wot best tank destroyer line
The T-50 has top notch mobility for its tier but is handicapped by low view range. Rio_Grande, on 09 March 2019 - 05:48 PM, said: The architecture of both  tanks are similar, but those aren’t the same guns at all. WZ-120-1G FT - This is the pinnacle, without argument. Unfortunately, the WZ is so strong, that it has dwarfed any other destroyer in the tier. If you find yourself wanting to see a specific tank played, please hop over and catch me live on my Twitch channel. Garage: 215 Tier Xs: 21 Lines I'm Grinding: 8 Favorite Tank: E75 Top 100 Tanks: 87 Premiums: 78 Aced: 276/285, https://www.blitzstars.com/player/com/Chariot_Solace. On the downside your accuracy and DPM suffer because of it. Just not as much as other tank destroyers. I will provide my own thoughts on the best tier 8 TDs and I apologize in advance if your favorite tier 8 TD is at the bottom of the list. It‘s not bad. Crash. Capable of driving at just short of 70 km/h with high acceleration and maneuverability values this tank is quite fast. Third fact… Even two heavy tank lines specialized in heavy armor could have you love one and hate the other. KV-1 Weak Spots: https://wotguru.com/weak-spots-guide-kv-1/. It’s mobility is great for a heavy tank especially with the top engine equipped. Some links on WoT Guru are affiliate links. Object 257 is a pure heavy or medium line brawler. This gun is able to chew through most targets with ease, but it lacks the mobility to use it. Paying on the other hand…, Very good nicely written tutorial on good vehicles in WOT, except for one thing you seem to have forgot The Foch's themselves have extremely good frontal armor, but the 155 has gun handling that rivals the kv2. Alright penetration, alpha damage and gun handling with respectable dispersion values make this tank quite decent at brawling with other light tanks. It doesn't have great armor, which is greatly compounded upon with a boxy profile. However, the invisible death machine still ranks high as these weaknesses can be alleviated by using equipment such as calibrated shells, supercharge, and vertical stabilizer. The main strength of this tank is absurd frontal armor and even above average side armor. Main stand out ability of the Cromwell is simply how fast it is, it is incredibly fast beating even some light tanks and rivaling the most fast tanks at the tier. The IS-1 is quite decent as a tier 7 heavy. It isn’t the most durable tier 10 HT but the flexibility and firepower makes it a blast to play. That being said, the armor is poor and the gun is not ideal. Tank destroyers have difficult to use platforms but killer auto-loaders on them. Full Which Japanese Tank Line is Right for You Guide. I refuse to go below -5. Centurion AX might not be the best tier X medium, but when used by a capable person, it can punish heavy tanks and with clever ammo choice decimate thinly armored vehicles. also, I like weird tanks, and that is certainly a weird one. The top 85mm is a necessity and without it you are merely just a “free kill” to anything in your tier and up. World of Tanks Russian Tanks | Main Tank Destroyer Line | T-60 (Tier 2) -> Object 268 (Tier 10) T-60 & T-70 (Tier 2-3) The T-60 and T-70 are decently mobile light tanks with above average guns on them. Starting off grab the tracks and then the top 107mm gun. The nerf just ruined the gun. Tank destroyers – your health is gone! While I would personally rather drive a JP2 or a Borsig, or maybe even an ISU, the WZ is so damn powerful at flexibly playing any role the driver wishes I personally believe this tank should not have a class designation. Your DPM with the top gun does decrease but you gain 65 damage per shot, better penetration, and faster shell velocity. However, what makes this better than the T28 (leading to E3) is that it has a turret and gun depression to be able to use the gun more efficiently. A bit frustrating I must say. Your main strength is your mobility, learn to use it wisely. The speed of the tank allows you to utilize the map to your liking, making ambushes easy to organize, key positions fast to reach and the whole gameplay very enjoyable. – The Armored Patrol, World of Warships Global Fanbase (Facebook). The guns they equip have decent damage/DPM for light tanks and also have very good penetration on some of the guns. This allows you to use the terrain to your advantage by only showing your strong turret armor shooting from behind a hill. Once elite you will have an easier time against tier 6-8 tanks. It is capable of playing against medium tanks, brawling against heavy tanks or flanking enemies. At tier 6 is the MT-25 which is a traditional scout that relies upon speed and less on firepower to help win matches. EBR 75 & Progetto 46 BUFFS | Wargaming’s Worst Mistake? If you're looking for fun tanks destroyers that are easy and don't mind camping in a bush for nearly the whole game, then go Russians. best light tank line: a line with medium tanks disguised as light tanks, of course they are better than other light tanks, some are even thougher than some medium tanks in the same tier, The cromwell has 360 VR not 350, and 360 is the minimum needed to reach 445 with crew skills and premium consumables, even though you claim binocs are needed on a lot of tanks with more than that Sometimes this comes in handy against most tanks. Fortunately 650 damage and 293mm penetration mean that you still pump out good damage. WoT’s New!? The IS-4 excels at nothing in particular but doesn’t lack in any one area to much to be considered a negative. Coming from previous lights you will stay in the same role but now with a gun that can hold its own. You’ll be able to bounce most rounds from tier 7-8 tanks and some tier 9-10. Mobility also is above average for a heavy tank. There are also two mini high tier medium tank lines. But as a platform, it lacks armor and speed to make it amazing. Although, if the ISU-152 has a comparable breach size and gets more traverse to the left, some WG shenanigans might be afoot. The Object 430U rewards players that can make most of its armor and higher alpha. Combined with a hard hitting gun you have a great tank. There is no bigger turn off than a stinky tier 7 tank you play that can‘t do anything to its contemporaries. The armor is unreliable but might be surprisingly bouncy at times, paired with a heavy hitting cannon and decent acceleration, IS is a quite decent tier 7. The e3 and waffle are (in my opinion) very brain dead tanks, having driven the e3 I can tell you it is a bit depressing to be that overpowered. DARKREAPER 1946, on 10 August 2015 - 05:19 PM, said: You have to complete 5 battles in order to participate this poll. Not exactly... the weakpoints of this tank are quite visible, and I've noticed over the months that more and more people that are non-uni's understand and abuse these weak points. The IS-4 is similar to a fully upgraded ST-1 but sacrifices some of it’s armor(for a tier 10) for a tad more mobility and firepower. The 47mm is alright. The Waffle E100 is not a tank for long battles. This is due to most tanks being particularly below average unless fully elite in the Polish tech tree. Full of decent and fun vehicles, this line is the way to go for beginners to learn the importance of camouflage. Alpha matters. The 105mm top gun is an amazing piece of armament. The Object 430 II has a rear mounted design and cannot fully rotate it’s turret. The Object 705 will be one of the best heavy tanks at tier 9 for city fights and brawling. If you can get them to hit an angled lower glacis or the side you are increasing you chances to block damage. The second shortcoming of this tank is the profile. New Equipment Ideas + Whats Going On? By using the site, you are consenting to this. Using its speed to dart in and out can be very rewarding. Russians have T34-85 and T44 and Obj430 being among best mediums at tier, actually heaviums. However, what about the Germans? It’s a fairly popular Tank Destroyer probably for two reasons; firstly, it leads to the ISU-152 – seemingly a pilgrimage for all who love creating big numbers with their pixel tanks. Which American Tank Line is Right for You? Just don‘t expect to get snapshots with this tank, hidden values are notoriously bad on this vehicle. Unlike the previous tanks however you start off with the 152mm HE gun for your stock gun which then upgrades into equally deadly 122mm guns. It does lack a turret and reverse / turning capability. The small buffs to firepower make it much easier to cause more damage on your own too. Polish tanks generally focus on having decent gun depression coupled with hard hitting guns and strong turret armor. Both provide distinct differences in tank types given the massive difference in size between the two lines. The gun also has decent penetration, alpha damage and reload which makes it a very capable pocket medium tank when dealing with lesser armored targets. Furthermore, the DPM is quite good, paired with respectable gun handling makes this a fairly usable tank against any tank class. The mobility of the tank allows it to position itself anywhere it needs to, enabling the SU-100 to put out consistent hurt wherever it may roam. It performs this role well but struggles to fill the traditional medium tank role. Heavy tanks start off with slow lumbering heavy tanks and end with flexible hull down accurate fighters with the Conquerors. The IS is mobile and its close range oriented guns will shift you into playing aggressive when you are near the top of the list and more of a “dive in and flank” tank if you are at the bottom. Heavy tanks with reliable guns that straddle the line of “heavy mediums”. Finishing off this line is the IS-4 heavy tank at tier 10. This makes the tank very effective at disposing of fast light tanks, and this might be the only early game counter to the EBR-105, as HE and even APCR can’t reliably penetrate this tank frontally. With the 122mm you are best to stick with a group and support them and with the top 85mm allow other tanks to spot ahead and set up shots for you. section here on WoT Guru lists all nations and their corresponding guides. Lower tier Americans have nice gun (high damage per shot) but poor armor. It consists of 3 light tanks beginning with the tier 1 Kolohousenka. It is fun to play when you land direct hits or new misses. Object 780 & Sheriff Rigging. The T-62a on the other hand has a difficult turret to penetrate frontally and a more accurate gun. It has a rear mounted turret that cannot rotate 360°. AT-15 - Similar to the T28, this British TD is plagued by slow syndrome. I don't think so WG. Even if I don’t own a particular tank I will gladly field any questions you have about a tank or even specific tank line. Your side armor is covered with some spaced armor and is stronger than you think. view range doesn’t change, and it might seem rather lacklustre, but considering the very aggressive playstyle of this tank, this shouldn’t impact your gameplay a lot.


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