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I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I picked up this novel. Pretty damn decent. A heavy cigarette smoker for most of his life, he had been diagnosed with lung cancer in 1964, and underwent surgical removal of his left lung and several ribs. This story probes the mind of a dying man. As Westerns go, The Shootist is terribly, deliberately quiet—at one point, I heard Bond smile.

It's like romance novels for bros. A few are good, and maybe one is truly great. In the movie this character is played by Ron Howard and is a wild young man who grows through the movie and learns valuable lessons from Books.

The Shootist is as much a story of the end of the Old West as it is the story of John Bernard Books, the last famous living gunman, whose passing will mark the end of an era. [19], Quentin Tarantino later wrote, "There’s nothing in The Shootist you haven’t seen done many times before and done better...but what you haven’t seen before is a dying John Wayne give his last performance. by Forge Books.

A book about coming of age set at the turn of the century. John Bernard Books is one of the last great shootists of the old west. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published

Thibido orders Books to leave town until Books says he will die soon.

Read it. To create our... Young Gillom Rogers has just given the "coup de grace" to a famous gunfighter involved in a bloody saloon shootout in 1901 El Paso, Texas.

The author effectively conveys the pain and debilitating symptoms not just of the cancer, but the graphic description was equally effective in the epic gunfight at the end.

Love the idea behind the book, even if the plot line is painfully predictable and prone to cliche. Better known for my screenplays for John Wayne's fin.

Miles Swarthout is an aging author leaving in the South Bay of Southern California near the beach in Playa Del Rey. His last several weeks of life and his growing infirmity are authentically captured by Mr. Swarthout and made for a good read. Every movement made by Books is a movement of pain.

It stars Warren Oates, Millie Perkins, Will Hutchins, and Jack Nicholson, and was produced by Nicholson and Hellman.The story is about two men who are hired by a mysterious woman to accompany her to a town located many miles across the desert. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Westerns probably have to end along these lines with confrontations and gunfire and heroism, but The Shootist will be remembered for the quieter scenes that came before. True Grit is a wonderful story that's well written and somehow reaches into that part of the soul that stirs and inspires powerful emotions.

[3][4] He was not initially considered due to the health and stamina issues he had experienced during filming of his penultimate film, Rooster Cogburn. We've got you covered with the buzziest new releases of the day. The rogue genre blossomed in the ’80s, a deliberate throwback to the Western.

The film begins with clips of John Wayne's past films.

Like Books, he could not satisfy the requirements of the credo he claimed to live by: both men quite brazenly wronged, insulted, and laid hands on people who had done them no harm, and both men got what they deserved: for Books, a violent death at the point of a gun; for Wayne, a legacy beyond repair. With Millie Perkins, Jack Nicholson, Will Hutchins, Warren Oates. A well written re-envisioning of the classic Western.

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Books is alive at the end of the shootout, but badly wounded. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. He remained clinically cancer-free until early 1979, when metastases were discovered in his stomach, intestines, and spine; he died in June of that year. When he meets a Hispanic saloon dancer named Anel in the booming copper mining town of Bisbee, Arizona, Gillom Rogers is forced to reconsider what kind of man he really wants to be. It quickly became clear why this novel ranks so high on Western genre lists.

Mr. Swarthout captures all the futility, poignancy and frustration of Books's life and situation as Books reflects on his life, fends off the human vultures seeking to profit from his imminent demise. I've had it on my shelf for over three years, and certainly intended to get to it in due course, but I was in no rush considering I have about 147 other westerns on my "to read" shelf as well. The supporting cast includes Lauren Bacall, Ron Howard, James Stewart, Richard Boone, Hugh O'Brian, Harry Morgan, John Carradine, Sheree North, Scatman Crothers, and Rick Lenz. He has killed over thirty men. The Shootist I'm basically trained as a screenwriter, attending the famed USC film/television school for my Masters in Telecommunications, after attaining an undergraduate degree in English literature at Claremont McKenna College in Pomona, CA. Still one of the better Westerns I've read though. This can be the arrival of a train, placing a bounty on someone's head, or a stranger riding into town. For every 50 westerns I read, most are suffered through. I'll just add that I never saw the famous movie version, and I'm glad.

Books orders a headstone, but rejects the undertaker's offer of a free funeral, suspecting he would charge the public admission to view his remains. Totally unbelievable. This was right at 3.5 stars and I had to round down for the simplistic nature of the plot line and limited character development. the door's open for another story Completely enjoyed Miles storytelling ,chip off the old block- romance , wild west friendship loyalty you could smell the gunpowder, beer and perfume. Together with an old Indian fighter and a gambler, they help a rancher and his family fight a rival rancher that is trying to steal their water. I have had high times.

As Books looks forward to his death, he discovers how empty a life he has led and when boiled down, what is most valuable to leave behind once you have departed. His westerns were not short on gunplay and the like, but Swarthout’s focus was always on what motivated his characters to be the people they were. I guess! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In 1836, a small band of soldiers sacrifice their lives in hopeless combat against a massive army in order to prevent a tyrant from smashing the new Republic of Texas. We’d love your help. I'd been thinking of the John Wayne film based on this novel and decided to read it.

"But Gillom is an eighteen-year-old with lots of growing up to do, and showing off his new pistols quickly gets him into a gunfight he didn't bargain for.Gillom sets out for adventure, determined to become a shootist like his hero, John Bernard Books.

After getting the painful details from his old friend Doc Hostetler (James Stewart, who starred with Wayne in 1962’s canonical The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance), Books seeks a comfortable place to spend his final days. The only stranger who doesn’t take advantage of Books is the blacksmith, Moses (Scatman Crothers): the scene in which the two seasoned men haggle for the price of Books’ horse is a highlight of the film.
The Last Shootist is a must read. The book is compelling and definitely a page turner. It's also an outline that leads you to a different destination than the story in the novel will.

CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (, "John Wayne & Jimmy Stewart: American Cancer Society - Classic PSA (1970s)", Texas Couple Tend John Wayne's Horse To See That Fans Get Dollor's Worth. It has something different to it and that along with caring about Gillom kept me reading. OK, I'll admit I have a prejudice for westerns. B.

After swiping J.B. Books's matched Remington pistols off his body, Gillom thinks he may be able to ride this spectacle to fame and glory as "the last shootist"." Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. On January 29, the headstone arrives which includes Books' death year as "1901" but no day carved. For anything in this world to hold my attention the way this one did I have to give it the highest rating possible. In 1909, when John Fain's gang kidnaps Jacob McCandles' grandson and holds him for ransom, Big Jake sets out to rescue the boy. This is one of the truly great ones.

Other than the ending, which was much harsher and colder than what was portrayed in the film, I enjoyed the book very much. Thought-provoking and dark, the book is well-written and suspenseful, with finely drawn characters.

The story deals with his own personal "last stand," as he faces his rapidly approaching death on his own terms. And its Wayne’s performance, and the performances of some of the surrounding characters (Howard, Richard Boone, Harry Morgan, and Sheree North) that make The Shootist, not the classic it wants to be, but memorable nonetheless. Worth it just for that!

Adventure. Ron Howard picks up Book's Remington .44 and kills the back-shooter and then throws away the gun, renounces violence (to Wayne's approval just before he dies), and goes home to his mom, played by Lauren Bacall. I will probably read it again at some point. Books tries to tell him that killing is not something he wants to live with.

Books is the same man as the Duke portrays, but Gillom is extremely different - I didn't care for him at all in the novel version, and the ending bleeds a star off my rating.

If you enjoy Westerns, read it. John Wayne's film is outstanding and largely stays true to the novel, but you don't know what you are missing until you read this excellent novel. She is also concerned the fatherless Gillom will be influenced by violence and alcohol.

The casting of the film was quite good and in keeping with the book, although the main character is not quite as heroic as Wayne played him.

The Shootist is one of the greatest Westerns ever made, although it is rarely named as such.

(Clint Eastwood’s role was initially offered to Frank Sinatra, who turned it down because of a broken arm; John Wayne was the second choice, and he rejected the offer for that reason.) The Last Shootist is a must read. He died in 1979 of stomach cancer.)

We understand his reasoning, but not theirs. But now Books is facing an enemy the likes of which he has never encountered. • Proper, God-fearing Bond is more than a match for Books’ prickliness, and the two eventually develop a mutual understanding. The ending of the movie pretty much prevented a sequel.

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Wayne was an avowed white supremacist, and white supremacy lurks at the heart of many a Western—perhaps most. A senator returns to a western town for the funeral of an old friend and tells the story of his origins. After producer Mike Frankovich announced that he had purchased the movie rights to Glendon Swarthout's novel The Shootist, Wayne expressed a strong desire to play the title role, reportedly because of similarities to the character Jimmy Ringo in The Gunfighter, a role he had turned down 25 years previously. The setting is an area of the old west not generally written about in the time period that it is set; El Paso and Bisbee in the early 1900's. Doc directs Books to a boarding house owned by Bond Rogers, a widow who lives with her teenaged son, Gillom. Shepherd, Slatzer, & Grayson (2002), p. 306. Now I’ve heard everything!

If that's also your knowledge of the story all you really have is a sort of general outline of the story. Adventure, Certificate: Passed I read The Shootist a week prior to reading The Last Shootist . Although Wayne was obsessive about maintaining his virile and larger-than-life image—he made changes to the script of The Shootist in this regard—he is as vulnerable as he would ever be in this picture. There is no kissing or wooing or nonsense, only two withdrawn adults who have lived hard, tragic lives, and who recognize in each other the will to survive, though they have little else in common.


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