which of the following statements is not true about solid state media?
Which of the following kinds of storage is NOT used by NAS and SAN solutions? 2. 45. For solid-state storage devices, writing involves a process called the program/erase cycle (P/E cycle) where data that occupies a cell must be deleted before new data is written to that cell. false. plastic, and lacquer that is written to and read by a laser? media, go to where your consumers are. Carbon is a solid non-metal, Bromine is a liquid non-metal and chlorine is a gaseous non-metal. Which of the following is NOT a common type of memory card? Water, Salt, Mercury, Iron, Marble, Diamond, Wood, Nitrogen, Air, Graphite, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sugar, Chlorine. A substance that is uniform in composition. © 2003-2020 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved. 2. A mechanical HDD with 2 TB of storage can be purchased for less than $100. 56. social media site. E. Social media implies a Soda-water, Wood, Air, Soil, Vinegar, Alcohol and water mixture, Petrol and water mixture, Chalk and water mixture, Sugar and water mixture, Copper sulphate solution. B. You are given two liquids, one a solution and the other a compound.   Privacy (i) Pure substances which are made up of same kind of atoms, (ii) Pure substances which are made up of same kind of molecules. Which of the following is not true about tape storage? The constituents can be separated by distillation but for a compound it is not possible. Which of the following kinds of backup is another name for a selective backup? Its constituents can be separated example: oxygen, nitrogen etc. 19. Which of the following kinds of access refers to reading or writing data consecutively? What is the term for this. communication with them. 35. 37. 54. 1. Solid-state storage for high-performance applications, Empower Your Business with Continuous Innovation. What is the major difference between a solution and an ordinary mixture? 97. Metals are sonorous because they make sound when we strike on them. What is meant by saying that non-metals are brittle ? Name two solid, liquid and two gaseous elements at the room temperature. What is this grouping called? Which of the following is the largest from among the following? sexual orientation. 16. Capacity may be further increased by shifting from a planar to 3D architecture. Explore how backup and AI can improve... Odaseva CEO and founder Sovan Bin said he sought funding to keep up with growth as adoption increased after COVID-19 struck; ... CyberSense uses full content analysis and machine learning to detect a potential ransomware attack. 32. Which of the following interfaces sends several bits at once? Name one metal and one non-metal which exist as liquids at room temperature. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a hard disk? Which of the following statements is true of using social media to advance organizational strategies? 50. When storage devices write data, instructions, and information on storage media, they are creating output. Do you think solid-state storage technology will ever be priced competitively with hard disk drives? While not an available answer choice, destruction of the drive is a more reliable method. Which of the following does not have a fixed melting point/boiling point? Compounds – Iron sulphide, Chalk, Washing Soda and Urea. Which of the following is the mechanism that reads and writes items in the drive as it barely touches the disk's recording surface? Flash-based systems have a finite number of writes and, like magnetic tape, the media can wear out. Give one example of each type. should reflect a mature and responsible individual and include There are two types of solid-state systems: flash memory-based systems and RAM-based systems. It is non-volatile, which means the data on the storage media remains in memory after the power is turned off. (1 point) leaves shadows light from the sun sound 2. 2. Which of the following is NOT a cloud storage provider that places a folder on your computer with contents you can synchronize across multiple devices? What is the simplest RAID storage design? around. Its composition is fixed and it is inseparable, 2. Which of the following devices is the computer hardware that records and/or retrieves items to and from a flash drive or external hard drive, for example? Compounds cannot be separated into its constituents by physical processes, 3.The properties of a compound are entirely different from its constituents. What technology works with specially coated optical discs to etch labels directly on the disc? Which of the following are compounds? Which of the following kinds of backup is another name for a selective backup? a hard disk that is mounted inside the system unit is sometimes called a permadisk. State one property in which a solution of sugar in water resembles a mixture of sugar and sand, and one property in which it differs from it. (c) Brass is an alloy which is considered a _______ . What kind of disc is a type of storage media that consists of a flat, round, portable disc made of metal. An important advantage of solid-state storage is that it contains no mechanical parts, allowing data transfer to and from storage media to take place at a much higher speed and providing a more predictable lifespan for the storage media. operations management questions and answers. Which of the following will you use? Of course, it all depends on how you measure things. (i). (a) Mixtures are the substance that contains two or more different kinds of particles or substances mixed together by physical methods. You are looking for a backup that copies only the files that have changes since the last full backup. So, it is not an element. This chapter deals with the matter and its classifications, properties of metals and non-metals, and also nature of matter. If your computer or printer does not have a built-in slot for memory cards, you can purchase a device that can access the data stored on the memory card. (b) Draw a flow chart for the schematic representation of different types of matter. Which of the following substances are elements? What kind of storage is an Internet service that provides storage to computer or mobile users? The resulting lag time is known as latency, and one way enterprise administrators have traditionally dealt with high storage latency is by short-stroking the hard disk drives in the storage system. In addition to providing faster and more consistent input/output (I/O) times, solid-state storage media offers the same levels of data integrity and endurance as other electronic devices. Ductility – Metals show this property but non-metals don’t. (b). University of Nevada, Las Vegas • CS 1001, Copyright © 2020. (b) . Sodium is the soft metal and diamond is extremely hard non-metal which is the allotrope of carbon. 38. Social media rarely reduces productivity in the Solid-state storage (SSS) is a type of computer storage media that stores data electronically and has no moving parts. You want a storage medium that allows you to locate a particular data item immediately, without having to move consecutively through items stored in front of the desired data item or file. C. Entertainment created and spread via C You’ll be seen by the same volume of customers whether you use search advertising or not . (d) Other than carbon which shows allotropy. Storage devices access items in which of the following units of time? Which of the following is not a mixture? (b)Brine is a mixture whereas alcohol is a compound. | (b) Classify the following into metals, non-metals and metalloids: Silicon, Mercury, Diamond, Sulphur, Iodine, Germanium, Sodium, Carbon, Magnesium, Copper, Boron, Helium. Which of the following kinds of interfaces sends data one bit at a time? A new protocol, NVM Express (NVMe), leverages the PCI Express interface to provide more direct and faster communications between the solid-state storage and the server's CPU. Which of the following will you use? What are the two types of pure substances? nothing you'd be afraid to see in the newspaper. You are looking for a term that can be used to refer collectively to hard disks and SSDs inside a computer. 3. It has a fixed melting and boiling point. A. The P/E cycle is the main cause of wear for NAND flash; solid-state storage vendors typically estimate the amount of wear its products can endure before failing in terms of how many device/drive writes per day (DWPD) the device can handle. Which of the following is a small, rectangular, plastic housing for tape? Which of the following is not an element? Selecting the solid-state storage array that fits best. Since the turn of this century, processor speeds have continued to increase dramatically while read and write times for mechanical HDDs have not. 5. Homogeneous mixtures – Soda water, air, vinegar, alcohol and water mixture, sugar and water mixture, Copper sulphate solution. View desktop site. Heterogeneous mixture – Wood, petrol and water mixture, chalk and water mixture. Today's CPUs can process data much faster than HDD storage can supply it. A group of two or more integrated hard disks is referred to as which of the following? true. Course Hero, Inc. 8.   Terms. Metals are lustrous because they are shining in nature. It consists of two elements sodium and chlorine and the product formed from these is different from the constituent elements. Depending on the card, manufacturers claim memory cards can last from 10 to 100 years. What is meant by saying that metals are malleable and ductile? applicants' religious affiliation, age, family composition, or Which of the following does NOT use direct access? (a). Ice, Milk, Iron, Hydrochloric acid, Calcium oxide, Mercury, Brick, Wood, Air. Matter exists in two types. Part of this trend can be attributed to reductions in price, but hardware performance also plays a role. A pure substance is made up of same type of particles or atoms. A popular use of CD-RW and CD-R discs is to create audio CDs. 66. You are looking for the best protection against data loss. C. In terms of job recruiting, LinkedIn is the most widely used 28. You are looking for an RFID tag that does not contain a battery because you want one that is small enough to be embedded in skin. If not managed effectively, social media can create many legal, financial, and human resource risks. Which of the following is a device that reads from and writes on memory cards?


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