yan xi ashes of love
Things take a turn for the worse when he sets to take revenge on the Fire Immortal’s mother, the Empress. Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai, Chinese, etc…. And has become a part of me. In 2008 she won the BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music. She portrays very convincingly her character in different stages of the story: naïve, innocent, independent, self-reliant, repentant, torn between love and duty etc. Some of the tracks composed by Sa Dingding were interpreted by the two main actors. The kissing scenes were unprecedented and raw something I have never experienced in most dramas I watched. I have started watching some Wuxia Cdramas and stopped due to CGI’s and sometimes lack of acting skills. I am going to be a graphic designer and actually I need to be in college just for the title. The story line was slow in building as characters were developed and revealed. AND ***HE*** sent HIS SON as a sacrifice so that ANYONE can go to heaven (instead of the COMPLICATED stuff that was going on in THIS show) The BIBLE says that there will be as MANY PEOPLE as there are GRAINS of SAND on the BEACHES in the REAL HEAVEN—not just a few hundred like in THIS “Heavenly Realm” !!! His psychological journey (from the mild mannered celestial prince, to the vengeful and ambitious tyrant) is very well written and portrayed. I I must say that Chinese and Thai were my least favourite, I found them lacking in the past and the number of EPISODES . “Ashes of Love”, without a doubt, falls into the category of classic fairy-tales, despite being based on a recently written novel. As a reward for her kind gesture and unaware of her true identity, Fire Immortal agrees to free her from her prison. (Please note that I grew up watching Chinese movies which were excellent) However, The Chinese dramas have been steadily improving. In this drama he is amazing in the role of the tortured hero; moreover, he has great chemistry with the veteran actress Yang Zi (Jin Mi), who has my full admiration. I fell in love with the character development. I highly recommend it. I enjoyed watching “Ashes of Love” much more than I expected I would. Hi! “Ashes of Love” is a 2018 fairy-tale Chinese drama; it is based on the novel “Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost” and tells the story of the undying love between two immortals. It could have had less episodes, but don’t let that deter you. I have to read the English Caption and sometimes I miss all that they are saying. The latter has the advantage of having a much more experienced cast; but to me, “Ashes of Love” has a fresher feel to it and the fairy-tale elements are a lot stronger; above all, it has a story that made me giggle, laugh, sigh and sob from heartbreak over and over again. He falls deeply in love with the endearing, yet unfeeling Jin Mi. I love the complex plots and the scheming as much as the love stories. It follows a sweet, yet tragic love-story that will have to go through the trials of life and death in order to be purified. I came across this movie recently and I kept on watching it repeatedly over and over from start to finish. Night Immortal is the eldest and illegitimate son of the Celestial King; thus, he does not have a legitimate claim to the throne. Her reading of the reality she comes in contact with for the first time is very endearing and it adds an element of comedic relief to the story every time we have access to her thought process. Yes—this was a GREAT “fairy tale” The actors are terrific and the music is BEAUTIFUL!!! He is very close to Fire Immortal. Ashes of love is so on point.Its lit. I never felt bored. In Chinese folklore, a love trial is a heartbreaking and tragic love-story and is considered the most appropriate and painful path to purify oneself from past sins. Only one thing: a school girl like me could work with special effects even better than an adult. Make sure to turn on the captions to enjoy the lyrics. ?” Although the immortal beings do not experience death by aging or illness, the… Princess Agents, Journey of the flower, Legend of Fuyao, I will never let you go,The King’s Woman, The Flame ‘s Daughter,..Fighter of the Destiny, Chinese Odyssey . Xu Feng comes back to life as the Demon Lord and challenges the Night Immortal, Run Yu (Luo Yun Xi), who took over the throne as the Heavenly Emperor. Indeed the Chinese dramas have improved quite a lot the past few years, which makes me very happy. Before she dies, the Fairy orders everyone in the realm to keep Jin Mi’s birth a secret. Hey! The Celestial Realm and the Demon Realms do not have a good versus evil connotation. Their relationship, however, is put to a test when Night Immortal decides to pursue Jin Mi. Enjoyed this series a lot. Thank you to write nice things of our dramas and specially this one. Enter your email address to subscribe to EastAsianDrama and receive notifications of new posts by email. Enjoy! The sets were SPECTACULAR!!! Despite their parents, the two half-brothers share a strong bond. He forgives time and time again, even those closest to him who caused his downfall; not because he is a push-over, but rather due to his loving and magnanimous nature. He is slightly arrogant, but he is understanding and forgiving to a fault. En tout cas j’ai vraiment mais alors vraiment aimé et une 4 fois n’est pas impossible ! Only 30% of the sets were CGI; the rest of 70% were real sets, built specifically for this drama. The deity learns that her daughter will suffer a great love trial, so she gives the baby girl a magical pill that prevents her from feeling any emotion or falling in love. This Drama is Excellent. If (in the beginning) the story is not enough to catch your attention (although it is hard to imagine), the cinematography alone might be a good enough reason for you to continue watching this drama until you catch up with the story. He is a valiant warrior and one of the most powerful beings in the realm, despite his young age. When Jin Mi mistakenly believes that her father died at the hands of the Fire Immortal, Xu Feng (Deng Lun), she kills him and ends up coughing up the magic pill in the process. However If you’re looking for historical drama i would highly recommend NIRVANA ON FIRE.. If you are as reluctant as I was, “Ashes of Love” or “Princess Agents” might change your mind. But things have improved considerably in this department as well, so I predict that in a matter of a few years the Korean entertainment industry will have a serious contender for the title of best Asian dramas. Although the members of the first three realms enjoy immortality, who rules supreme on all six realms is the implacable god of Fate. I watch this Drama non stop except for sleep from the beginning to the end. Ashes of Love. In my opinion Night Immortal’s character is one of the best written in the drama. We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. Take a chance and watch, you will be pleasantly surprised. But I think I want to check on wuxia drama , because I haven’t seen one in recent years although I really liked them before I watch Kdrama. Thank You to Each person that contributed to the 5 Stars ⭐️ Drama . P.S Congrats on your chosen career. Hey I’m an English person – it’s my first experience with Wuxia drama except for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I hope such quality drama will be made again and again! I still remember the painful-to-watch CGI scenes from “Journey of Flower” a few years back. As an American English reader, I will first say that the translation, while literal, often used the wrong words for the context. Both realms are populated with both righteous or greed-driven beings. Let there be season two with the same characters Jin Mi and Xufeng, I respected your opinion but for me although Ashes of Love was pretty good but i disagree when u said it surpassed the Ten miles of Peach Blossom aka Eternal love because for me Eternal Love still is far fetched must watch for it has a good storyline and the acting skills of the cast were bombastic.., although in this drama hat’s off to Lou Yunxi for he showed his acting prowess,for me he was outstanding and he overshadowed the main leads My Top 5 List. I dare say this is the absolute best Cdrama Wuxia. Gravely wounded (as a result of an attack) he is saved and taken care of by Jin Mi. Anyway, I’m totally in love with this story. Sign up to enjoy Asian TV shows and movies, and continue where you left off. By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. esp. This Drama has let me experience all of my emotions sincerely. Hi I am from the Caribbean which is Saint Lucia. One of the most recurrently criticized aspects of a Chinese fantasy dramas is the low quality CGI and the resulting cringe-worthy cinematography. Deng Lun reminds me a lot of Tal-tal, a character from Empress Ki which I’ve finished recently. The editing suffered some hiccups here and there. I fell in love with Fire deity or maybe Deng Lun. I am an American, who lives in the U S. And have never watched a Chinese show before, but I MUST say, what an extraordinary and wonderful show this was! I fell in love with it at first but things went downhill. I am wondering where did you get the information that jinmi’s past life is the soul demiser ? I haven’t finished the series yet, but I really hope there’s a series two! Through pain and suffering she grows from a carefree young lady to a mature, strong and wise woman, willing to sacrifice herself to make amends for past mistakes.


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