woodside graduate program 2021 whirlpool
@walterlapper I am not sure which stream I actually applied for, my application just says mechanical engineering. We produce iron ore for steel, aluminium for cars and smart phones, copper for wind turbines, diamonds that set the standard for “responsible”, titanium for household products and borates for crops that feed the world, Rio Tinto is a mining and metals company operating in about 36 countries around the world, We produce materials essential for human progress, Iron ore, one of the most abundant metals on Earth, is the primary raw material used to make steel, We work in about 36 countries – in mines, smelters and refineries, as well as in sales offices, data centres, research and development labs, In the Pilbara region of Western Australia, we own an integrated portfolio of iron ore assets: a world-class, integrated network of 16 mines, We work hard to leave a lasting, positive legacy everywhere we work, We believe that greater transparency and accountability helps build trust and encourages sustainable business practices across our industry, We aim to deliver superior returns to our shareholders while safeguarding the environment and meeting our obligations to wider society, Third Quarter Production Results released, We are doing what we can to prevent or help stop the spread of COVID-19, From underground miners to data scientists, we want your hard work, dedication and outside-the-box thinking. Anyone in engineering received anything? Got a call today with my offer as well. Definetly starting to lose hope hope somewhat :/. Hmm, I don't actually have referees listed on my resume. How long has it been since you submitted your DD stuff? Or will they ask us for them during due diligence? I haven't heard anything from them either. Just received my email to progress through to DD and medical tests! For the personality style questions I hovered around ‘agree/disagree’. Graduate Roles Melbourne. had a phone interview few weeks ago – havn't heard anything since though. We know that work is changing so our graduate programme is designed to prepare you for the leadership roles of the future. I doubt if that would be enough for progressing into next stage :(. Anyone have any stories? Has any geo grads received interviews or ACs? Yeah, I have AC w/o any phone or video interview. Strangely enough they called me today and asked me to go down for a chat with a department manager next week (maybe cause my degree/past experiences are quite different from the department I applied). Rejected after Due diligence! Had my f2f interview in Perth.Said everyone will know their outcomes by Mid May. Anybody heard anything from the Commercial team? A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we store on your browser or the hard drive of your computer if you agree. Here's hoping it's just my international checks that are taking time then! Do you mind if I ask which stream?I'm still yet to hear anything after the medical and DD, I'm hoping it's because my DD involves background checks from a few different countries so it's just taking time, not a pending rejection!! I applied for the LNG at Perth, that's the only one I found. Congrats though! I wonder how many applications they are recieving. How’s everyone going? Although reading these replies makes me think the last part doesn't mean much. Hi guys, I will be soon applying for the vac work opening up this month sometime.I applied last year and scored between 50-60 in the online testing stage and didn't make through!One of my mates applied with a score of 30 in the online testing and was progressed to the last stage whereas another good mate of mine scored 80 in online testing did not make through either.Really confused on how they assess you.


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