wows fubuki guide

Same with enemy DDs.

The large size, powerful engines, high speed, large radius of action, and unprecedented armament gave these destroyers the firepower similar to many light cruisers in other navies.[5].

Fubuki is a good ship.

Launch torps at BBs mainly at 8-10km and can fire from beyond detection range past 10km. If you want to know anything else just ask :). If he outdoors you pop smoke and haul ass.

It's a very good ships especially with the 15km torpedoes which let you engage everything. I honestly can't say I enjoy playing IJN DDs that much anymore because of all the planes in the air, be it from cruisers,bbs, and CVs.

The best advice i can give you, side from free XP the torpedos, is from the bucky to the shima is avoid the caps in the early game.

A game about huge boats. Ive enjoyed my time playing the Fubuki and I am keeping it as I save up credits to buy the Kagero. On 13–22 April she returned from Singapore via Camranh Bay to Kure Naval Arsenal, then docked for maintenance. 70 games. On 11 October 1942, in the Battle of Cape Esperance, Fubuki‍ '​s luck finally ran out. "Magic kagero" and "mahan trickery". My repair costs are high, but I can dish out a lot of damage or control the battlefield with my spread of torpedoes! What have we done to deserve this, Wargaming? Use them in combination with smoke to make the most of your invisibility. On top of this the amount of straight running noobs is pretty much zero at these tiers and the ranges get huge but your torps don't get faster. The skills on my captain are situation awareness, reduced torp reload, superintendent and advanced firing training. I'd wait to get the captain back up and fully upgrade the ship (minus top hull don't get that) before drawing conclusions. After those eight minutes are over, start hunting down enemy DDs and ambushing lone BBs w/ your concealment. I can't play as many games as I would want to, and then I also have to play lower tier games just to earn some money again, so I still don't have situational awareness. Sometimes its better to aim in the general direction of the enemy ships line of travel than at the indicator line. Lots of truth in your post. So you won't escape, like you can in the Minekaze, if you are getting caught. This is all said compared to Soviet DDs, which I have played much more.

I have researched the B hull, but can't afford it yet (still saving for the 2M stealth upgrade). Thanks for your opinions, by the way. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Here’s some stuff from my notes. Do not hold a flank on your own as you struggle to outrun CAs and some BBs. If I die (And so far on average I survive only about 1 out of 4 games), I need a earn 100k credits just to come out even. Long range torpedo strikes is a very good deterrent however to an enemy flank trying to advance and sometimes you can hit atleast one person if you are aiming at a crowd. You can abuse this by firing two torpedo salvos in a wide spread and a narrow salvo in where you think they are going to stop. Don't ask me why he named them as that :P. Also if you meet another DD remember to shoot back. * The Commander comes with a specialisation for Hashidate. I recently got my Fubuki, the Japanese Tier VIII destroyer. How about the torpedos: which are the best to use, the 10k or the 15k ones? If you aren't using your guns at times when playing the Fubuki you are doing it wrong in my opinion. Are there people successful with the Fubuki, or other high level IJN DDs? but the long range torps on the fubuki are so slow the target has loads of chance to get out of the torp zone. Plays very much like Mutsuki and Hatsuharu but with an additional launcher which works wonders. It announces your position to the enemy, leaving you open to a possible rush from enemy DDs CAs or spotted by CVs planes. You don't necessarily want them all to hit the same target in the early game.

The only cruiser I don't fire on, is the Atlanta.

On 8–17 August, Fubuki went from Mergui via Makassar to Davao. Starting at tier VIII at the latest the playstyle of IJN DDs changes drastically. Perhaps this particular Fubuki class vessel simply decided to forgo the turret for extra AA similar to how the Yukikaze was modified as the war progressed. Yes you can have massive damage games and carry your team, but these are few and far between. [5] Originally assigned hull designation "Destroyer No. I had some trouble at the fubuki.

Also know where the planes gonna be and don't go alone. There was another troop transport run on 5 September and another attack mission on 8 September.

Never submarines, they said. Well, just got my first Fubuki game post-CBT and she's still a beauty. [11] On 1 March, the Australian cruiser HMAS Perth and American cruiser USS Houston sailed at top speed to Sunda Strait and encountered Fubuki at about 22.30, which was guarding the Eastern approaches, she fired nine torpedoes at about 3,000 yards (2,700 m) and retreated. I always use my guns if I meet another DD. I use the wide spread far more often that on any previous IJN DDs. Don't be afraid to rush into a cap at the start , not in the middle of it all but on it and watch the progress bar. In 0.5.1 WG decided to round off the top speed of all ships to the nearest half knot. Used to run her as a gunboat, can't do that now missing a turret and with the nerfed HE. Do what ever you can to get sixth sense active.

From 4 December 1941 Fubuki along with Sagiri, the heavy cruisers Suzuya and Kumano formed the Support Force of Rear-Admiral Takeo Kurita for the Japanese invasion convoy from Camranh Bay, French Indochina to Miri (British Borneo) then to Kuching. Loss of cancealment is negligible and their torps have shorter range but are stealthier, fater reload + 2x5 instead of 3x3 for the fubuky).

If it stops and there's a USN DD on the enemy team; assume it's him. I almost have her after grinding the Mutsuki. I killed both fletcher and fubuki with my guns and killed Atago with Torps and scared the Amagi off my base with guns.

Don't cap points early game.

Last Stand meanwhile is just vital with how your rudder and engines are prone to get blown out whenever you get shot at.

I'm only up to tier 7 USN and tier 5 IJN.

Treat her with care and she can net you some fantastic rewards. Try to avoid enemy planes and return to you allies as quickly as possible if being harassed by an enemy CV. DDs aren't meant to catch and sink Cruisers.

[THROW] Fear not the Dark my friend, and let the feast begin. Construction of the advanced Fubuki-class destroyers was authorized as part of the Imperial Japanese Navy's expansion program from fiscal year 1923, intended to give Japan a qualitative edge with the world's most modern ships. On 4–5 June 1942, Fubuki participated in the Battle of Midway as part of the escort for Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's Main Body. So if your good, you can win even with Japanese guns. I'm now going back to my Minekaze and Nicholas just to earn back the money that I loose in the Fubuki games. On 27–31 August, she escorted the transport Sado Maru from Rabaul to the Shortland Islands, followed by a pair of "Tokyo Express" troop transport run to Guadalcanal. What's the best choice? Drop your torps where you thinkt he ship will be going which often is very different. Shoot one launcher slightly ahead of the target and the other two slightly behind. I just got into playing Japanese destroyers (bad time I know) but I was just wondering how the Fubuki does now as a tier 6 DD. Vor allem aber bleibt die Nachladezeit der Torpedowerfer gleich und das obwohl die Zahl von zwei auf drei gesteigert wird – was 50% mehr …

Neither of these needs the range increase from AFT.

but if I try to turn it drops like an anvil. fubuki underperfoms in every single aspect in comparation with allied dds, Fubuki is far from a bad DD and doesnt under-perform in ranked battles

Surviving. It's not the most maneuverable ship, but it's still pretty good at wiggling it's way around shells. The stock ones are a punishment.

Maybe I am crazy, but after dealing with the loss of Situational Awareness every time going to new DD, I learned to gauge whether I am detected or not by keeping close look at my distance to enemy ships/aircraft.

At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Fubuki was assigned to Destroyer Division 11 of Destroyer Squadron 3 of the IJN 1st Fleet, and had deployed from Kure Naval District to Hainan Island. Follow the friendly planes and stay safely in scouted areas until the threats are mostly gone or you are forced to act. which is ridicules for a dd. With guns.

You shouldn't ever be too far from your cruisers thanks to the 15km torpedoes which makes it scary for USN DD to engage you as well (not to mention your guns aren't bad either). A game about huge boats. Until I get 6th sense back I need to play much more cautiously. That's mainly because I now prioritise 'survival' over 'attack'. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Of all the IJN DDs the Fubuki needs the least of love in my opinion. In order to be able to use all the functionalities of our platforms, you must agree to access the API. Use camo and the concealment upgrade for a detection range of 6.1km.


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