what happened to jeffrey rignall
[9] He was responsible for at least 20 murders of victims who fit no consistent profile across Ohio, Texas, Connecticut, Nevada, Virginia, and Georgia. In reviewing the sufficiency of the complaint we are guided by the Supreme Court's statement in Spinelli v. United States (1969), 393 U.S. 410, 21 L. Ed. *106 Defendant next argues that the death penalty statute requires that where a defendant is convicted of more than one murder, but the deaths occurred in unrelated acts, no aggravating factor exists unless it is proved that these acts were premeditated. [3] Cynthia Vigil, another of Ray’s victims, had managed to escape the toy box when her torturer left the keys on the table by mistake. In sum, we conclude that all the alleged errors during argument, as reviewed together, would not constitute reversible error. 2d 697, 708, 80 S. Ct. 725, 735-36]." Defendant then told Donnelly to dress, put Donnelly in his car, and told him it would be his last ride. Thus, assuming that trial counsel's strategy for the sentencing hearing was reasonable, there was no need for him to request a continuance before the hearing. Some of the murders and a slightly different MO, and Gacy was confirmed to be out of town on one of the occasions. Defendant next complains that his trial counsel was incompetent for failing to present any evidence on the statutory mitigating factor of extreme mental or emotional disturbance. Trial counsel, however, chose not to recall any of the expert witnesses, but by using their previous testimony, which had been admitted by stipulation in the sentencing hearing, argued to the jury that the previous expert testimony was sufficient to show this mitigating factor. When they returned, the father came home, ate dinner, and acted as if nothing happened. A disapproving father does not excuse 33 homosexually related murders and numerous *103 other incidents of sexual torture and physical abuse. Appellate counsel concedes, apparently, that defense attorneys were permitted to bring out "during cross-examination those statements made by Gacy to the State experts which tend to contradict or rebut their conclusions." Defendant used a rosary to demonstrate to Officer Bettiker and the other persons in the room at the time of the confession the "rope trick" that he used to strangle his victims. R.E. In that moment, he had a choice to make: Finish the job or try to revive the half-dead man on his couch. Posted by 3 years ago. Defendant also asserts that he cannot simultaneously be convicted of deviate sexual assault and indecent liberties on Robert Piest. Defendant's third argument concerning this contention is that even assuming the validity of the December 13 search, the underlying complaint for the December 21 search warrant failed to satisfy the two-prong test of Aguilar v. Texas (1964), 378 U.S. 108, 12 L. Ed. He diagnosed defendant as having an antisocial personality. Cram testified that defendant had him dig trenches in the crawl space, purportedly for drainage purposes, and that defendant had him spread lime throughout the crawl space to rid the crawl space of its pungent odor. of Supreme Court of Illinois opinions. In Yeager, the prosecutor argued to the jury that they could infer defendant was guilty because he consulted his attorney after the alleged criminal act had occurred. In describing the disposal of Robert Piest's body, defendant told Investigator Bedoe that he had to make "two or three passes" at the bridge where he was going to throw the body in the river before the bridge was clear of other traffic. Defendant next complains that the jury was improperly instructed before its deliberations in the death penalty hearing when the court misstated one of the instructions *99 as follows: The instruction as tendered to the jury in written form, read: Not only was the jury given the correct version in the written instruction, but the verdict form also gave the correct version of the law, as did oral instructions before argument on the death sentence, and in another portion of the oral instructions to the jury before their deliberations. Dr. Freedman explained that during the homosexual encounters with his victims, he projected his own anxieties about himself onto his victims, thinking that they, and not he, were "trash." He might have been fine, though, if not for a head injury sustained during a motorcycle accident. Two psychologists and two psychiatrists testified on behalf of defendant. The People had the right to cross-examine the witness concerning his bias, prejudice or interest in the outcome of the suit (People v. Sampson (1953), 1 Ill. 2d 399, 404), but we agree with the circuit court that the matter was insignificant and, in view of the instruction to the jury to disregard it, was not prejudicial. While Dr. Freedman was not permitted to testify as to defendant's exact statements without quoting defendant directly, he explained the contents of those statements. Defendant argues that because there was no indication as to the alleged owner of the clothing or items, no mention of any sizes, styles or manufacturers, and no explanation as to why the items might be evidence of a crime, the warrant authorized a general search. It was very cold outside. You will never stick up for yourself." Defendant also argues, however, that his natural life sentences for the 21 counts of murder which occurred prior to the effective date of the death penalty statute required a presentence investigation report. Ried got up and saw that defendant had his arm cocked back as if he were going to strike again and had a "kind of strange" look in his eyes. We conclude that the issuing judge had a substantial basis for concluding that probable cause existed, and we decline to disturb his determination. We fail to see the relevance, however, of evidence that Russell and his future wife had the names of their children already picked out and that Mrs. Nelson would not divulge the name of Russell's girl friend because she was trying to make a life of her own and was very upset about *86 what had happened.


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