working at amazon fulfillment center reddit
Everyone should be treated with dignity and some modicum of respect. Hitting a sign in the parking lot.Pulled me into hr two weeks after this happened and said I hit a sign in a pedestrian area and fired me. Top. Although there are some fulfillment centers made just for large items like beds, fridges, etc. Then, once you clock out for your lunch break, you have to go through security, which can take anywhere from 2-10 minutes, depending on how long the line is, how many security lines are open, and whether or not someones being searched because something went off which in turn makes you take longer to go outside and enjoy your lunch. I know the employees who filed a lawsuit for having to wait for a security check on their own time at the end of their shift lost. ... 84 comments. About three weeks. 39hours/week. One tip- Amazon warehouse does zero sitting jobs. I run about 50 miles per week and have logged 6 marathons, so I think I can handle it. Third issue is the physical stress this puts on your body. Crossposted by 1 month ago. Total bs. You get two 15 minute breaks and a 30 min lunch and the break time is counted from when you last scanned an item, So a lot of the time you would have 5 minutes of walking time to and from the break room and only 5 minutes of actually sitting. If you don't mention what kind of facility (sortation, fresh, or a fulfillment with robotics) I can't even begin to think what parts of my day are or aren't applicable to you. No, but there were people that would stop what they were doing to piss in a bottle. Cookies help us deliver our Services. If you are a pallet picker, 20 pallets pet hour. This job will suck the very life out of you, it's time to step up and quit allowing this to happen. 37. One person filing a lawsuit against them will almost always lose, they have too much money and too much power, but if you can get a large number of people to agree to open a lawsuit against them together, I believe we can force Amazon's hand to make some serious changes. Put your legs up when you go to sleep and you are as good as new the next day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. And then these items can be spread across both ends of the facility, so you have to be even faster at moving to make the quotas. R2. New. Posts Discord. It requires zero education, skill, or experience and it pays (at least where I live) a more than living wage. And coming from working fast food at $9.46 to $14.25 with guaranteed 40 hours a week plus benefits. One tip- Amazon warehouse does zero sitting jobs. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The hr person created a appeal case because the sign I hit was not a pedestrian sign, it was by a speed bump and i hit it in my blind spot. The back pain that came with this job was grueling, not to mention the number it does on your feet? Please please please find out EVERYTHING that you are owed and when you leave, make sure to collect them. share. 39hours/week.November I made about 1400€ after taxes. In the winter it's not so bad, but dear god in the summer you'd think your below the earth in our deepest dug coal mines where it's about 60 Celsius. Amazon is "nice enough" to send food trucks for lunch, but unless you're one of the first people outside, it's a waste, because if you're not and you decide to get food from a food truck, you could wait in line for 5 mins, then have to wait for the food, I'll be generous and give this about 2 minutes for the food to come out, however in some cases it can take longer so keep that in mind. Amazon says the bulk of the jobs that need to be filled … I used to work for Amazon, both in the warehouse, and at home. A tour doesn't show how employee's are treated, it doesn't show the ridiculous rates and quotas that employee's are expected to meet on an hourly basis, it doesn't show how a lunch break session begins and ends, it doesn't show any of the important things that could get the warehouses shut down or at the very least force them to make changes. I started thinking that anything over 45 items an hour was a bit much. The number one issues I had when working with Amazon at the warehouse was the bathroom to performance issue. One thing I would like to tell u/Kaynetal is to know this thing : Those pieces of shit in human form available in the higher ranks of Amazon don't want you to collect your benefits.


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