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When Steve changes his identity to Jeffy and act as if he has a disability, Steve begins to talk differently, constantly lowers his head, repeats things and changes his style of clothing. Demolished. November 30, 2014. ( Log Out /  Billy:   |  Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Another example of a stereotype being challenged is, Steve thinking he could fool the disabled characters and act like he is one of them in this film, but they find out Steve’s real identity. Many individuals have an ideology in there mind that the disabled cannot comprehend or understand what Is going on and often view them as being “stupid”. A typical modern-day comedy so some of its crudeness with sexual innuendos or remarks, but overall this is a full notch or two above most because underneath it is a soft, good- hearted feel to it. After six month, Stavi brings Lin to a theatre, where Steve is helping his friends with disabilities act in a play. 25 December 2005. During the final race, Steve is in the lead, until he decided to turn back to help Jimmy who had fallen down, risking his chance of winning. This is also mentioned in the commentary track by. On a review by Rotten Tomatoes online, this film was given a rating of 40% and 68% individuals who like it. The line "When the fuck did we get ice cream?" Oh my stars of the love of Liza. View production, box office, & company info. Uncle Gary himself is in debt of $40,000 to a local goon and comes up with the idea of Steve competing in the Special Olympics to raise money and bets the local goon a bet of $100,000 that Steve will win. Harlech Tower in Acton is better known as the home to Del Boy, Rodney, granddad and Uncle Albert in Only Fools and Horses, and it's being knocked down. PG-13 ( Log Out /  After Jeffy and his Uncle Gary have explained his mental condition to Lynn; Lynn and Jeffy walk off carrying his bag. Overall I enjoyed this movie, however it was an extremely predictable movie. When Steve is presented with a medal for coming second place, he doesn’t take the medal because he thinks he isn’t worthy of it and instead tells everyone the truth that he is not a disabled person. He is depicted as a middle age man in a business suit. After the mistake involving the mustard bottle, the mustard bottle is later seen knocked over again. You scratch my C-D! Jeffy and Lynn' outfits change multiple times, scenes out of order. Gary, being an ignorant and judgmental individual, believes that Steve is “normal”, so he will surely beat any disabled individual participating in the Special Olympic. Uncle Gary is first introduced as the manager of GibsCo. Better Than The Shrew! THE RINGER ** 1/2 Johnny Knoxville, Brian Cox; rated PG-13 (vulgarity, profanity, brief drugs); see Page W2 for theaters. When she leads him to his room hes back in the dark shirt and shorts and she's in a blue shirt with pants and he has his bag again, then they switch back to her in white shirt and his red shorts with gray shirt for the race. His uncle Gary , owes $40,000 in gambling debts and suggests that they fix the Special Olympics in San Marcos, Texas in order to solve both of their financial problems. Relationships Edit. When Steve first arrives at the Special Olympics, he introduces himself as Jeffe. Steve tells them the truth and the reason why he is doing it and the group of friends feel bad, so they forgive Steve and offer to help him practice for the event so that he could win. In the end Glenn ends up winning the Olympic championship although he has some disabilities, whereas Steve lost who is considered “normal”. When Jeffy and Lynn went out to lunch, Jeffy's handkerchief, which is tucked into his shirt, switches from being narrow to wide several times, and eventually disappears completely. Contents . Comedy, Sport. Normally filled with wisdom and wit, who wants to think of our beloved Del Boy as … and you can see Jeffy close his eyes and start to laugh, breaking character. Meanwhile, his gambling uncle, Gary (Brian Cox), is racking up a huge debt. Eventually Billy and his group of friends find out that Steve is pretending to be disabled, so they confront Steve. The famous landmark will be crushed to make make way for new homes and David Jason, who plays Del Boy, isn't happy about it. "The Ringer" is about a guy named Steve (Johnny Knoxville) who has just gotten himself in a little bit of trouble and is in a bit of debt because he owes $25,000 to the local hospital. Discover what to watch this November, including a documentary series that dives deep into the Marvel Universe, a reboot of a beloved '90s animated series, and a special that celebrates a very important Star Wars holiday. Embarrassed, he retracts his hand. Uncle Gary himself is in debt of $40,000 to a local goon and comes up with the idea of Steve competing in the Special Olympics to raise money and bets the local goon a bet of $100,000 that Steve will win. Trivia wasn't scripted and you can see that Johnny Knoxville is trying hard not to laugh after it is said. field by a few inches before stopping. However, Steve himself doesn’t have much money so he goes to his Uncle Gary for help. | Needing money quickly to help Stavi and Gary, Barker reluctantly goes along with his uncle's plan to fix the Special Olympics, with Barker posing as an athlete -- but the competition is steep. In the cafeteria, Jeffy reaches for a bottle of ketchup, misses, and knocks over a bottle of mustard. Those guys are as much of stars in this film as actors Johnny Knoxville and Katherine Heigl. Steve, who competed in track and field in high school as well as being in the drama club, reluctantly enters the Special Olympics in the guise of a high functioning young man with a developmental disability named Jeffy Dahmor. He is Ace's boss, responsoble for the day to day running of the company. An example of a stereotype being reinforced is by the way Steve is portrayed as a disabled person. November 9, 2009. Throughout the movie we are given many examples that show those with disabilities can be “normal”. In anger, Lin slaps Steve after hearing the truth and leaves the game. It's also a nice vehicle for a positive image to be presented for mentally- challenged people (formerl called "retards"). Steve’s Uncle Gary, a cheap vulgar man who embodies all the ignorant people who judge those with disabilities, finds himself in debt of $40,000 with a local goon. An example of stereotypes being challenged is the disabled people participating in Special Olympics, which show that disabled individuals can be athletes and compete in sports. When Jeffy is trying to explain to his friends his situation, the board disappears when he walks away. Steve, who has a good heart, felt bad about what he did, so he offered Stavi a job as a gardener at his house. This film reinforces and challenges many stereotypes of disabled people. It was comical, but at the same time it was a movie I was able to interpret a lot from. Lin ends up forgiving Steve because she is convinced that in actuality Steve is a good person and the movie ends with them embracing. Being a family man he initially has Ace as his tech guy for free, which changes after Ace is kicked out of home. When Jeffy goes to throw his ball, however, Glen's ball appears to be right between two lines on the field. SCRAAAAAAAAATCH! And really, how can you… Home; About; Taming of the Sadistic Cowlick. Whittington-Walsh, Fiona. As Jeffy and Lynn walk to the dorms her shirt changes from a special Olympics t-shirt in one scene to talking down the road and suddenly changes to a light blue Adidas shirt.   |  When Steve is using the white board to explain his situation to his friends and draws the fingers on his Stavi hand diagram. I was glad to see that Steve made this decision because it shows that Steve has a good heart. $5,158,795 Connections When Jeffy arrives with Uncle Gary hes in a dark shirt and pants, When they meet Lynn hes in a gray shirt and red shorts she has a white shirt on and he doesn't have his bag. When riding in the car with Lynn, Jeffy's seat belt is alternately on/off between shots. During the restaurant lunch scene, in one shot Jeffy and his date are sitting very closely, but in the next shot they're spaced further apart. Steve gets to know other competitors and has a roommate name Billy. Uncle Gary begun to teach Steve how to behave and dress when he goes to the Special Olympics, which shows that Gary and Steve have very stereotypical qualities attached to those with disabilities. There is not times to change between these scenes. ( Log Out /  Initially Steve didn’t agree to join the Olympics, but after seeing Stavi’s condition, he felt bad and agreed to join. SCRATCH! During the restaurant lunch scene, in one shot Jeffy and his date are sitting very closely, but in the next shot they're spaced further apart. “Disability and Film” Powerpoint presentation for Sociology 2275, Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Alternate Versions Rotten Tomatoes. In the scene when Steve is trying to fire Stavi, in one of the first shots of Stavi cleaning the toilet, the seat is down. November 26, 2014. | Then it shows Steve talking. When Jeffy is explaining his situation to the other guys, he fixes his pants twice when Lynn knocks on the door. ( Log Out /  When Jeffy arrives with Uncle Gary hes in a dark shirt and pants, When they meet Lynn hes in a gray shirt and red shorts she has a white shirt on and he doesn't have his bag. When Steve's uncle first talks with him, when the mobsters appear, Uncle Gary's cigar switches from his mouth to his hand several times. The Ringer (2005). Throughout the movie, Steve is attracted to a lady who helps them out named Lin. While working, Stavi ends up losing three of his fingers because of the lawn mower, which to get reconnected surgically would cost $28,000. Create a free website or blog at They have also stated that “Despite a few laughs and good intentions, The Ringer is too predictable to really score the points it aims for.” ( We are also shown Steve who is actually “normal”, being trained for the competition by the other characters that have a disability. Retrieved from: Oh, The Ringer… and I am not talking about my phone… the movie from 2005, you know the one… It has that Jackass star, Johnny Knoxville… I was completely and utterly shocked he would do a movie that actually had a sweet ending that put him in a tender light. When Steve and the friends are having the water fight, Glen starts off wet at the beginning of the scene then he is dry in the next shot. Soundtracks. In one scene the fingers are thinner and taller, and in another scene the fingers become rounder and shorter. In the beginning of the movie when Steve is walking to his cubical you can see over the office walls, revealing the set up stage. Change ), The Other Sister (1999)- Reinforced Stereotypes. | | During the nighttime scene, when David drops off Jeffy and the other athletes (after the movie theater scene), Winston says "when the fuck did we get ice cream?" Also in the last scene of the movie, Jimmy falls down during the race and Steve stops and goes back to help him out, which portrays that disabled people need help from others, which is still a common stereotype today. Gone Forever. In the opening scene Steve's tie changes twice, from red to cream in the walk to the office and again in the toilet scene. The mode of representation that is portrayed in this film is aggrandized, which means despite the presence of a physical, mental or behavioral difference, the performer is presented with high status, possessing socially impressive talents, which is what happens.


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