vw rear axle nut torque specs
Content on vwvortex.com is generated by its users. 45 ft. lbs. 4000, 80, 90, RS2 B2, B3, B4, Coupe quattro & Cabriolet (B3 & B4 Small Chassis Vintage Audi), Portable MP3 and Satellite Radio OEM Integration, 2.0T FSI, TSI, and TFSI (EA113) Engine Forum, 2.0 TSI and TFSI (EA888 Gen 1 and Gen 2) Engine Forum, 2.0 TSI and TFSI (EA888 Gen 3) Engine Forum, A4, S4, RS4, A5, S5, RS5, Q5, SQ5 (B8) Classifieds, A4, S4, RS4, A5, S5, RS5, Q5, SQ5 (B8) Parts, A4, S4, RS4, A5, S5, RS5, Q5, SQ5 (B8) Cars, A6, S6, RS6, A7, S7, RS7 (C7) Classifieds, Small Chassis Audi (B1, B2, B3, B4) Classifieds, Small Chassis Audi (B1, B2, B3, B4) Parts, South America, Central America, and Mexico, Spring VW & Audi Show and Go @ Englishtown's Raceway Park. 20 ft. lbs. vwvortex.com is not in any way affiliated with Volkswagen AG. Rear axle nuts (FWD) 175 Nm FWD suspension Ball joint to control arm -20 Nm + 90 degrees Pendulum support to sub-frame - 25 Nm Forward bolt for control arm - 70 Nm + 90 degrees Rearward bolt for control arm - 52 ft. lbs. Author: 1A Auto Volkswagen. volkswagen: application: ft-lbs (n-m) axle shaft bolt (eurovan) 195 (265) axle spindle nut: front axle dasher & passat: 180-216 (245-293) vanagon: 236 (321) all others: 170 (231) rear axle quantum syncro: 170 (231) vanagon: 360 (490) all others: 226 (307) axle shaft flange bolt: front: dasher: 25 (34) all others: 32 (43) rear: 33 (45) ball joint 81.35. So buy, borrow or rent a high-quality torque wrench, analog or digital "click", vwvortex.com is an independent Volkswagen enthusiast website owned and operated by VerticalScope Inc. Tighten the axle nut again, slowly and in small increments while turning the wheel, until the thrust washer can just barely be moved back and forth with a light push from the tip of a screwdriver. In-Lbs. Torque Specifications for Volkswagen Passat. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Torque Specifications for Volkswagen Jetta. 60. 5 ft. lbs. Engine Torque Specifications for Volkswagen Passat, Torque Specifications for Volkswagen Passat, B5 - REAR - 2WD - Pivot Bolts NOTE: 89FtLbs + 90deg, B5 - FRONT UPPER Ball Joint Clamp Nut & Bolt, B5 - AWD - Drive Shaft Bearing Bracket Nuts, B5 - FRONT Pivot Bolt - NOTE: 66FtLbs + 90deg, B5 - REAR LOWER - AWD - NOTE: 52 FtLbs + 90deg, B5 - FRONT Pivot Bolt NOTE: 2 Step: 30 FtLbs + 90deg, B5 - REAR - AWD - Damper Upper Mounting Bolt, B5 - REAR LOWER - 2WD - NOTE: 37 FtLbs + 90deg, B5 - FRONT UPPER to Control Arm Mounting Bracket, B5 - FRONT Inner CV Joint - Ball & Cage Type - 10mm, B5 - FRONT Inner CV Joint - Ball & Cage Type - 8mm, B5 - FRONT Inner CV Joint - Triple Rotor Type, B5 - 14mm NOTE: 2 Step: 85 FtLbs + 180deg, B5 - 16mm NOTE: 2 Step: 140 FtLbs + 180deg, B5 - FRONT Upper Control Arm Mount to Body, B5 - REAR - 2WD - Axle Mount NOTE: 81FtLbs + 90deg, B5 - AUTOMATIC Transaxle Mount Center Bolt, B5 - Mounting Bolts NOTE: 2 Step: 81 FtLbs + 90deg. Checked again and the chilton manual says torque to 129 ft/lbs, does not say anything about backing it off, moving the car and retightening, etc. VW Rabbit 2006-09 Front VW Tiguan 2009-13 Front Note A * Please refer to service manual if your application is not listed Vehicles with Hex bolt: Tighten bolt to 148 Lb. This table shows the correct factory recommended tightening torque specifications for most 217 ft. lbs. 264. Well we've gotcha covered! 80-90 ft. lbs. Ft-Lbs. ft / 200 Nm with the vehicle off the ground, then lower the ... Axle / Spindle Nut Torque Specification Note A Note A Note A. Then loosen the nut slightly. If you've been working on your vintage Volkswagen at all, more than once you've probably Rear axle shaft nut Transmission carrier on frame Additional torques for transmission and rear axle (Automatic Stick Shift) Temperature switch/Selector Switch, Starter Safety switch Torque converter to drive plate screws Retaining nut for tapered roller bearing Nut for converter housing Bolt for one-way clutch support (use new bolts)


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