whiskey secondary market prices
Most importantly, please call (917) 633-7379 and let’s see if we can get you the deal of a lifetime! For instance, a rare bottle of Macallan 60-Year-Old 1926 Scotch whisky sold for almost $1.9 million at a Sotheby’s auction, setting a new auction record for any bottle of wine or spirit. It's about $25 now, a 130% increase, but Rittenhouse Rye BIB never has been a player in the secondary. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is 12 years old and often as high as 130 proof, but is still regularly available for less than $80. The answers were as expected. The whisky market breadth will give us some answers! Weller that have been especially likely to draw retailer gouging. Buying Your Whiskies Secondary market for whiskies continue to explode with prices reaching highs never seen before in the high-end spirits market. Again our major market indices did not move at all. It was shiny. We remain committed to our easy, fast, and efficient process of purchasing bottles from individuals and businesses. By spending at least $500 at ABC in any given year, that’s how. Type the right brand names into Google, cruise over to the “shopping” tab, and get ready to be disgusted by the thought that people throughout the U.S. are currently tripping over themselves to spend the same amount on 6 or 8-year-old bottles of bourbon that many scotch or cognac collectors are shelling out for 20-year-old vintages. Prices rose across the board—incrementally in most cases, and dramatically in others, as a new generation of whiskey drinkers discovered their love of bourbon, rye and more. But more importantly, our team has worked with collectors of rare or vintage bourbon, rye, scotch, and tequila, as well as all sizes from single bottles to huge inventories. Until then, perhaps we’ll just have to do without that W.L. Said Minnick, when we began our phone conversation: “I think you’re writing about this at a good time.”, “The secondary market could best be thought of as living, breathing data,” said the Louisville-based Minnick, who has authored numerous bourbon books and hosts an influential whiskey podcast. It’s a system that allows the chain to claim “we sell at MSRP!” while simultaneously demanding at least $500 in compensation from each customer before giving them access to the products that people want most. The difference with online package stores in particular, though, is that they’ll observe those secondary prices and then just keep their price that high until someone buys it. After Buffalo Trace’s E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon won a gold medal at the recent 2020 International Wine and Spirits Competition, Forbes wrote a piece noting that the whiskey, with an MSRP of $70, was “frankly still a bargain at $235.” There’s no doubt this is a quality bourbon, but if you’re asking us, that’s an irresponsible statement for a publication to make, and one that encourages bourbon neophytes to think 300% mark-ups are normal or acceptable. And as it turns out, the answer is “very little.”. The store: Woods Wholesale Wine, a popular boutique wine and spirits shop in the affluent Detroit, Michigan suburb of Grosse Pointe Woods. And it came with a price tag hundred and 4999. It’s a relatively low-strength (90 proof) introduction to the Weller lineup of wheated bourbons, originally intended to be an affordable mixer or no-nonsense sipper, before the demand for Weller made it something that people chase delivery trucks to acquire. They’re all trying to make a decision of how to fix this problem. So I just sort of laughed and shrugged, because I’m never going to pay that, but I’m sure someone will eventually come along who will.”. For $14 less than the 750 ml bottle, you can buy … half the whiskey! So effectively, you earn the right to purchase a $30-50 bottle of bourbon at MSRP by spending at least $500 previously. — W.L. But it gets dicey, because the retailer can counter by saying ‘well you’re only giving me one or two bottles, what am I supposed to do? So, please give us a call at (917) 633-7379. Five years ago, a common sight at $15-20. Said Callori: “I was sitting there watching this grown man have a tantrum because he couldn’t get one brand, and that kind of put me over the edge.”, “This video was really targeted at store owners, people on the secondary market and people who are paying over-the-top prices for whiskeys,” he continued. In fact, when I contacted the store, they made it clear that they’re only doing what they see other stores doing. Weller Special Reserve, despite the fancy sounding name, is a formerly bottom shelf, non-age stated wheated bourbon that today has an MSRP around $25. — George T. Stagg: $700, which is 700% the MSRP, and well above even secondary market prices. What’s stopping them from bringing secondary pricing to the primary? We can suggest all these things to our customers, but if they don’t listen to us, what can we do then?


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