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The platform gives us access to admire all our favorite streamers so we can be enticed by their elite gaming skills and ridiculous entertainment values!

He plays a variety of games, but is is currently focusing on Fortnite, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance. She made it big time on Twitch and is represented by one of the largest talent agencies in the world, United Talent Agency. He gained his unusual username because his mom said he was cute. He was a Rank 3 Challenger in  North America in Season 3, and a Rank 6 Challenger in both North America and Europe in Season 4. Another big Fortnite and Call of Duty streamer, NICKMERCS spent a year as a content creator with 100Thieves before joining FaZe Clan in May 2019. He was a hard-core World of Warcraft gamer in his early days and still loves to revisit and talk about that game. Top 20 Twitch Streamers in 2020 – Followers, Subscribers and Revenue, Twitch Bits to USD – Here’s Everything You Should Know, 3 Simple Ways to Get Twitch Followers in 2020, How much do Twitch streamers make per sub. Trainwreckstv currently has over 170k Twitch followers and 16k YouTube subscribers. We recently covered the rise of eSports’ influence on brands. Ninja also has a YouTube channel starting in 2011. Ali Kabanni is a professional Fortnite Battle Royale gamer who is more … Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. LIRIK (also known as the Bean Bandit) is a Twitch streamer and PC gamer. In February 2014 it became the fourth largest source of peak internet traffic in the USA. He started streaming regularly a year later when DayZ was released. " Helen began playing games at an early age with her first computer being a hand-me-down Sinclair ZX Spectrum. He has been to five world championships and was one of only two players who qualified for the first five tournaments. Like TheGrefg, Raul ‘AuronPlay’ Alvarez Genes has also exploded during 2020. Despite this lack of concrete information on earnings and net worth figures for streamers, the internet has done its best to give us some numbers based on what we know.

He’s a veteran of Twitch, and has continued to drive the biggest trends on the platform, almost 10 years into his career. 15. Twitch banned him and a few other gamers for promoting CS:GO skin betting sites which they had a vested interest in. At that party, rumors of Bryce Hall and Addison Rae’s on/off relationship were sparked once again, as the pair were caught kissing at the party in their Joker and Harley Quinn costumes, as well as several TikToks posted together. Its primary focus is on video game live streaming. Exclusive Bonus: Grow My Channel™ – Have you ever wondered why some channels grow so fast? Tom Cassell, better known online by his alias Syndicate, is a British gamer, streamer and YouTube personality. He also has a YouTube channel showcasing his stream highlights which has over 962k subscribers. It focuses on the games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Street Fighter. With sponsorships from Monster Energy, Discord and Corsair among others, summit1g boasts of a weekly viewership of around 28,500.With more than 32K subscribers, his earnings are estimated at $200,000 a month. He has been a part of many eSports organizations like Delta Fox, Rock Solid and Oh God Bears. A Twitch veteran, she began streaming on the platform in 2012. His sponsors on Twitch include Adidas and Red Bull. Throughout his career, Nick has earned himself an accumulated net worth of $4 million through streaming, sponsorships and other ventures.

The net worth of Ninja is around $20 million dollars as of 2020. Of course, many assume that this was directed at the TikTok and online stars that took to the popular hangout on Halloween, and now some of them have responded. A member of Offline TV, she streams a wide variety of games, but started primarily with League of Legends, before moving to Fortnite. YouTube superstar TheGrefg produces some of the finest Spanish content Twitch has to offer. Published: 25/Oct/2020 19:24 Jaryd Lazar aka Summit1G is an American Twitch streamer who also used to be a pro Counter Strike – Global Offensive player much like Shroud. Ben Lupo is better known as DrLupo and is a much loved and popular Twitch streamer where he has over 2.3 million followers. Jaryd Lazar, commonly known as summit1g is a retired Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player.

With its popularity among gamers, there is no question of how massive the platform and the number of subscribers are. By William Brown.

For example, we’ve seen the Sway boys and Bryce Hall facing penalties from the Los Angeles mayor after throwing a multitude of parties. He was born with the name Turner Tenney in 1998, and is currently 22 years old.

He considers himself to be living out a dream. Much like YouTube, it has provided gamers a viable income generating platform, which enables these people to follow their passion, all while generating ten times the income any regular person would be able to. Last year, he proposed to his long time girlfriend, Emu, on a live stream and the couple is now happily married. Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm broke the internet after being banned back in June 2020, with the reason still a mystery. The principal sponsor for his tournament gaming is Red Bull. Due to this, within a year of being active on Twitch and YouTube, he earned the position of Twitch partner and now is a full-time Twitch streamer, as of 2014. Dr Disrespect has a constant get up while streaming- a mullet wig, a fake handlebar moustache and sunglasses. This 33-year-old streams under the nickname Dakotaz and is a part of Team Solo Mid along with TSM_Myth. Nowadays, however, he goes by the name ‘Shroud’ professionally. Here he posts Fortnite videos and highlights from his streams. But if you are into gaming, Twitch will be high on your list of online places to spend your time. They stream continually, either livestreaming games or rerunning games when there aren’t new ones in progress.

On Twitch, she currently has a following of 4.8 million. 8 Email Marketing Predictions for 2021 to Boost Engagement and... 5 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Open Rates in 2021. Estimated Net Worth $650k – Earns approximately $8k a month. The gamer was forced to break character to take accountability for and to publicly apologize for his actions. After Fortnite’s release, he became a professional Fortnite player and live streams it on Twitch. channel is where they broadcast Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) games and tournaments. Dakota, known online as Dakotaz or Dark is a Streamer and YouTuber who plays Fortnite professionally. He currently streams a variety of games including Fortnite and has over 2.1 million Twitch followers and almost 260k on YouTube. He streams occasional vlogs and IRL streams alongside his FIFA content which includes him opening packs on stream. His net worth is currently estimated at $2.2 million. Saqid Zahid is more commonly known as Lyrik. These days he streams Hearthstone and World of Warcraft alongside other games and IRL broadcasts. People often ask “What is TimtheTatman’s Net Worth” and it’s estimated $8M, conservatively. Exclusive Offer: How To Get affiliated™ – Follow these 5 steps and you’ll get Twitch affiliated in 90 DAYS or less. He moved to Mixer shortly after Ninja, but has returned to his original domain, and enjoyed a nice bump in followers since too. The ESL Counter-Strike channel on YouTube has 1.32M subscribers. He is one of the highest earning streamers on Twitch, with a current estimated net worth of $8 million. Through his competitive streaming ventures, he is now one of the most followed eSports players, gamer and streamer on Twitch currently. Twitch is a live streaming platform that was launched back in 2011. Tim earned his name playing World of Warcraft, Fortnite Battle Royale and Counter Strike.

Estimated Net Worth $unknown – Earns approximately $92k a month. He mainly streams Destiny and Fortnite and has partnered with well-known streaming giant Ninja to compete in Fortnite tournament competitions. The streamer has collected for himself an estimated net worth of $4.5 million, through multiple revenue generating platforms. is the live streaming channel of ELEAGUE aka EL. Born with the name Michael Santana in 1992, imaqtpie is another American streamer. She has been active on the platforms since 2013 but has had breaks over that time, most notably in 2016 when she posted just 2 videos. . The first is through ad revenue for any adverts shown on their streams. Back in October, 2019, Shroud made a move which no one in the Twitch community saw coming; he switched to Mixer as his exclusive streaming platform, despite being the second most popular streamer on Twitch.

Thomas Chance Morris is better known online as Sodapoppin. He has over 8.7 billion views with an average of 71K viewers.


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