victory rear pulley
Our prices are also very competitive and we offer specials on products monthly! First gear doesn't seem like a tractor gear and the lower rpms on the highway are much nicer, too. Drive Pulley 70 tooth Monaco Chrome $ 699.95 $ 599.95 Sale! I didn't pay attention to how far back the stock pulley was so I clearanced the boss back farther than I needed to. When I got ready to install everything I touched the exhaust and it literally fell off the bike. Find OEM Victory Apparel and Riding Gear. Rear Tire 260mm Metzeler me888 $ 316.95 $ 269.95 Sale! Belt tension was perfect, but having no adjustment bothered me. Love the gearing, but the rear axle was all the way back. OEM Parts for your Victory Motorcycle, Cross Country, Hammer, 8 Ball Jackpot or Vegas using our easy on-line Parts Finder. It didn't hurt anything other than wasting some time. I had the bike tore apart to install a Big sucker intake and Lloydz VFC-III so I decided to install the pulley as well. Buy from here... you won't be disappointed." If you're working on a rebuild or just a simple oil change; on this site, you'll be able to find all the Victory parts you need. Due to some technical difficulties, the Make, Model, Year Search is not functioning properly. What would be even better was a 6-speed but I have to settle for the pulley. Contacted Gates... no 145 tooth belts. Driving to work on the country roads 4th gear revved more than I liked and 5th gear was a little too tall. Curses! Tire Dunlop Hammer Jackpot $ 339.95 $ 229.95 Sale! Browse all our Indian and Victory motorcycle parts. What little installation information I could find online all showed the removal of the exhaust and related items. Apparently I had had an exhaust leak or two before. We have one of the largest inventory of Genuine Victory OEM parts and we're ready to use them on your Victory Vision, Hammer, Kingpin, Jackpot or Ness Signature Series Motorcycles. Got the parts in 3 days. Once the front and rear cylinders head connections were loose the exhaust had enough movement to clear the socket. It lowers rpms by 7%. The pulley is expensive and a pain to install but I like the results. Find OEM Accessories for your Victroy Motorcycle. Please remove … I gave this site a shot and sure enough it's the REAL DEAL. I like to use one item as a spacer instead of a stack of washers. The exhaust is still in the way of the socket needed and doesn't give enough space for the pulley to come off. Stock belt is 147 teeth. Specially suited for those who run long distances. 31 Tooth Underdrive Pulley for Wide Tire Bikes - Hammer / Jackpot, Allows the use of the wide tire swingarms with the narrow tire bikes, Handle Bars & Accessories for Steel Frame Vics, American Muscle Series - Victory Indian & Harley, Conquest Customs Overdrive 32 Tooth Pulley, Conquest Customs Underdrive Pulley for 2006 & UP 100/106ci (Narrow Tire), Conquest Customs Underdrive Pulley for 2005 & UP 100/106ci WIDE TIRE Bikes. Here is the clearanced boss. Find OEM Parts and Accessories for your Victory Motorcycle. A modification offered for many of the 5-speed Victorys is an overdrive pulley. I took my time reassembling the exhaust and when I fired up the bike I was surprised to find it was much quieter. Fast service too. Don't forget to visit our Don Wood Victory website for deals on Pure Victory accessories and apparel! - Jeff LeDesma, CA. I was able to use a wrench and 5mm bit to get the pulley coverplate off without removing the exhaust. All the instructions I've seen said to heat the locktite to allow the nut to come off. Victory Motorcycle Parts OEM Parts for your Victory Motorcycle, Cross Country, Hammer, 8 Ball Jackpot or Vegas using our easy on-line Parts Finder Got the parts in 3 days! The tension has to be taken off of the belt. Tip: When using a burr on aluminum go very slow and allow the burr to eat the aluminum away. O/D pulleys will drop your Rev's by 300 RPMS in every gear making for a more useable gear ratio. After having the Victory for awhile I could see the merit in it. You might have to pull the rear pulley Vic's are bigger the h-d and the jaws on the tire machine might nick them 2008 Vision Mpls, MN. I thought I was going to save myself a bunch of work but it was not to be. Because the pulley is wider the speed sensor boss has to be clearanced by about 1/8". You have to first click "Add-To-Cart" before you get to see the huge difference in pricing compared to the other "so-called" discount sites. To remove the exhaust you also have to remove the right floorboard and lay it out of the way. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions! Choose Saddlebags, Backrests, Handlebars, Wheels and more. Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Black Sidewall Rear Tire $ A modification offered for many of the 5-speed Victorys is an overdrive pulley.It lowers rpms by 7%. After having the Victory for awhile I could see the merit in it. Leather Apparel, Helmets, Gloves and more, "No lie... these guys have the best discounts on the net for factory Victory parts. I might have been able to get the pulley off by heating the locktite but I used a puller instead. The overdrive pulley is nicely machined and slightly wider. Now 4th gear is just right. Victory motorcycle exhaust pipes systems, Victory Engine Covers, Custom Victory Parts, custom Fenders, Grips, Oil Filters, Custom Victory motorcycle builds, handle bars, fenders rims, pulley, rotors, clutch, intake, gauges and many more custom parts. I didn't have to completely remove the entire exhaust system...just the mufflers. Visit our HOT DEALS of THE MONTH to see what we have on special this month! I was able to get it off with an air wrench and the required 48mm socket. Custom Harley, Victory exhaust pipes, Indian, Victory and Harley Exhaust pipes. Please add your state and model of bike you have.


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