, even as I, pre-eminent amid the Trojans, and as valiant in might, and that he rule mightily over Ilios. For of a surety know I this in heart and soul: the day shall come when sacred Ilios shall be laid low, and Priam, and the people of Priam with goodly spear of ash. [5] Aias, son of Telamon, bulwark of the Achaeans was first to break a battalion of the Trojans, and to bring a light of deliverance to his comrades, for he smote a man that was chiefest among the Thracians, even Eüssorus' son Acamas, a valiant man and tall. But if thou art of men, who eat the fruit of the field, draw nigh, that thou mayest the sooner enter the toils of destruction.". Many a brave soul did it send hurrying down to Hades, and many a hero did it yield a prey to dogs and vultures, for so were the counsels of Jove fulfilled from the day on which the son of We apologize for this inconvenience. [297] Now when they were come to the temple of Athene in the citadel, the doors were opened for them by fair-cheeked Theano, daughter of Cisseus, the wife of Antenor, tamer of horses; for her had the Trojans made priestess of Athene. But Tydeus I remember not, seeing I was but a little child when he left, what time the host of the Achaeans perished at Thebes. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. Trying a different Web browser might help. And Bellerophon slew her, trusting in the signs of the gods. And Hector shouted aloud and called to the Trojans: "Ye Trojans, high of heart, and far-famed allies, be men, my friends, and bethink you of furious valour, the while I go to Ilios and bid the elders that give counsel, and our wives to make prayer to the gods, and promise them hecatombs.". Hector’s son represents the promise of a future generation of men who will grow up to take the places of their fathers. ", [102] So spake he, and Hector was in no wise disobedient unto his brother's word. And the lady bare to wise-hearted Bellerophon three children, Isander and Hippolochus and Laodameia. So she made a tale of lies, and spake to king Proetus: ' Either die thyself, Proetus, or slay Bellerophon, seeing he was minded to lie with me in love against my will.' (including. [171] "So he went his way to Lycia under the blameless escort of the gods. And when the twain were now come near as they advanced one against the other, Diomedes, good at the war-cry, was first to speak, saying: "Who art thou, mighty one, among mortal men? [237] But when Hector was come to the Scaean gate and the oak-tree, round about him came running the wives and daughters of the Trojans asking of their sons and brethren and friends and husbands. Iliad Iliad. So in his own house they made lament for Hector while yet he lived; for they deemed that he should never more come back from battle, escaped from the might and the hands of the Achaeans. Then she went her way, and the throng of aged wives hastened after her. For thrice at this point came the most valiant in company with the twain Aiantes and glorious Idomeneus and the sons of Atreus and the valiant son of Tydeus, and made essay to enter: whether it be that one well-skilled in soothsaying told them, or haply their own spirit urgeth and biddeth them thereto. So she spake, and wrath gat hold upon the king to hear that word. Glaucus’ statement on the mortality of men emphasizes his own bravery, as he is unafraid to take his place among the dead. [325] And at sight of him Hector rebuked him with words of shame: "Strange man, thou dost not well to nurse this anger in thy heart. A Court in Germany ordered that access to certain items in the Project Gutenberg collection are blocked from Germany. Then against Lycurgus did the gods that live at ease wax wroth, and the son of Cronos made him blind; and he lived not for long, seeing that he was hated of all the immortal gods. and Flaxman's Designs. Unhappy are they whose children face my might. Not even Achilles did we ever fear on this wise, that leader of men, who, they say, is born of a goddess; nay this man rageth beyond all measure, and no one can vie with him in might. [191] "But when the king now knew that he was the valiant offspring of a god, he kept him there, and offered him his own daughter, and gave to him the half of all his kingly honour; moreover the Lycians meted out for him a demesne pre-eminent above all, a fair tract of orchard and of plough-land, to possess it. LitCharts Teacher Editions. Him Hector was wont to call Scamandrius, but other men Astyanax; for only Hector guarded Ilios. Now the wife of Proetus, fair Anteia, lusted madly for Bellerophon, to lie with him in secret love, but could in no wise prevail upon wise-hearted Bellerophon, for that his heart was upright. Him he was first to smite upon the horn of his helmet with thick crest of horse-hair, and drave the spear into his forehead so that the point of bronze pierced within the bone; and darkness enfolded his eyes. -Graham S. Paris and Hector are a study in contrasts: Hector cares deeply about protecting the city and all of its inhabitants, whereas Paris is so consumed by his own grief that he is incapable of being any use. There entered in Hector, dear to Zeus, and in his hand he held a spear of eleven cubits, and before him blazed the spear-point of bronze, around which ran a ring of gold. But come now, enter in, and sit thee upon this chair, my brother, since above all others has trouble encompassed thy heart because of shameless me, and the folly of Alexander; on whom Zeus hath brought an evil doom, that even in days to come we may be a song for men that are yet to be. [12] And Diomedes, good at the war-cry, slew Axylus, Teuthras' son, that dwelt in well-built Arisbe, a man rich in substance, that was beloved of all men; for he dwelt in a home by the high-road and was wont to give entertainment to all. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our. Speedily then he overtook goodly Hector, his brother, even as he was about to turn back from the place where he had dallied with his wife. Of them let not one escape sheer destruction and the might of our hands, nay, not the man-child whom his mother bears in her womb; let not even him escape, but let all perish together out of Ilios, unmourned and unmarked. Of these Hecabe took one, and bare it as an offering for Athene, the one that was fairest in its broiderings and amplest, and shone like a star, and lay undermost of all. Of these did the son of Mecisteus loose the might and the glorious limbs and strip the armour from their shoulders. Then with sacred cries they all lifted up their hands to Athene; and fair-cheeked Theano took the robe and laid it upon the knees of fair-haired Athene, and with vows made prayer to the daughter of great Zeus: "Lady Athene, that dost guard our city, fairest among goddesses, break now the spear of Diomedes, and grant furthermore that himself may fall headlong before the Scaean gates; to the end that we may now forthwith sacrifice to thee in thy temple twelve sleek heifers that have not felt the goad, if thou wilt take pity on Troy and the Trojans' wives and their little children.". Howbeit of all these was there not one on this day to meet the foe before his face, and ward from him woeful destruction; but Diomedes robbed the twain of life, himself and his squire Calesius, that was then the driver of his car; so they two passed beneath the earth. The encounter between Glaucus and Diomedes represents almost a kind of chivalry between soldiers. "My students can't get enough of your charts and their results have gone through the roof." Project Gutenberg believes the Court has no jurisdiction over the matter, but until the issue is resolved, it will comply. And Antilochus, son of Nestor, slew Ablerus with his bright spear, and the king of men, Agamemnon, slew Elatus that dwelt in steep Pedasus by the banks of fair-flowing Satnioeis. Previous Next . ", [369] So saying, Hector of the flashing helm departed, and came speedily to his well-built house. The battle continues with Ajax Telamon killing Trojans along side the rampaging Diomedes. Book Six _____ [Translation by Ian Johnston, of Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC, Canada. As the tide of battle turns, the Trojans hope that a meaningful sacrifice might change Athena’s opinion of Troy, or at least dispose her toward mercy. But he thereupon bade them make prayer to the gods, all of them in turn; yet over many were sorrows hung. Is she gone to the house of any of my sisters or my brothers' fair-robed wives, or to the temple of Athene, where the other fair-tressed women of Troy are seeking to propitiate he dread goddess? Howbeit when the tenth rosy-fingered Dawn appeared, then at length he questioned him and asked to see whatever token he bare from his daughter's husband, Proetus. ", [263] Then in answer to her spake great Hector of the flashing helm: "Bring me no honey-hearted wine, honoured mother, lest thou cripple me, and I be forgetful of my might and my valour; moreover with hands unwashen I have awe to pour libation of flaming wine to Zeus; nor may it in any wise be that a man should make prayer to the son of Cronos, lord of the dark clouds, all befouled with blood and filth. The battle rages on. There is a city Ephyre in the heart of Argos, pasture-land of horses, and there dwelt Sisyphus that was craftiest of men, Sisyphus, son of Aeolus; and he begat a son Glaucus; and Glaucus begat peerless Bellerophon. ", [381] Then a busy house-dame spake to him, saying: "Hector, seeing thou straitly biddest us tell thee true, neither is she gone to any of thy sisters or thy brothers' fair-robed wives, nor yet to the temple of Athene, where the other fair-tressed Trojan women are seeking to propitiate the dread goddess; but she went to the great wall of Ilios, for that she heard the Trojans were sorely pressed, and great victory rested with the Achaeans.


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