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The fallout from TMZ firing Van Lathan has continued even as the celebrity news outlet’s former employee has repeatedly downplayed it. One of the first things Lathan said he wanted to make clear was that he’s not “the angry, violent Black guy” much of the media coverage has made him out to be.
Download/subscribe FOR FREE —>, — Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) October 29, 2019. talk about the situation that led up to him being fired and said he was not allowed to talk about his former employer at all, his answers to Hill’s pointed line of questioning still revealed plenty. Now it seems Lathan may have done more than just exchange words with his […] var s = d.createElement('script'); s.type='text/javascript';s.async=true; s.src = p + "://" From gaining 10,000 new followers on Instagram to friends even offering to CashApp him some money — he turned that down — Lathan said he feels the love being sent his way. my Holmes Bio Reveals: A Mother Of Two Children But Who Is The Father: Husband Or Any Boyfriend?

He even worked as a tour guide for TMZ bus tour for Hollywood tourist. An insider reportedly defended Lathan on Tuesday by saying “in the site’s high-pressure newsroom, staffers are often pitted against each other for the sake of making good TV.” The insider added, “Van’s not mean-spirited. d.getElementById("contentad479487").appendChild(s); Kanye visited the TMZ headquarters for TMZ Live and declared on camera that living under slavery was a choice made by the African-Americans. Van was born to his father, Terry, and mother, Chrystal Ellis and he is the younger brother of Ebony Rage Lathan. Following the several offensive comments on slavery, Lathan then stood up and asked the TMZ employees: “Do you feel like I’m thinking free and feeling free?”, “I think what you’re doing right now is the absence of thought. Van Lathan’s recent interview with Jemele Hill on her “Unbothered” podcast cast him in a light that hadn’t been seen following his highly publicized firing from TMZ.

“We’d heard from sources that Lathan had put his hand around Babcock’s throat but didn’t publish the claim without evidence. One of the first things Lathan said he wanted to make clear was that he’s not “the angry, violent Black guy” much of the media coverage has made him out to be. Read more: Is Christopher Chulack Dating or Married? Or, Is he Gay? id: "88e549d9-7fad-44e5-a25e-ce4de28a8462", Van Lathan is a TV journalist who became famous after his disagreement with a famous rapper, Kayne West after he said slavery was choice, during his interview with TMZ Live interview.. Kanye visited the TMZ headquarters for TMZ Live and declared on camera that living under slavery was a choice made by the African-Americans.
People Are Bracing For The Worst As Fears Of Election-Related Violence Grow. Copyright © 2020 Interactive One, LLC. “That’s the only thing that’s a little bit bothersome for me,” he told Hill, explaining that the portrayal of him as someone who is “a dangerous or mean, mad, angry guy” is just wrong. #TBT to when i had abs.

In addition to his (now former) gig … However, while he said he wasn’t worried about what he will do for work next, there were some other negative consequences that he said he’s had to deal with. { Spread the love
Van Lathan, one of TMZ's most popular personalities has been fired - after a politically charged confrontation with a White co-worker.

Me, my dad, and my sister @poeticrage1. You Might Also Like: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’ Daughter North West makes Runway Debut; Know her Wiki-Bio, Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Career, and more! }; Know the facts along with Van Lathan’ wiki, bio, age, nationality, ethnicity, height, parents, and family. 95 Photos Of Black People Marching For Our Lives, Every Receipt Proving Candace Owens Is A Con Artist Who Is Following The Money, The Voting Rights Act Was Signed On This Day In 1965 And Now Trump Is Trying To Destroy It, Celebrating The Black History Of Memorial Day. All Rights Reserved. Or, Is he Gay?

Read more: Amy Holmes Bio Reveals: A Mother Of Two Children But Who Is The Father: Husband Or Any Boyfriend? cb: (new Date()).getTime() Van hosts a podcast Van Lathan’s The Red Pill where he talks about everything including news, politics, and pop-culture and feeds the viewers. “I really, really have been floored,” he said while Lathan credited that love to the way he said he’s always put “the black community first.”.

After that incident, lots of people are searching for Van Lathan’s biography on social media. Van Lathan is a senior producer on the news website TMZ. “Mike was my closest friend in the office, by far – the closest friend I ever had at TMZ – and he remains a close friend of mine,” he told Hill. Lathan became a public hero after Kanye West’s comments about slavery on May 1, 2018. }; READ MORE: Here’s What Reportedly Led To Van Lathan Being Fired From TMZ. And even though Lathan made it clear he could not. And, since his popularity after the Kanye West incident rose, Van Lathan should earn more than $50k per year from his journalism career and podcasts. var params = #TMZLive @TMZLive @VanLathan @mikejbabcock @charleslat, — David Thielen (@DavidThielen1) October 8, 2019, The outlet claimed that after Lathan was finished shooting, he “walked all the way across the room, came from behind [Babcock] and grabbed him.”, Allegedly, during the segment that didn’t air, Lathan said something to the effect of, “I’m going to speak now.” Babcock reportedly replied with something like, “You’re not telling me when I can talk and when I can’t.”. })(document); (function(d) { Regarding his academic qualification, Van graduated in the year 2003, but he does not disclose the name of the university. Latham & Watkins lawyers provide strategic and innovative legal solutions to clients’ complex business and legal challenges. var params = Promise you guys. var p = 'https:' == document.location.protocol ? “This has been one of the most stressful weeks of my life,” he told Hill in reference to his health. The creator of TMZ, Harvey Levin, has long been accused of being a Trump supporter. Van Lathan has an enviable career and he said that he will make an effort to be even better in the future. The confrontation was reportedly documented in a series of still shot photos tweeted out earlier this month. He always fought for his opinion and tried to be honest in his shows and his speeches. When it was first reported that two of the sites staffers had gotten into a nasty confrontation but only Lathan was let go folks were scratching their heads. The interview, which Hill released on Tuesday, lasts for nearly an hour and a half. He said that his former co-workers threw him a going away party after he was fired and Babcock was among those in attendance. And the reason why I feel like that is that, Kanye, you’re entitled to your opinion. + qs;


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