xiao zhan and wang yibo
He is doing a lot of Charity works, a very gentle, humble & hardworking young guy..Love & support him forever..♥️♥️♥️. It seems the world has Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo fever. He is the best . The world has completely fallen in love with these two young Chinese superstars. Tapi berhubung diminta pilih 1 ya, pilih Xiao Zhan pastinya. Or will their souls be yearning for each other without being able to reach one another till the eternity...? Dua superstar berbakat dan bersinar. Will they get out of this maze of ineffable emotions and the mystery of the unexplained event which pushed them away from each other...? We’ll email you once a week with only the most relevant stories. Red robes… deep open cleavage… seductive smirk. But becasue Wang has a lot of work and endorsements,Xiao Zhan needs more support from all of us, so I want to support Xiao Zhan more here.And he is indeed a little better than Wang. This older brother…” Xiao Zhan then retorts, “When have you treated me like an older brother?” Somehow the two start throwing out Korean phrases with Xiao Zhan calling Wang Yibo his senior. oof ❤. Xiao Zhan (left) and Wang Yibo in a still from The Untamed. Tragedy strikes, and his world crumbles when Xiao Zhan left. But in my heart I will always vote both of you forever!!! We Loveeee You Two❤, MY VOTE FOR XIAO ZHAN HE ALWAYS IS THE BEST He looked completely soulless. The both of them raised the “Yes” plaque at the same time. Here are some of Xiao Zhan’s projects (other than The Untamed) available for viewing on platforms accessible in the Western world. He is Amazing!!! The only focus of Wang Yibo was to save Xiao Zhan's life, but little did he know that Xiao Zhan has a total of 9 death encounters in this life, and that he's capable of saving him only for 8 times. They’re success is well deserved and well earned. when i saw them acting as wei wuxian and lan zhan from untamed/Mo dao zu shi i will always simp of how handsome they are-. Love From Indonesia! ♥️♥️♥️, Wang Yibo he No.1in China now if anyone who get to know him you will see what I see he work so hard young and handsome talented one day anyone in the world will know him as like Chinese people like him now you can see it from his birthday everyone celebrate for him as like Chinese New year , Sean Xiao my most favourite Actor from China. Many people vote for Xiao Zhan! He really is in so many ways is both a treasure and a work of art. ¿Por qué en los ojos de Wang Yi Bo había visto un matiz de color dorado? These talented young men have multi-faceted careers with a variety of different types of media projects on the go. He has a handsome face with a beautiful heart. It is rare for a star to be as large as Xiao Zhan is in countries around the world and become a sensation in such a short time but Xiao Zhan really does have something so unique about him that stands out above all others. I love the chemistry That Xiao Zhan & Wang Yibo had together. He will definitely have more experiences than me.”, Fans Bought Ad Space to Put Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo on NYC’s Times Square Billboards, Wang Yibo’s Cell Phone Number Exposed by Scalpers, Xiao Zhan is the Latest Celebrity Victim of Sasaeng Fans, One of the questions asked whether Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo wanted to film a modern drama with each other. We met again, we slept again and we parted once again. Xiao Zhan has amazing charisma and stunningly gorgeous! No one can compare to him!! "Make three wishes before blowing the candles, say the first two wishes aloud and don't forget to keep your third wish a secret. " Somehow the two start throwing out Korean phrases with Xiao Zhan calling Wang Yibo his senior. All rights reserved.Do not copy, repost, or distribute my work in any way or form. I'll come find you, I'll come To See You Again. Beauty. Five years later, Xiao Zhan returns. So if you’re desperate to get these two back on your screens, come with us as we uncover some of the other projects they have, and are, working on. Definitely Sean Xiao!!! My favourite Actor Sean Xiao very gorgeous & handsome. me too want see in another drama series. His ‘ Untamed ‘ drama and his song ‘Spotlight ‘ are among his greatest works. Tencent has uploaded the episodes with English Subs on Youtube. His heart is very clear and his spirit shines so very brightly that you can’t help understanding what he is really saying and means so his words always ring true. promise me we will always find each other no matter what... 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù. In 2014, Wang Yibo debuted with boy band, UNIQ. [1] BJYX appears to be the most popular dynamic of the three on weibo, and may be the most popular ship overall on weibo. They two are always best friend forever !” He is Amazing Person!!! Here is a list of some of his projects (other than. ) All their lives are hopelessly intertwined and connected. Xiao zhan ❤️❤️❤️❤️just for you,,i vote for you from malaysia, l vot xiao zhan. I love you ❤❤❤, I vote for Sean Xiao, very handsome, highly educated, very good acting, singing & artistic. , .My favourite Actor Sean Xiao . [2][3] BJYX may be the most popular because it mirrors the canon ship dynamic of their characters in the original novel (top!Lan Wangji/bottom!Wei Wuxian). [ ] For this song, he entered the Guinness World Records for the fastest-selling digital track in China, I only vote for Xiao Zhan, an actor and singer from China. Xiao released his digital single “Light” which went on to become the second highest selling digital single of all time with over 39.7 Million copies sold. don't you think it's time for you to let me go? Xiao Zhan, support for you forever jia yoo, Xiaozhan is the only, vote for Xiaozhan ❤️❤️, Actually, both of them are kind and gorgeous. I love Xiao Zhan, he’s an amazing person and the best Chinese actor I know, also Wang Yibo, they’re both very good. Two Can Play This Game ch.7 (mafia & royalty au), 9. autumn breeze ch. BJYX was imported from Chinese fandom and is short for Bo Jun Yi Xiao (博君一肖). Lovely voice. I love their carefree happy selves and want to keep seeing it. Luv u xiao zhan! Emerging as top sixteen in the hip-hop category, he then became a trainee of Yuehua Entertainment.


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