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UBOAT has been finally released by Developer Deep Water Studio and Publisher PlayWay S.A on PC via Steam. At large depths there is a so-called shadow zone. Show items tagged with all of the selected terms: Click here to learn more about Steam Guides. I WILL CONTINUE TO PROVIDE UPDATES TILL I FEEL THAT IT IS SUFFICIENT.... Игра позволяет нам автоматизировать и скинуть почти все функции подводной лодки на экипаж, включая навигацию, загрузку припасов, торпед, а также даже расчёт торпедной атаки. Explosions of depth charges make your ship undetectable to sonar for some time. You have a 360 degree compass that represents view points from your boat, and a plastic strip that points to where your target is. If the night is dark, consider turning on the. Save after every mission (trust me you need to do this) I'm not really accustomed to explaining things to people but I'd like to share what I've found is giving me a lot of success in UBOAT so far. Game tips are displayed during loading screens. Airplanes arriving shortly after the enemy gives an SOS signal may mean that an aircraft carrier is stationed nearby. If your boat is submerged at periscope depth during bad weather, consider sending an engineer to the depth steers station. Written guides, references, and walkthroughs. Put the gear in reverse if you are worried that you might miss or ram your goal. THIS IS BY NO MEANS FINISHED. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). 4) The plane will drop the depth charges at the position you would of been if you had carried on at 30kmh for the next 10seconds. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Leak - Create random leak on you U-BOAT. He will prevent broaching and will make observation through periscopes easier by stabilizing the boat.

If the enemy ship does not want to sink, you can help it with the 88 mm gun mounted on the deck.

3. be aware of your food situation, always buy enough food. UBOAT - Startup and Troubleshooting Frustration Guide, 17x Cheese (picked up from past patrol and left), Leader: None (can billage water or move ammo), Helmet, Engineer: 5x Replacement Parts, Respirator. Mehrfach habe ich im Deutschem Forum Fragen gelesen bezüglich der Mannschaft, Moral und ihrer Rollen... Hier ist nun ein Guide welcher euch hoffentlich hilft.... Rich8's Guide for Manual TDC (Using Mapwork or Attack Tools). Braking with water drag takes a long time. 1) Heart Attack: A radioman can then heal them and get XP, something they rarely get. it doesn't hurt to buy some extra food. The AOB (Labeled as "Course" Tool) works off of what you see relative from your boat. 05/05/2019. 2) Travel straight or with a few degrees of rudder at forward 4 (I found the deceleration better at Forward 4 better than forward 5). ... UBOAT Allgemeiner Guide zur Mannschaft und Moral. Consider sending an. Meanwhile the turn rate of the U-Boat is very slow and sharp turns shed off a lot of speed. All rights reserved. 3) When you are confident the plane has made it's final adjustments (they do it relatively late) pause the game and switch the speed from Forward 4 to Reverse 4. Wound – Damage you sailors. https://uboat.fandom.com/wiki/Game_Tips?oldid=556. When they are exhausted, there is a good chance that they will withdraw from submarine hunting. This is the only way you will be rewarded by the command. Game Tips Repaired conning tower is more effective in protecting the ship and its sailors than a damaged one. 1) Watch the plane and if you believe the plane is going to start its attack run and you submarine is at a 45 degree angle turn it so the plane is attacking perpendicular to your sides (port and starboard) or your rear (stern). it doesn't hurt to buy some extra food. Turned on searchlights reveal the position of the vessel to a greater extent than it increases its view range. 2. For Example: XP 100000 Thus when facing an enemy plane the best way to avoid it is to: 1) Watch the plane and if you believe the plane is going to start its attack run and you submarine is at a 45 degree angle turn it so the plane is attacking perpendicular to your sides (port and starboard) or your rear (stern). In reality you are reversing away from that area and if everything goes to plan you will miss the depth charges, 1) From the rear (stern) at a slight angle, 2) From the left or right (port or starboard respectively).

The character assigned to the listening room on the surface operates the radar detector and underwater – the hydrophone. И это очень оказуаливает игру, ведь самое большое удовольствие для подводника К... Una guida introduttiva in italiano per chi si approccia, probabilmente imprecando, a questo nuovo titolo firmato PlayWay & Deep Water Studio. How to travel long distances, best way to manage crew while crossing the Atlantic etc. Remember to report ships that were sunk. Reputation [Any Number] - Increase reputation to buy upgrade. Basic tips and tricks to playing the game. However weight it up against how much speed you will lose on the turn and if you have time to make it up.

1 Mission - Der Offizier ist noch am beladen von Torpedos in die Rohre deswegen kann man noch welche Nachkaufen und auch Diesel ist nicht voll aufgetankt . Only then do I play the hard missions, Generally avoid contact with warships (unless it's 1-2 corvettes), Prefer to spot contacts through the hydrophone. Skip [Any Number and Time Unit] - Skip in-game time w/out consume u-boat resources.

Do not engage with planes or corvettes (atleast at the start of your game) 3. be aware of your food situation, always buy enough food. Through the game, you will need to manage different mechanics and to make things more fun you can use the console … Budget [Any Number] - Add some money. and it's subsim game...whats more tricks tips you want, a sub is sub...dont know try to play SH series...or maybe like some say: Cold water is a great ssub sim game..hahahaha Last edited by Pocket; Apr 3, 2019 @ 8:35am #3. bigbadvuk.

Enemy ships carry a limited number of depth charges. 1.

By Hikari in Games PC. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. UBOAT Console Commands and Cheats. For Example: Weather Fog. Weather – Fog, Calm, Cloudy, Storm – Change in-game weather. Es lohnt sich viele Offiziere an Board zu haben da … Teleport Any 2 number – Teleport you U-boat on entered coordinates, For West long use “-number” Torpedo – Launch torpedo on selected target. Hi guys, this is the first guide I've ever made for anything. it is a world war 2 simulation strategy game where players need to manage a submarine crew through different missions. 4. research Snor... How to approach, target, and sink the more defended convoys. Teleport [Any Two Number] - Teleport you U-boat on entered coordinates, For East long use "-number". Or.

The pump is able to pump water from compartments other than the control room only at a small depth, due to the resistance in the pipes. Budget (value) Compensate. Trying to get close to the enemy underwater, turn off all unnecessary, With a rough sea, remaining at periscope depth can be very difficult. Damage (value) Detect (value) Dock (port name) Such lighting makes it easier for the eyes... Enemy ships carry a limited number of depth charges. © Valve Corporation. The part of the tool you manipulate is supposed to mimic the Angle on the Bow that you see. 14 days vacation with 100% HQ research boost, Resupply/upgrade/Waste 7 days until vacation available again, Avoid aircraft by travelling at periscope depth with snorkel, Complete a lot of easy and medium missions to upgrade my Uboat and level up my crew. Weitere Offiziere Kaufen für die Forschung - Oben Rechts und dann auf HQ Verbesserungen müssen Erforscht werden mit Offizieren an Land im HQ und diese kann man später verbauen. Per facilitarne la consultazione si trattano solo le beta stabili del software, tralasciando le versioni in test ... UBoat Version: B127 Preview 1 (at time of writing) Due to the acoustic layer above it, enemy vessels will find it much harder to detect your ship using the hydrophone or sonar. Do not engage with planes or corvettes (atleast at the start of your game) XP Any number – Add expirience to your crew on board. Browse and rate player-created guides for this game. This guide will help you to understand the basics of crew management system. 1. Save after every mission (trust me you need to do this) 2. If the night is dark, consider turning on the red lighting inside your uboat.


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