tsukishima and yamaguchi
He was nervous himself, but he did his best to appear composed for Yamaguchi’s safety. Tsukishima teased, making you puff your cheeks and scoot closer to Yamaguchi “Tadaaa he’s being mean to me again!” You whined. Canon: Haikyuu!! tanaka ryuunosuke walks with you at anytime of night. However, as soon as Daichi says "Tsukishima made pancakes for Yamaguchi", Yamaguchi is seen to immediately jump up with passion. Adding to the health aspect, their general aesthetic in the fandom is very endearing, supportive, loving, "soft" and also "fluffy". mhmm. existing and he literally just…couldn’t hold it in…and he just went for it, literally CATAPULTS himself into you and kisses you senseless, yes you and saeko are besties she gives you ALL the tea about young tanaka, the type to take off his shirt more during practice if you’re there watching, and literally BURN red if you mention anything about his muscles, you once traced a vein in his arm and commented on how hot it was and he literally short-circuited, kiss his biceps. Although Yamaguchi isn't sure what exactly Tsukishima was referring to he still admires him for being able to say it. Their friendship remained steady since then. He tells him that he has always admired his height, intelligence and coolness, but that his lack of trying to improve makes him "lame". Tsubakihara manages to score in the next rally and therefore cut off Tadashi's serve. He tells him that he came to check out volleyball since it seems safer than other sports. Pairing: Chikara Ennoshita/Ryuunosuke Tanaka; Tobio Kageyama/Shouyou Hinata; Daichi Sawamura/Koushi Sugawara; Asahi Azumane/Yuu Nishinoya; Kei Tsukishima/Tadashi Yamaguchi & Hisashi Kinoshita/Kazuhito Narita Tsukkiyama week, Day 1: Kiss + affection . he kisses the back of your nape in public. no – it’s not the same as your event, his game is more important. Yamaguchi snaps and yells at him that pride is enough of a motive for working hard. he hopes the sugar makes up for the bitterness spurred just moments ago. In the fourth instance of Haikyuu!! The two first met when they were younger, Tsukishima standing up to those who were bullying Yamaguchi. This lack of commitment is at its peak during the training camp, which doesn't go unnoticed by Yamaguchi. Number twelve is Yamaguchi's shirt number. Tsukishima usually gets annoyed at people who call him "Tsukki" and tells them to stop, but Tsukishima has never minded Yamaguchi calling him that. The referee gives the signal and Yamaguchi is able to stay calm and deliver his serve. Likes The match starts and Tanaka easily blasts through Tsukishima’s block. he literally stared at you so intensely for a SOLID ten minutes debating in his head whether or not he should just go for it or wait or just smash his face into yours and hope your lips connect, he chose to cross his fingers and ended up smashing his forehead and nose into yours, YALL HAVE DATES WHERE YOU BABYSIT HIS SISTER. he’ll just drop you off at your doorstep and you’re still high on adrenaline, and you’re lowkey hoping he’ll kiss you and you get  little disappointed when he doesn’t and then when you least expect it. hinata shoyo didn’t know that relationships come with problems. “are you okay?” he asks gently, a hand coming up to caress your head. god please cuddle him. AU where your body count is shown over your head! tsukishima kei listens to the music you recommend. Yamaguchi frequently apologizes to Tsukishima, even if something doesn't warrant an apology, "Sorry, Tsukki." TsukkiYama is the fifth most popular ship within the fandom and the most written ship for both Tsukishima and Yamaguchi. Partners: Kei Tsukishima and Tadashi Yamaguchi In the end, his team loses to Kageyama and Hinata's[3]. Yamaguchi working for an electronics company. They seem to frequently go for drinks, lunch or dinner together and Yamaguchi teases Tsukishima at dinner once for not wearing a sparkly pink souvenir shirt Hinata got him from Brazil. Pairing: Kei Tsukishima/Tadashi Yamaguchi you should understand that, you shouldn’t pressure him into trying to like something he doesn’t. for some reason, he can’t remember basic english vocab, but he can remember your exact order from the sandwich shop you both went to a year ago. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. it is attached to you. During the summer training camp, he even stood up against Kei Tsukishima, resulting in him being surprised at Yamaguchi's actions and even calling him "cool" for the first time. Rating: Teen [PG] he’s taken the hair out of your face every time you’ve cooked, every time you’ve scribbled on your work, – he’s there to make sure your sight is free of stray-aways. Yamaguchi accompanies Tsukishima and Yachi to the match between the MSBY Black Jackals and the Schweiden Adlers. you must not love him anymore if you want to be apart from him. it happens so often that you barely realize when he does it; which is good, because your heart would probably burst out your chest from his caring touches. Lie, 3. he won’t compromise, he won’t be more attentive to you, he doesn’t want to be; that’s too much work. It was really awkward but still, he didn’t pull away and instead looped his arms around Yamaguchi’s waist, nuzzling his neck. We could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen. WTF SO CUTE, when yall cuddle and you’re the little spoon he likes to put his head on your shoulder/between your neck and watch as you scroll through tiktok or instagram and just mindlessly talk about his day, the type of boyfriend where neither of you can cook and you both confusedly look at recipes on google like: ????? When Karasuno wins the match, Yamaguchi is seen rushing toward Tsukishima and in the sub-arena points out that Tsukishima is attempting to put on a second jacket from how weary he is. Yamaguchi and Tsukishima provoke Hinata and Kageyama. Title: The Odd Tanaka Out That evening, they visit Hinata and Kageyama at the field where they’re practicing. parody manga "Let's?! yes, even in public. like it’s so natural to him to kiss your cheek when he sees you, even in public. He asks him to give him another chance. Thanks to Hinata, Yamaguchi builds up enough confidence to finally express his anger and him trying to convince Tsukishima to take the club seriously. he wrote love letter to you and then waiting behind the gym because he thought being near the volleyball gym would give him some luck and them you got in front of him and he was. Yamaguchi and Tsukishima join Karasuno Boys’ Volleyball Club a few days after it begins for the new school year[2]. He also wears knee pads and white volleyball shoes with black accents. A popular trope in fanfiction/artworks for TsukkiYama is also Angst. In the stands, Shimada explains to Saeko that a jump serve offers much more speed and efficiency and that Yamaguchi's only option to fight on equal grounds with his teammates is to give it his all with his best and only weapon. November 10, 1996 Yamaguchi has been more confident to yell at Tsukishima whenever he thinks he isn't good enough, after the Shiratorizawa match for example, or just to be generally more confident to express his opinions around Tsukishima. yamaguchi tadashi lacks confidence in himself and the relationship. OSAMU has a habit of giving you a plate full of sliced fruits whenever an argument divides you two. he’d rather almost fall asleep walking than not see you at school the next day. So here is this dumpster fire, the type to look you straight in your eyes when you ask for a hug and say “no, who do you think i am, your boyfriend?”, runs his hands through your hair from the front and then when his hand reaches the back of your head he pulls you into him and kisses you either on the forehead or the lips <3. Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples. A smile crept on his lips and he jumped, his fingers immediately closing on an arm. he says that it’s because he thinks it’s important to show to you that he cares about what you’re passionate about. So don’t let it go, we can make some more, we can live forever. the type to look you straight in your eyes when you ask for a hug and say “no, who do you think i … “It is night. it’s his INSTINCT to hold your hand. Number You’re really here?” “Stupid” Tsukishima answered, flinching his finger to his forehead. Tsukishima smiled and tilted his head. (also this is my first post i’ve written on here! secretly, she wishes that you’d need help with every problem - just so she could be close to you. Canon: Haikyuu!! he DIED, even once yall are comfortable in the relationship he still needs reassurance every once in a while because he’s a little insecure, not that you’ll leave him for someone else, but that he’s not good enough, his PDA skill are. However, it's known that Yamaguchi used to call Tsukishima "Kei-kun" when they were children. he knows the placement of every birthmark, every stretch mark, every freckle and mole. After a fatal loss in the match against Aoba Johsai High, he gained a lot of confidence thanks to his teammates and Makoto Shimada, who has helped him practice the jump float serve. who wants that? you could be in a competition to raise the biggest beetle and he’ll be there rooting you on and staying up late with you as you rear your award-winning beetle, you two lay next to each other on the couch/on his bed and he’ll have his arm around you and you’ll lay your head on his chest as you watch netflix shows. 22 - Nov 2018


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