which of the following statements about redistricting in california are accurate?
... [It] is often the case that partisan redistricting has the effect of reducing the safety of incumbents, thereby making elections more competitive. In 2011, the California State Legislature passed Senate Bill 168, which would have instituted a ban, but Gov. Click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to support our continued expansion. As such, any proportion of the required signatures may be collected from any county or congressional district. a California Assembly Bill 249 was designed to amend campaign finance restrictions and reporting requirements and other aspects of campaign disclosures. Provides that if 500 or more signatures are submitted to the elections official, the election official may verify, using a random sampling technique, either 3% of the signatures submitted or 500 signatures, whichever is greater. Further, the state constitution mandates that "to the extent possible, [districts] must ... preserve the geographic integrity of cities, counties, neighborhoods and communities of interest." The bill additionally bans circulator contracts that make pay contingent on the measure's qualifying for the ballot. a California Assembly Bill 732 (2011): Excerpt from bill description/summary: "This bill would, for state bond measures that are submitted to the voters for their approval or rejection, require the summary of the Legislative Analyst's estimate of the net state and local government fiscal impact to include an explanatory table of the information in the summary. d ACA 1: Would allow a measure on the November 2010 ballot to approve a constitutional convention. Young people report gathering most of their political information from. Which of the following statements about media coverage of character issues is LEAST accurate? Which of the following statements are true about public opinion? "[37], In 2011, James Cottrill, a professor of political science at Santa Clara University, published a study of the effect of non-legislative approaches (e.g., independent commissions, politician commissions) to redistricting on the competitiveness of congressional elections. [34][41], On May 15, 2018, Judge Thomas E. Kuhnle, of the Santa Clara County Superior Court, issued his proposed statement of decision in Kaku v. City of Santa Clara, finding that the city's at-large electoral system for city council seats violates the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA). safeguard the confidentiality of presidential communications. [5] Which of the following BEST describes the leadership style of women in Congress?


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