the touryst guide

If you think you are an expert then please try to help others with their questions. Talk to the Old Man and do as he asks to progress.

The light will flash a few times and then you'll be able to open the door and head through.

The rotation controls are very sensitive, so it might take some to get it centered on the red square. When you arrive at Fijy, walk forward to trigger a cutscene with the hula dancers. When done successfully a small cutscene will trigger and the door will light up, allowing you to enter. Repeat on the other three red lights so they are all blue at the same time. Head back to the guard and speak to him - he'll let you into the monument now. The second time you jump on an orb it will explode, but it gives you enough time to jump to it and jump off it before they explode. The art style is blocky and makes use of voxel art techniques.

[XBA would like to thank UntilTammaroYT for this Roadmap]. Now, you can run through the cracked wall to enter the secret cave. The tourist reading a book on the far west side of Hawayy. When you grab the blue light, the boss will sink, so be quick about it. Before we leave, we'll grab the last message in a bottle. ", "Vier Spiele aus 2019, die ihr nicht verpasst haben solltet! After leaving the monument, jump down and head back towards the boat. Travel to Leysure Island and take a photo of the art gallery. There are 7 secret caves, relating to The Monument Scrolls To-Do list entry (See “Do It!” for more information). Bob the high scorer outside the arcade on Leysure Island.

Jump up and drop down inside after the cutscene. You shouldn't need any more coins than this for the rest of your playthrough. Playing 25 minutes of The Touryst on Nintendo Switch. Or will you talk with the strange old tourist and listen what he has to say about these ancient mysterious monuments.. Walkthrough Part 1 From: Last.

Jump onto the remaining blue orb to your right and the door will open. Speak to the Captain and travel back to Touryst Island. Once the line is completed the square at the base of the pyramid is fully blue, you'll be able to open the door and enter. It's difficult to get back out of the water, but you can from the corner of the door. In this Full Game Walkthrough, I 100% everything in a few hours, the game will last longer for a first playthrough, but knowing what to do makes it much quicker as you will see.

Or do you want to visit the amusement arcade, do some shopping, dance at the beach party? Introduction: Speak to the man next to the pull up bars on the sand (East) and complete 25 pull-ups in 20 seconds. Please Submit a Problem for any incomplete, non-working or fake code listed above. Try to jump on each orb only once, then allow the hand to open and quickly make your way to it, jumping only once on each orb and off again quickly before it explodes. Then, jump on one of the pedestals, it will light all of the pedestals up. Achieved through story progression. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? You can get to the coin on the top of the tree on the left via the roof, and the coin on top of the tree on the right via the springboard. Walk forward to trigger dialogue with the Old Tourist. You can talk to the miner, who will ask you to clear the rats from the next room in under a minute. Travel to Hawayy, go to the shirt store and put on the soccer shirt (white and blue striped). Below is a list of all the tasks (with timestamps) and a video showing how to complete all of them.

You must move near a red light and the boss will look at you, turning the light blue. Collect the gold coins for it to spawn, then you need to cover the beams of light with the platforms. Now go to the surfers and climb the stairs to speak to the man in the booth. Talk to the DJ and he will reward you 15 coins per vinyl record.


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