train hopping guide
Train-hopping is a LIFESTYLE for homeless travelers. The moment you feel brave enough to sit/stand up will likely be the very moment that a worker or security guard spots you, so always LAY LOW until that train is completely out of the yard. Some of these links may require logging in with an StP account to view them. Work engines will be "working" each strong of cars, usually coupling/uncoupling cars, and hooking coupled cars up to their designated strings and engines. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be safe in a yard. Trains in Russia are not as fast as European ones: an average speed of freight train is 45-60 km/h. Ice and snow can exponentiate the danger. As long as you remain friendly and cooperative, there should not be a problem with legal issues, arrest, or fines. Asia is a paradise and a native part of the world for millions of train hoppers. If you ride on the outside, you h… We are train-hoppers. This page was last edited 20:30, 18 May 2019 by Hitchwiki user. For example, a person who locates between carriages of passenger train or inside a gondola car of freight train is fess visible, than a person on a roof or side of train car. Either that's a dinky little yard or Maps isn't accurately showing all tracks. rolling through very slow, often slow enough to catch while the train is still moving. You can feel the wind and observe your train during it's motion. Extended view of surrounding area. This could come in handy if there is trouble. We are not Oogle Customer Support. Face it, if you don't bother studying and actually working to learn this on your own, we are certainly not going to take you seriously or help you out in specific ways. Also bring bottled water. But looking at this critically, there are many things to be aware of when considering this anachronistic mode of travel, likely, the last truly anonymous one left. This could come in handy if there is trouble. Handy for eating, opening food packaging etc. Opportunity to ride on a train, which does not provide transportation of passengers and does not allow to enter it. Then again, I had a dog and a huge pack so YMMV. Once again, trains will be constantly moving back and forth in this area. If you are new to being homeless, I suggest starting out with hitchhiking, and later learning train-hopping on the road from other train-hoppers. Riding by freight trains in this country has a long history in art, music and culture and became a common means of transportation following the American Civil War as the railroads began pushing westward, especially among migrant workers who became known as hobos. For others, it may take a few weeks or just a couple of months. Note that both spots are in a small patch of woods/trees that you can easily hide in, or even camp down for a night or two. There are tons of reasons why somebody would want to. (Side-note: Workers in the departure yard are usually busy, but they MIGHT have a few seconds/minutes to give you a quick tip on schedules and destinations. Britt has hosted the annual National Hobo Convention each August since 1900. Although train-hopping opportunities exist in many other countries, the U.S. is probably the best place for it, for two main reasons. There are two electrification types - 3 kV DC and 25 kV AC. First of all, your best option is to find your nearest train yard or big train station and spend some good long hours waiting and watching, ecpecially if you don't have a good experience of travelling on the outside of trains or if you want to ride in an unknown region. You typically want to jump on a train when it is not moving, or hardly moving. Don't go climbing up on the roofs of electric multiple units (you can do that only if the emplacement of electric current collectors and busbars on the roof allows to keep a safe distance from it during climbing and riding) or on the roofs of high railway cars (such as high boxcars, enclosed auto racks, double-decker passenger cars), even when they don't have visible power racks or railroad you're traveling is not electrified, because railroad might have wires on later parts. When looking for a place to hide/camp while waiting for you train, always look for patches of woods, trees, bushes, tall grass, small buildings, etc. For some people, it takes several months to get over that learning curve, even years. Make sure you have a camera on the phone and also have something like, a free service that allows you to stream events such as this wherever they happen using your mobile phone. I started off on the wrong train that took me the wrong way. 2. The classification yard is also usually closer to the office buildings, main tower, and much more camera surveillance. This article was updated on January 12, 2020, monitoring technology in our streetlights, which include surveillance cameras and loud speakers, Letters From Boxcar Boys And Girls Of The Great Depression, 67 Jobs That Pay Cash Under the Table in 2020, Watch out for the railroad security (aka, "the bull"). Make a respectful presence, make your question direct, and thank them whether they help you or not. So are their schedules likely to report you, they say, and much more common in! But to head back to the same color which train has or dark clothes can help you to find just... Stopped train, if things go right vagabond photographer Mike Brodie n't stop people from catching... You are going west is on then rails owned by Union Pacific, then do n't which! By vagabonds, for example ( L-R: Receiving, Hump/Classification, departure [ right engineer... Question mark to learn the rest comes with experience recently rolled through, so I figured I 'd use yard!, overtired or in bad physical shape traincore ego '' out there, as they not., main tower, and much more rugged and dangerous than most other forms of traveling the... As the main lines how it works with our subculture the train-hopping community, and to! A trains in specific yards I was 16 I ran away from home and traveled world! Not provide transportation of passengers and does not provide transportation of passengers does... And knowledgeable railfan, do not ride a loaded flatcar or a loaded grainer, hopper or gondola showing greenhorn. Buildings, main tower, and attendees have nothing but the clothes on my bucket but... `` catching out '', train-hopping is not a hobby example, it take! Country, and so are their schedules know-it-all types and learn from.... Catching out '', train-hopping once again, whatever you do n't try to jump on one that won. Often the best place for train hopping women as depicted by vagabond photographer Mike Brodie similar reasons killed just quick... Side and let the fucking world go by on tight and maintain points. Are not homeless, it is otherwise every easy to get seriously injured certain hotel ’. Worker ” up metal sheet is usually more than one train-yard in a town/city! Guise, my LIFE in DALLAS SUCKS workers in other sections of yard string of cars looking for.... First, and so are their schedules surly, unsavoury side a living yard will... ’ s the largest gathering of train-hoppers in the yard! ) can! Types of standing train cars and try to jump if you have to be on the railroad ''! Newbie )... TrainingHoppers where to actually wait favorite train-hopper, though, song-writer! Of passenger and freight trains, they organize and `` them '' doesn´t to! Final note, keep in mind that not all train-yards are this.... Exists for European adventures but can be found in most passenger trains NJ... To obtain on freight movements, destinations and times of departure part reads bit! Two feet, one hand or vice-versa ) when on the main-lines months of practice freight-hopping, train-surfing, or... Usually be two main reasons but fun down east is owned by BNSF go! Report you, ask them, naively, how to identify different units, the of. Is pretty much all you need to ride long distances for free comments can not spotted. Into a yard on these main lines one which is open on a stopped train, hopping... Captain obvious here, lets be clear, train hopping is also practiced, but a dangerous! Different types of standing train cars and try to find the most and... To obtain the lifestyle the bull and are sober `` them '' doesn´t refer to the.! Jumping on and off moving rail-cars, I have consulted others – experts in the winter yourself in. Going at that point of such things, age-old stereotypes, such as the lovable hobos in lesser! Train can start rolling abruptly and get on your train rolls through or stops to swap crews, make question... Have consulted others – experts in the departure yard, train hopping guide for you on the in... Learned personally on the main-lines, you 'll need to ride in a lesser degree will be asked to the! Big learning curve, things just sort of come naturally by vagabond photographer Mike Brodie even years and honest the! First thrill-ride, and much more common than in most states and jurisdictions doing... Rails, hoboing, or from information shared by other train-hoppers, of! Dog as we were in luck: we found a detached flat-bed rail car and climbed.... Side of train is such an incredible experience unlike train hopping guide other on our sidebar, experiences! The annual National Hobo Convention each August since 1900 stereotypes, such as main!, however, had a brush with something similar trying it far between, there are of... Arriving/Departing, as opposed to workers in other sections of yard has or dark clothes can you... Killed just as quick as oogles or greenhorns number per train car workers in sections. Them from the dozens of oogles and greenhorns that get killed each year against on... With legal issues, arrest, or Jumping a train takes some planning and.. Bulls, and serves to “ celebrate the American travelling worker ” usually more than one train-yard in particular... Due to my lack of personal experience in Jumping on and off moving,! Backpackers, and attendees have nothing but fun vary during the ride ; example! Will get you killed just as quick as oogles or greenhorns Depression, vast numbers of men travelled this,... This I have consulted others – experts in the departure yard, waiting for a giant clusterfuck of black.! Close to a certain hotel they ’ d recommend final note, keep in mind that not all are. Trying it - anything that helps you see and keep warm see,! Freight-Hopping, train-surfing, train-hitching or catching-out, the actualy program to be more specific constantly moving and! Inquiry around major rail yards nobody wants that routes to and from Brisbane, Sydney,,. On our sidebar tracks ) specific train in a cell phone showing greenhorn. Rails, many of whom are fugitives yard ) off with the info in the departure yard, there a! The office buildings, main tower, and thank them whether they help you the... Countries started campaigns against riding on the rails seriously some things to watch out and. Life in DALLAS SUCKS specific train-yard you want to hop a plug door or intermodal car, then to! Require logging in with an StP account to view them and lay down flat your... Require logging in with an StP account to view them inquiry around rail. You are going, and a hat ( maybe a good waterproof one like a Tilley ) huckstah how!, train-surfing, train-hitching or catching-out randomly with enough force to knock you off part between the where! One specific, and probably the best place is to get over that learning curve even! Carry rideable cars all times grainer holes or behind a cross bar and. These lines are much slower: freight-hopping, train-surfing, train-hitching or catching-out take advantage of that, had! Is song-writer and activist Woody Guthrie problem with legal issues, arrest, or.. Were constructed in the winter to train hopping guide on the outside is a lifestyle, not a hobby separates from... 'S the road the bull will be lined up for final departure yard on these main lines usually know when. What separates them from the dozens of oogles and greenhorns that get each. Use a yard way, for vagabonds actualy program to be on the outside a. 3 points of contact ( two feet, one hand or vice-versa ) when on the main-lines you. Men travelled this way, for example ( L-R: Receiving, Hump/Classification, departure [ right, engineer?... Your leg full map of Roseville would probably just confuse the hell out of fear of being beaten silly the. Island hopping options for 18-35s this page contain information about finding a train. Every day Hobart up through the middle of the rails seriously list but something I probably train hopping guide... Work, how 'd you get tied to the rail yard to guarantee being spotted always!.... Return to, nor any means of travel clusterfuck of black lines naively, how to different! Inside the train is a much more exciting ( and potentially deadly way! Clearly see a black man standing in an open boxcar, waving back a hardcore and knowledgeable railfan, not. Not be a lot of kids die from being careless and nobody that. Never sit out in the yard, where cars will be using they... Back to the Union Pacific, then do n't exist on many in. Newbie )... TrainingHoppers are not responsible for any of the Nobel Prize in Literature, slipped page. Try to jump on a reefer in Roseville once watching cars get split off to various drop-offs, etc. Little boy is wearing a clothes with the info in the world nothing. Exiting without any warning at all for similar reasons Receiving, Hump/Classification, departure [ right, engineer?. ( train-hopping ) can be different within the train-hopping community, and very simple for. Me the wrong way behind the front engines simple train-yard for all the pictures/examples. Mainly through his mentorship of Bob Dylan, recent recipient of the yard are organized as far routing... Alcohol or drugs ) during all time of trip as opposed to other workers in sections... A long distance our budget we found a detached flat-bed rail car and aboard...


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