tree pusher for dozer
Consists of top quality high tensile and wear resistant materials Assembled top quality tradesmen. Instead, the tree roots break beneath the ground level, often at some distance from the trunk, and tear upwardly out of the ground between the tree trunk and the tractor. The structure as recited in claim 1 wherein said blade is connected to said push bars for adjustable pivotal movement about an axis parallel to the pivotal connection of said pusher beams to said push bars, whereby the upper edge portion of said blade may be moved into and out Iof engagement with said hook members. These units put trees and brush on the ground in a hurry. 3 is a fragmentary sectional view taken on yline III- III of FIG. When the attachment has been mounted on the bulldozer as shown, tooth 52 is moved to the desired elevation, as may be dictated by the size of the tree to be felled as well as by other considerations, by operation of hoist 30. Fourth, the tree pusher attachment is extremely simple and convenient to attach to or remove from the bulldozer. Therefore, when pushing trees with blade 14, there is a pronounced tendency for tread chains 6 to move the tractor forwardly under pivots 22, thereby causing elevation of the forward end of the tractor off of the ground, reducing the area of contact of the treads with the ground, and hence reducing traction power, until slippage of the treads on the ground occurs. 2, and also the serrated edge is vertically bevelled as shown at 58 in FIG. A tree pusher attachment for use in connection with a tractor equipped with a bulldozer having a frame including a blade extending horizontally and laterally in front thereof, the upper edge portion of the forward face of said bulldozer blade being inclined upwa-rdly and forwardly, a pair of push bars attached to said blade respectively at opposite sides thereof and extending rearwardly therefrom along opposite sides of said tractor and pivoted at their rearward ends to said tractor for vertical movement, and power lmeans for pivoting said push bars vertically, said tree pusher attachment comprising: (a) an attachment -frame comprising a pair o f pusher 30 beams adapted to be pivoted respectively at their rearward ends to said push bars for vertical movement and to rest at points inter-mediate their ends on the transversely extending horizontal -upper edge of said bulldozer blade, so as to extend substantially forwardly and upwardly from said bulldozer blade, (b) a pusher tooth extending between and rigidly interconnecting the forward ends of said pusher beams, and. 6 is a sectional view taken on line VI-VI of FIG. Optional high tensile steel Cutter Bar available for installation at time of order. In this connection it will be seen that the bulldozer attachment of the tractor, and the tree pusher attachment, may be considered as a structural unit, pivoted to the tractor frame at 22, and pivotally connected to the tree at serrated edge of tooth 52, and that the reactive compressive load referred to above will be applied in this plane. Please Call for More Info.... Gold Member The tractor shown is equipped with a generally standard bulldozer attachment including a blade 14 extending horizontally and transversely in front of the tractor, and being disposed in a generally vertical plane. Main beam is 500mm x 191mm fabricated section with internal g.... Gold Member Solid 450 grade high-tensile wear resistant alloy tynes. 64772 Filed May 7, 1965, Ser. I've been looking for tree pusher info (mostly on ACMOC) for my D 7 and ran across your old post on the subject. They are best used for road building, construction, land clearing, mining, and forestry. Of course, ordinary bulldozers are already commonly used for this purpose without benet of attachments, simply by placing the bulldozer blade against the trunk of the tree and advancing the tractor to apply horizontal force to said tree trunk. ", CATERPILLAR D5G XL Dozer Stick Rake & Tree Pusher DOZATT. Optional high tensile steel Cutter Bar available for installation at time of order. FIG. Each pusher beam is pivoted at its rearward end between a pair of ears 42 welded to the associated push bar at a point intermediate pivots and 22 of said push bar, as by a pivot pin 44 inserted removably through said ears and said pusher beam. Of course, with the tree pusher attachment shown, if the tree should be limber and bend considerably before yielding, so that the point of engagement of tooth 52 against the tree is lowered substantially, it may be necessary to extend hoist 30 slightly in order to prevent the rearward end of the tractor from being elevated above the ground. Welded or otherwise fixed to the lower surface of each beam 40, intermediate its ends, is a hook member 46 constituting in essence a solid block. 2, and. Consists of top quality high tensile and wear resistant materials Assembled top quality tradesmen. The forward face of said blade is concave, being curved about a horizontal axis, the lower edge thereof forming a cutting edge 16 for cutting in-to the ground when the bulldozer is used 4for earth moving and the like, and the upper edge portion thereof being inclined forwardly and upwardly to insure a forward roll or turn-over of earth once it has climbed up the entire height of the blade. 2, FIG. Our stick .... Bi-Folding Stick Rake Tree Pusher to suit CAT D8T Dozers for Sale. 2 is a fragmentary top plan View of the structure as shown in FIG. The only fastening members required are the two pivot pins 44. 5. 16, 1968 A further object is the provision of a tree-pusher attachment of the character described 4which serves the additional function of a hold-down member the bulldozer is used to clear brush and the like, preventing said brush from passing rearwardly over the upper edge of the bulldozer blade. 1. Another object is the provision of a tree-pusher attachment of the character described which is extremely simple and convenient to attach to or remove from the bulldozer, said attachment involving only the insertion of two pivot pins, and which may be elevated or lowered relative to a tree by the usual power apparatus of the tractor. 2. The advantages of the tree pusher attachment over use of the blade 14 directly as a means for felling trees are considerable. New Delivers Nationally. Each turnbuckle is pivoted at its upper end to the rearward face of blade 14 at a point above pivot 20, as at 26, is pivoted at its lower end to the associated push bar 18 at a point spaced rearwardly from pivot 20, as at 28, and is of course adjustably extensible in length. Dozer tree pusher (boom) Discussion in 'Dozers' started by wingnut, Apr 26, 2009. Push bars 18 may be pivoted vertically on pivots 22, whereby to vary the elevation of blade 14 above the ground, by any suitable means, that shown consisting of a block-and-tackle hoist indicated generally at 30, the lower end of said hoist being connected at 32 to the rearward face of blade 14, and the upper end of said hoist being connected at 34 to a bracket 36 affixed to the forward end of tractor frame 4. R. L. HOLLISTER, Assistant Examiner. Rakes are recommended if the tractor will be used for tree removal and stacking, in addition to pushing trees. Usually mounted in conjunction with a rake or a dozer blade. "Extremely pleased with response to ad, well exposed site. 37-2) ABSTRACT F THE DISCLOSURE A tree pusher attachment for a tractor having a bulldozer constituting a bulldozer blade extending horizontally in front of the tractor by means of pusher beams attached at their forward ends to said blade and connected at their rearward ends to the frame of the tractor for pivotal movement on a horizontal transverse axis, said tree pusher attachment comprising a second pair of pusher beams pivoted at their rearward ends respectively to lsaid lirst pusher beams, on a horizontal transverse axis, and extending forwardly of said bulldozer blade to rest on the upper edge thereof, and means attaching said second pair of pusher beams to said bulldozer blade. Third, with the usual bulldozer mounting the pusher bars of the blade are often nearly horizontal, so that the strong reactive force in said bars tends to tilt the forward ends of the tractor treads upwardly from the ground, thereby reducing the traction of said treads against the ground by reducing the area of contact therebetween. The forward edge of the tooth plate eX- tends forwardly of beams 4i?, and is serrated as shown at 56 in FIG. FABRICATED DRIVE IN STICKRAKE 20FT TO SUIT CAT D6H, D6R OR D6T.... Silver Member l is a partially schematic side elevational view of a crawler-type tractor having a tree pusher attachment embodying the present invention mounted operatively thereon. © 2012-2020 Rockland Manufacturing Company1-800-458-3773, © 2012-2020 Rockland Manufacturing Company. beam forwardly of said blade and depending there-from, the rearward end surface of said block being inclined upwardly and forwardly whereby to hook -under the upper edge portion of the -forward face of said blade.


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