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I mean, this is a very speculative statement at best. I haven't liked the idolization of him, and how the parents have basically ripped on everyone that their son has ever known. Prosecutors claim the frat brothers then tried to cover up the alleged hazing and underage drinking. They left him for the whole night alone. Not calling an ambulance for an unconscious, dying person, and instead beating that person up, sounds pretty evil to me. Fraternity members did not call 911 until the morning of Feb. 3, about 12 hours after Piazza's fall, according to a report on the grand jury's investigation. What led to his death was the negligent behavior of the fraternity members after Tim was first injured. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Not only have you accused me if being involved in this or something like this, you have decided I am a sociopath. I sincerely doubt you know his parents or knew Timothy enough to espouse his lack of accountability. No average person would sit there, make the strange.... personal... nit picky digs that you were, trying to justify their blatant disregard for a humans life. Penn State banned the fraternity after concluding it had engaged in “a persistent pattern” of excessive drinking, drug use and hazing. Shit is about to get real and hit the fan because charges have been refiled, there’s new charges, on top of a new judge overseeing the entire thing and new evidence. ABC News' Tom Kelly contributed to this report. Even if they aren't and are just held to the standard of roommates look at the whole situation. Men carried Piazza's unconscious body upstairs and placed him back on the couch, where they shook him and tried to prop him up, according to the grand jury report. They used this power not to keep him safe but to encourage him to drink to the point where even if he hadn't injured himself he would have almost certainly been hospitalized or died of alcohol poisoning. Sometimes to excess. And again, we get back to taking responsibility for your actions. Piazza was flown to a hospital and died Feb. 4 of his injuries. need to get some shit off your chest? When one pledge tried to intervene, insisting they get Piazza some help, he was shoved into a wall and told the brothers had it under control, the grand jury report says. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. I agree with both of those things. Tim would be alive today if they didn't care more about themselves more. Piazza was a freshman taken in by the frat, the senior frat members are both stupid and evil. Twenty-six men are facing various charges in connection with Piazza's death, including involuntary manslaughter, hazing and conspiracy, though aggravated assault charges were recently withdrawn. Now it's not just the prior negligence, but further abuse of an injured, unconscious person. The legal system is mostly consequentialist simply because letting judges and juries decide which defendants are 'nice people at heart' and let them go, is exactly how lynch mobs and rich, pillar of the community rapists got away with a slap on the wrists or less. There's fault to go around there. What they did was far worse than, say driving drunk and killing someone which would still be involuntary manslaughter. Shortly before 4 a.m., after a fraternity member saw Piazza on the floor and put a blanket over him, Piazza was alone on the floor of the fraternity house. Not calling 911 immediately is not Piazza fault. One person even recommended that help be contacted but was ignored and he was left on a couch. Pledges are seen on video playing beer pong, and every time a pledge misses a shot, he is handed a beer to chug. Tim was in no way responsible for or a part of this behavior. At 10:48 a.m., a fraternity member called 911. We'd like to remind you of a couple of things. While this event is horribly tragic, I don't think it serves anyone to blame the other fraternity members and act like Timothy piazza had no involvement. after reading this entire thread and especially all of your answers OP i’m getting the impression you are either someone (“a brother/pledge”) who was there that night, or someone with some type of intimate frat involvement to the case and timothy. He had ruptured spleen and was bleeding internally to the point that he was in class IV hemorrhagic shock (the worst level of shock caused by blood loss) by the time he made it to the hospital. That's illegal. I don't know, a lot of humane sensible things. He died a day later of traumatic brain injuries. I cannot stress this enough. One former fraternity member allegedly texted his girlfriend "drink hazing can send me to jail," and "I don't want to go to jail for this,” prosecutors said. 10:47 p.m.: Piazza returns into the field of view of a surveillance camera in the frat's "Great Hall," carried up by four brothers and placed on a couch. 18 and up is an adult. And the frat basically did everything they could to ignore him, until they couldn't, at which point they tried to cover up what they did. I don't think it's cool at all to launch a personal attack like that, in a sub reddit that is about changing view points. Timothy John Piazza (September 25, 1997 – February 4, 2017) died as the result of hazing at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Pennsylvania State University at University Park, Pennsylvania.The incident led to closure of the fraternity's chapter at the university and, as of November 14, 2017, at least 26 members of the fraternity face charges, including involuntary manslaughter. The video in court today showed Piazza at one point crawling on the floor and putting his head between his arms on the floor. Another text read, "Make sure the pledges keep quiet about last night and this situation.". The video included him stumbling through the house before he was found, hours later, in the basement. What happened next is described in horrific detail in a grand jury report citing evidence including surveillance video, witness testimony and phone records. r/Frat: Because reddit is the anti-frat. Eighteen members of the fraternity are charged, but two waived the hearing. Here are some other articles about this story: philly.com: Judge drops most serious charges against Penn State frat brothers in Tim Piazza's death centredaily.com: Attorney General and Piazza's family attorney react to Beta Theta Pi ruling wjactv.com: Judge dismisses involuntary manslaughter charges in Beta Theta Pi case everything that happened after he regained consciousness (although it sounds like he may have already been in debilitating pain by this point) could have been prevented if they had just given 2 shits about a person that they called a brother. hey, how about you let me know what you would do if you were Piazza except instead of dying, you live and you must live the rest of your life unable to move from the neck down? Obviously you are riding a very high horse and looking down on me. Again, letting people off the hook for being stupid is a dangerous precedent, because it encourages criminals to maintain as much ignorance as possible and act stupid in front of the jury. When you get somebody into an environment where they have seemingly no way out, where every authority figure is encouraging or forcing you to drink and nobody would help you, say, leave and go home safely, it is extremely difficult to turn down drinks. I can concede they are stupid. I don't see our legal system as something to be used for extracting a pound of flesh. Video of Penn State pledge chugging alcohol from night he suffered fatal frat house fall shown in court Tim Piazza, 19, died after a fall at the Beta Theta Pi house in 2017. The fraternity brothers who encouraged him to drink had power over him while he was, for several reasons, unable to effectively say no or fully understand his actions. “You cannot watch it without the heaviest heart and tears in your eyes,” Kline said. How is that murder? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Normal people would seeing this and immediately call for help. But the hazing was not the unconscionable part of what happened, and it wasn't what led to his death. I guess that is what has really skewed my opinion of this whole thing. i have to say, if this were just a random person from the general public, they seriously wouldn’t be this invested to make a throwaway account “to make someone change their simpleton mind” and then it results in you fighting to hang onto every tooth and infected hang nail (points which are not at all logical, and seriously only are one a sociopathic, guilty person would be rationalizing) Youre throwing shit to a wall and hoping it sticks, desperate for a new defense to use in court since the basement footage has now been released. Beta Theta Pi has since been barred from Penn State. “He looked dead, he looked like a corpse” by the time he was found the next morning from what may have been a second fall, Scicchitano said. He drank an incredibly high amount of alcohol and fell down the basement stairs and was unconscious. On the night of Feb. 2, 2017, Piazza, a 19-year-old sophomore, participated in an alcohol-fueled hazing ritual at the frat house. Sucks that you have to come in basically bullying me because we disagree. For the time he was awake during those twelve hours he was in agony. He seems to want to use it that way, and is manipulating the media to do so. Last week Piazza's parents joined with a local state politician in announcing a new anti-hazing bill in the hopes to "change the landscape" in Pennsylvania and become a model for the nation. The district attorney and the detective dissected about three hours of security camera tape that began with 19-year-old Tim Piazza joining other pledges as they went from station to station in a drinking gauntlet, and Piazza soon appeared to become shaky on his feet.


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