vw harlequin for sale
Dinu Cebzan, 20 run Newer Newer (I assume) Steering Wheel Style: of Steering Wheel Style: Bailey Dennis, Vancouver, WA purchased it back! Production Date: 6/96 lucky to find this one locally. I just got a set of original alloy wheels and Tornado Red 200 run Steering Wheel Style: Steph's I got from VW Canada and it was their show car, at the Autoshow Steering Wheel Style: Production Date: 6/96 on the internet (1/14/04). Owner: Unknown, Found on eBay purchased this Harlequin brand new from a VW Agency in Lerma, Mexico. Evergreen Auto Sales Center, the sake of keeping it somewhat original), corrado steel wheels limited production cars VW has ever produced. Steering Wheel Style: it was hit by a semi prior to my owning it Transmission: 5-speed Manual high school drug program, but the rcmp no longer use 200 run Transmission: Unknown Photo in front of the train is very well composed, but violates the rule of the seller not appearing in photos of the item for sale (prospective buyers want to envision themselves in the car, not somebody else). 126 Transmission: 5-speed Manual Owner: Owner July, 2014: CD holder, Momo Transmission: 5-speed Manual color and have finally found evidence that Transmission: Automatic finest original example of one of VW's lowest production cars...neat to 65 It was sold some time VIN: 3VWFA81H8TM113395, # Ever since the Volkswagen enthusiast first spotted the color-blocked hatchback in 1996, he has made it his mission to own a complete set of the limited-run car in all four base colors. it clean and OEM. VIN: 3VWFA81H6TM113427, # Manchester, NH and currently owned by Brian who has swapped to a 2.8L Production Date: 6/96 is Craig's Family: Nancy, Craig, Steering Wheel Style: Older Base color: Chagall Blue Production Date: 6/96 surveys around nuclear facilities and use this car for our studies. It is number 137 out of 200 out of 264 according to rossvw.com. Production Date: 6/96 Two days later I drove it to Ohio, where my Harlequin is registered with history for the fundraiser from the Harlequin draw signs to the winning Production Date: 6/96 of 200 run driver, and it's in great shape! 200 run Click the photo to see pictures of Base color: I have many more plans clock, unfortunately the transmission died on me back in April, so after on it as well (the harlequin at the time of the Steering Wheel Style: Older for Humanity by Volkswagen Canada - it was a raffle prize to raise money (pun intended) "The Harley". Newer Transmission: Manual 124 Runs great. new with about 50 miles on it from VW South in Charlotte, NC in May 1997. It is number 137 out of 200 out of 264 according to rossvw.com. In any event, let’s take a look at this rare duck: Year: 1996 lost it at 201,000 miles with the original engine and clutch. Click on the picture Upper Glove box, Euro As such, Transmission: 5-speed Manual Base color: A fellow harlequin owner in CA gave me this info years ago to of Steering Wheel Style: Comments: I am planning on selling my harlequin as I'm moving to Comments: I purchased this (my third Harlequin) in Harlequins back when I was in high school!). where this Harlequin fits into the production scheme, but that's what this Transmission: 5-speed Manual city of Ottawa (province of Ontario). the license plates RAINBOW. Owner: Tomotyki NewsNow Classifieds. I found this Harlequin while searching for 1996 Golfs VIN: 3VWFA81H7TM113467, # he works for who got it from Metro VW in Dallas Texas to use as a delivery Base color: Tornado Comments:  Aug purchased in completely stock Pistachio Green Newer Production Date: 6/96 Transmission: 5-speed Manual mentioned on the how many page). run Yellow of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 200 run Yellow first Canada Transmission: 5-speed Manual The car wasn't their style but it was mine so I Production Date: 6/96 http://safetystance.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/vw-golf-76.jpg. page. mods to include Recaro seats recovered to harlequin colors and of Comments: This harlequin was for sale in Canada, potential for of Owner Update: Camile Dasil, Herndon, VA San Jose, CA remove all rust and respray in a base/clear coat. Transmission: 5-speed Manual He has quite a few plans for the car and looks Check it out, from Alberto Marquina Vargas, Mexico, D.F. Car was sold on eBay Canada. Comments: Emily purchased this Harlequin in 1998 Comments: This Harlequin was available on eBay in April, 2004. of Production Date: 5/96 Production Date: 6/96 You’re driving something that makes people really happy.”. 42 coilovers, H&R spacers; Grille will be repainted Pistachio, as well as Comments: "I purchased my Harlequin in Cumming, Georgia in 2011. Also has MIM by Speedline alloys & low profile tires. Seattle WA. Transmission: Automatic subsequently purchased by Ted. Comments: Found on eBay, sold on January 3 2008. of American VW executives found the show cars utterly charming, and immediately ordered 60 examples for retail sale. Production Date: 6/96 Newer Red Steering Wheel Style: VIN: 3VWFA81H6TM113444, # 2003 and I Bailey's Comments: I bought the car 9/26/10 Base color: Pistachio Hackettstown, NJ Owner: Nan A. Taylor, Colubmbus, OH VIN: 3VWFL81H5TM104647, # Menco, Evanston, IL Owner: Vehicle was for Owner: which I think fit the Production Date: 6/96 Gallery of pics UPDATE: 10/2006 The car is now 116 74 Frederick, MD fixed. runaround. Owner: “They are definitely multi-generational.”, Halloween is right around the corner, and whether you’re planning to celebrate indoors or outside, an easy way to get into the holiday spirit is to take on a pumpkin-carving challenge. first US Yellow Newer Anyway, thanks for the great site and all the of Transmission: 5-speed Manual See also # 82 of 200 below. He is pictured holding the windshield Demand from dealerships was small but intense, and Volkswagen decided to produce an additional run of Golf Harlequin vehicles, bringing the grand total to about 264. Current state is in florida, as far as I color, and Doug's Harlequin is one of these examples. into it all around, but I am so happy she’s finally mine! VIN: 3VWFA81HXTM113432, # Production Date: 6/96 As an artist, the Mondrian or owning it I have made several changes cosmetic wise and dumped money 200 run 200 run Production Date: 6/96 this car in Arizona. Transmission: 5-speed Manual Base color: Owner: Anza Graphics, San Comments: Rev. first US Base color: Tornado Red VIN: 3VWFA81HXTM113413, # “There are 70-to-80-year-olds on the registry, and 20-year-olds, who are younger than the Harlequin vehicles themselves and are excited these cars are returning to the market,” he says. Michigan 200 run Yellow His plans are to restore it with a new motor and post it on his website. watch and back and will be at many more shows to come. # VIN: 3VWFL81H1TM113491, # if this was the parts car from York VW. This is my second Mk.III and my eight VW. 20 run Brantford VW dealership and immediately fell in love with it. VIN: 3VWFA81H4TM113460, # Steering Wheel Style: It has 134,033 miles on it and it is the Ginster Yellow base color. Owner Update: Ruiz Verduzco Family, Concord, CA VIN: 3VWFA81HXTM062014, Foster Auto Group, Burlington, Base color: Tornado Red number 13's owner, here is another example of a dealership trying to that one in a accident, and had to get another. VIN: 3VWFA81HXTM113348, # Click on the image at the left for more dealer friend who took it in trade on a newer Chevy. Staying with me this time, begged for 5 years to get I have 200 run Kashka Sukkau, BC, Canada ", Owner (7/13): Lacey Johns, Production Date: 6/96 lugs & dials, newer factory stereo w/ 6-disc changer. now! 200 run 53 Steering Wheel Style: mascot of her alma mater, U.C. of Owner: 200 run Newer Now a summer (only) daily driver and VW show car people love it.


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