yuppie psycho kate ending
I mean, even Brian was confused by how things transpired. Return north near the eastern group of Photocopiers, then head west, grabbing Pencil x2 and Cheese Sandwich x1 from the filing cabinets along the way. he already knows his days as a 'deity' are coming to a close. The ending trophies/achievements you are entitled to receive will depend on what you've accomplished before entering the Serpent's Lair. Use your Switch Button on it to make a cubicle to the east move. Return to the case and grab the Green Book. @.argonaut @Onibi Onna, The sticky note on floor nine points you to the bookshelf BX in the archive. Regardless of how you left the final area (either by being bitten by five snakes or saving the final friend in the hidden Elevator room), you will appear with Sintra in the Serpent's Lair. after all that guy in the costume is trying to trick you into missing your opportunity to save Kate. ... brought on by the snake. 1.1 Snakes in the Grass; ... Kate's Ending. Since Brian's father was heavily involved in Sintra corp, it would also make sense why Brian would be picked to be a witch hunter, and thus begins the Yuppie Psycho Story. Note that you cannot unlock the Super Hugo Trophy/Achievement alongside this one. >After escaping that eventful birthday party, Brian will wake up in Office E. South of your computer is a note from the U.S.S.R. You will automatically leave this final area whether you answer correctly or not. Push the case down south, and then go east to a Wooden Cart with an Owl. Yuppie Psycho places you in the shoes of Brian Pasternak, a young man with no future in a dystopian 1990's society.Upon receiving a mysterious letter offering a job at the headquarters of the megalithic corporation Sintracorp, Brian discovers a deep, dark, complex web of lies and horror.His job? There are also a few Water Coolers nearby if you need some Cups of Water. Then interact with Emergency Exit Stairwell door to view Kate's ending. When Rei left to play with her other friends, the snake talked Domori into 'using her powers for herself'. Yuppie Psycho Full Game Walkthrough [Original] By Onibi Onna. Miscellaneous Ending Trophies/Achievements, find all ten Videoclub Misterio VHS tapes, You will no longer be able to recover Health from consumables, You will no longer be able to interact with any objects (!!! Found one south in the firefly area before the Forest Goblin. @Not Jed Olson unfortunately it's been ages since i've completed the game, but the items sections in the walkthrough should tell you the locations. This pool spreads, but try and stay out of the pool and it will eventually fade away, If the DM manages to grab you, quickly open your inventory and use and Ink Cartridge. When you reach the end of the Depths, follow the white snake east to a new area. You may notice there will be another Photocopier to the southeast of the Elevator that wasn't there before. Head north, grabbing Batteries x2 from a filing cabinet, Batteries x2 from a briefcase, and a Candy Bar x1 from the vending machine along the way. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. but if it was truly Brian's father who designed the robots, why would Brian be living in class G? Here is the list of sacrifice priorities sorted from least to most severe (obviously you want to avoid being bit by Snakes PERIOD, unless you are going for the hidden Achievement! Behind a mine. you have to remember that before confronting Hugo, Rei and Domori swtiched back, so Rei is in her own body again, and Domori is in the robot's body. Well, it could also be inferred that the snake's magic made the sintra bots go mad, which explains why the 6th floor is blocked off. This reveals a briefcase to the southeast that will contain a code. It is in fact another Snake in disguise. No matter what you have accomplished up to this point, you can always get Sintra's ending by default simply by leaving the Sintracorp lobby via the entrance after the scenes on the 10th floor. Or if it was Domori, is she just going to continue what she was doing? After the dialogue, run to the wall near the large crystal at the far western end of the Lair. I think it is the snakes last ditch effort to try and hurt you emotionally. Congratulations on mastering Yuppie Psycho! Look immediately northwest of the briefcases to find two Photocopiers. Interact with the Serpent's body to climb atop it, then run along the body to reach the cliff overlooking the den. After the family burned the witch, they must have missed Rei a lot, and so the Sintra Corp hired someone to design a line of Sintra bots to replace the daughter they've lost. That was some truly lazy writing. The person who worked on Sintra bots, or the one Sintra calls "daddy", could very well be the Devil Man himself, and Brian just happened to look like him, which is why Sintra called him "daddy" when Brian put on the devil suit. I missed it completely since it isn't there and I had to reload a very old save file to obtain the cardboard box. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. If you did not steal the Anthame from the new CEO, viewing any ending will also unlock the Cleaning Boy Trophy/Achievement at the end of the credits! Each sacrifice will incur a gameplay penalty that lasts for the duration of your time in this final area. New Mission, Doshi's Shop and Glowsticks! Naturally, the Pasternack family name was disgraced, and Brian's family was downgraded to the suburbs, where Brian was born. Interact with it, and you will be transported to the Serpent's Lair. If the Snake bites you will need to choose one of five Senses to sacrifice. ummm, then what is that devil man in the flooded section? I absolutely agree about Count Lucanor and that Yuppie Psycho's ending is far to ambiguous. Continue north, grabbing Cheese x2 from the cabinet north of the eastern set of Photocopiers, and Pencil x2 from the cabinet along the northern wall. Hugo's Birthday or But He's Tried To Kill Me Twice Now? This will unlock Ending: Stay with me Trophy/Achievement! Rei died in 1972, when the Sintra family burned her alive thinking she was Domori. Use your Plastic Knife on it (sometimes it disappears as a glitch; you can still use your Plastic Knife on it by the northern wall), and the cursed child will ask for its first name. From these Photocopiers, swim up to the northern wall and look for air duct grate just above some fallen cabinets. © Valve Corporation. I cant survive the happy birthday for the life of me any tips? She call Brian daddy when he dress like the devil. I think Rei mind get corrupt when we assemble her android body, and she get more evil when time goes on. Log in to view progress. Don't be alarmed by the familiar apparition ahead of you! Head south and grab a slice of Bread from the filing cabinet, and a cup of Coffee from the vending machine along the way. Getting the complimentary Glowsticks from Doshi is also a good idea, Initiation test and the Water Breathing Contract. All rights reserved. Yuppie Psycho Into the Nest of Vipers. Please see the. I absolutely agree about Count Lucanor and that Yuppie Psycho's ending is far to ambiguous. This unlocks the Ending: Back home Trophy/Achievement! And with infinite possible reasons I would say @Musica_Optima explanation is as good as any. Use your Screwdriver on it to grab another code. However I will be doing my best not to spoil things in advance and just give directions to locations where the story will continue, Welcome to Sintracorp! If you don't have the Water Breathing Contract, there are plenty of air pockets throughout this area if you need oxygen. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Use a sheet of Witch Paper on the Photocopier near you to acquire another code. The comment "I'm not a witch, but my sister sure is" refers to how Hugo is accusing Rei of being the witch and trying to stab her with the Atame, which may injure her, but not harm her, since she's not the witch. Head back down to grab it! Grab a Candy Bar x1 from the nearby briefcase, Pencil x2 from the cabinet to the west, Witch Paper x1 from the briefcase to the northwest, and Coffee x1 from the filing cabinet further west from the surrounding area. If you successfully stole the Anthame from the new CEO, viewing any ending will also unlock the Super Hugo Trophy/Achievement at the end of the credits! All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. or Let's Hunt This Witch, The Archives or Preparing the Hexenhammer, The Hexenhammer or Only the Hexiest of Hammers in My Games. The more times you are bitten by Snakes, the more sacrifices you must make. What's happening with Domori/The Witch? Head west from your starting point and look for a Switch Circuit on the floor similar to the one you used back in Dot Matrix's Lair. If you already moved the cubicle using the Circuit to the southwest, you can Use your Switch Button here to move another cubicle out of the way. This will warp you to a hidden area. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), https://steamcommunity.com/app/597760/discussions/1/1640926712933725564/, Do not sprint, it's better to walk or hide if you hear it nearby, otherwise it will notice you, The Dot Matrix (DM) moves in a big circle, to start it goes clockwise, but it can switch directions if it managed to spot you but you escaped, Despite what Doshi says about it's sight, the DM is entirely able to spot you in the dark and chase after you, If you duck under a table within view of the DM while it's chasing you, it will spill a pool of poison underneath to try and flush you out. Simply continue moving up north (slowly but surely) and Sintra will come to the rescue! Rei will not say this line if you manages to steal the Atame from Hugo before the end, thus unlocking a second ending. ), You will have a lower oxygen limit while swimming underwater. If you choose not to sacrifice all five of your Senses by being bitten by five Snakes, return to the Elevator and enter it once you have all five clues. She laughs when Robo-Domori kills Hugo (or when Hugo punch Brian if you, At first Rei gets mad when you call Domori a witch, but later in the CEO office, she. Be sure to Look at the Videoclub Misterio VIP card in your Inventory for a neat Easter Egg! Grab a curious sheet of paper with a clue from the cabinet near the eastern wall. If you have already rescued five out of the total six friends earlier, then the answer should be obvious; they will be the only friend left to rescue! If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Yuppie Psycho. If you managed to rescue all six of your friends from the Witch's curse, you will automatically unlock the Work Friends Trophy/Achievement when Brian returns to the lobby after the scenes on the 10th floor! If you managed to rescue at least Kate from the Witch's curse, speak to her in the lobby after the scenes on the 10th floor. If you DO choose to sacrifice all five Senses, you will automatically be transported to a new area. You have not earned this achievement yet. All good, maybe. Either the Water Cooler or one of the Photocopiers up ahead (randomly selected) is a White Snake in disguise. If you have the Water Breathing Contract, you can safely choose Nose as the first sacrifice.

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-You will want at least a few Ink Cartridges, Batteries, and Pencils for this area. So Rei's the CEO. The devil man's actions, such as making sintra bots, blood letting and being Brian's Doppleganger could be used as a plot device in later series, and have his character fleshed out in another game. @Onibi Onna Thanks, I managed to find it. Or as she was asleep, was Domori actually not doing anything at all and it was all the snake?


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