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As Irish politician, writer and historian Conor Cruise O’Brien noted, “The notion of Irishness is not primarily a question of birth or blood or language, it is the condition of being involved in the Irish situation, and usually of being marked by it.” In fact. [22], Cascarino produced an autobiography in 2000, Full Time: The Secret Life of Tony Cascarino,[23] which received great critical acclaim.[24]. At 38, Cascarino decided to end his career at Red Star Saint-Ouen, in the French third division. Despite his constant anxieties, he’d stepped up to the spot – literally. That wasn’t bad at all, considering he was nearing the end of his career. At the time the club was playing in the fourth division, and bought Tony from non-league Crockenhill in exchange for a set of tracksuits. M. MENU. Back of the Net Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I did qualify to play for Italy but then I qualified to play for England and Scotland as well. Old-school professional, Old-fashioned target man, Drug cheat. Great Britain was definitely not the land of dreams for Tony, but France certainly seemed like it might be. The fans cheered him on as well, giving him the nickname Tony Goal as he became one of the stars of the squad, scoring 61 goals in 87 matches. But Bernard Tapie, at that time president of the French club, was definitely not the cleanest figure European football has ever known. Well, to be honest, I suppose because they chose me.”. His team also won Season 4 of. SW. Bayern vs. Schalke: 11 hrs 39 mins. July 3, 2019; Paul Nicholson; Since Rafa Benitez left Newcastle and went to Dalian Yifang in the Chinese Super League, pundits have been lining up to take a swipe at the Spaniard over the move. At 38, Cascarino decided to end his career at Red Star Saint-Ouen, in the French third division. Both on the pitch and in life, Cascarino never had great luck nor the capacity to dominate the events around him. He wanted to be proud of something. We wouldn’t think about players who’ve taken part in a World Cup or played Premier League football as insecure, or weak. Cascarino 'worried' about Stones at World Cup . Olympique Marseille, too, had gone through a rollercoaster in the early 90’s, winning the Champions League in 1993, then getting relegated the following season due to match-fixing and financial regularities. It was a deal that would haunt Crockenhill in later years when Cascarino’s value rose to over 30 training tops and a blender during his time at Milwall. The book, ghostwritten by Irish journalist and Tony’s personal friend, Paul Kimmage, is different from many football books: it shows that being a professional player is not always synonymous with living like a star. Off The Pitch. With a career consisting of few glories and many more unsatisfying experiences on the pitch, with a difficult personal life, ruined by his unfaithfulness to his wives and his devotion to poker, perhaps it’s not surprising that Cascarino tried to tie himself to Ireland. , and was reminded how we always tend to think of footballers as super-humans. TC. His story is about his career, of course, but in particular highlights his feelings of anxiety, inappropriateness and dissatisfaction, feelings he carried his whole life. However, he ended up leaving the club after only two matches. Both on the pitch and in life, Cascarino never had great luck nor the capacity to dominate the events around him. Last edited on 4 September 2020, at 18:38, Ireland's ill-fated qualification campaign, List of Republic of Ireland international footballers born outside the Republic of Ireland, "Anthony Guy "Tony" Cascarino - Goals in International Matches", "Real Betis 3-2 Athletic Bilbao: Joaquin hits hat-trick aged 38 - BBC Sport", "Tony Cascarino: I Should Have Played For Scotland, Not Ireland", "Tony Cascarino's life story shows us football players can be human - Unusual Efforts", "La Rivelazione di un Perdente: La Vita Segreta di Tony Cascarino", "TONY'S OWN GOAL; I Did Not Qualify for Ireland. Some years ago, I visited the Dover Cliffs on England’s southeast coast, at the exact point where the country ends. Cascarino claimed that most players accepted the injections[27] and that "it definitely made a difference: I felt sharper, more energetic, hungrier for the ball". , a competition requiring contestants to manage Gaelic football teams. He has become something of a cult figure and was referenced in the song "All Your Kayfabe Friends" by Welsh band Los Campesinos! Autobiography. [10], His last international game came against Turkey in late 1999, as Ireland failed to reach UEFA Euro 2000. Cascarino’s biography, though, reflects reality: footballers are humans. However, Cascarino’s attitude can be summed up by a metaphor he created himself: “It has often been said that the joy of scoring goals is greater than sex, but personally I’d compare it more with masturbation. In his need for confession, we can feel his desire for a conciliatory hug from those he’d represented. @lastanzab, Some years ago, I visited the Dover Cliffs on England’s southeast coast, at the exact point where the country ends. He never needed to reveal the story; indeed not everyone appreciated Cascarino’s honesty. Well, Zlatan is the type of footballer who likes to think so of himself. “How could a man called Tony Cascarino play football for the Republic of Ireland?” The autobiography asks rhetorically, then has Tony answer: “Good question. He also revealed that during his time at Marseille, he and many other of the club's players were injected by club president Bernard Tapie's personal physician with an unknown substance. Beyond a stretch of sea that the English keep on calling the English Channel and the French call La Manche, France begins. I left three pounds, the only coins I had on hand, and took with me a football book. Cascarino entered into a relationship with his third wife, Jo, in 2009 and their son, Rocco, was born in 2015; they married in Mauritius in November 2019. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Cascarino held only an English passport. [14][15], Since retiring from football, Cascarino has become a semi-professional poker player, having appeared in the television series Celebrity Poker Club and commentating on the PartyPoker Poker Den. He was arrested and bailed in December 2008 for ‘doing a Collymore on ex-partner Virginie’. He was involved in an on-air bust-up with Kinghorn after the latter remarked that the married Cascarino had been "chasing that 21-year-old around the office", which prompted Cascarino to lunge at Kinghorn and punch him. Angst, depression, a constant sense of inadequacy: these feelings were constantly present for Tony, on the pitch and in his personal life. I Was Just a Fraud, a Fake Irishman", "FAI: OUR TONY IS NOT A FRAUD; Cas always eligible", "Cas mother was Irish but didn't realise. [25] The book also candidly refers to his shame over his infidelities[26] and of leaving his wife, Sarah and two sons, Michael and Teddy (who was named after Cascarino's former Millwall teammate Teddy Sheringham) and muses: "...maybe, just maybe, I was so wrapped up in my newfound celebrity that I'd become immune to the suffering I was causing".


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