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The Truth About Link's Terrible Fate In Majora’s MaskMajora’s Mask is a bleak and depressing game … This week, fans of the series on Reddit resurfaced a theory suggesting that Zelda’s shorter hair in the trailer is a hint that gamers will be able to control her in the upcoming Switch title. One Redditor mentioned how cutting one’s hair shorter can symbolize a life transition in Japanese culture. The fate of the Deku Butler’s son in Majora’s Mask is left ambiguous, but it’s heavily implied (and theorized) that the missing child became the sad, gnarled tree at the start of the game. For example, the Ice Cavern is the remnants of an abandoned dungeon. Link might have company on his next adventure. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Now it's time for Zeldaception! This week, fans of the series on Reddit resurfaced a theory suggesting that Zelda’s shorter hair in the trailer is a hint that gamers will be able to control her in the upcoming Switch title. An unconfirmed leak posted on sketchy message board 4chan in early February also suggested Zelda would be playable in BotW 2. Judging by the wind-like design on the Medallion and the fact that the “Forest Temple” part of Ganon’s Castle features wind puzzles, this theory appears to be solid. On the Happy Mask Salesman’s backpack, there’s a mask of Mario, which means Mario exists in some capacity within Hyrule… which then suggests that an actor might wear such a mask to perform the role of Mario in the beloved theatrical class, “Super Mario Bros. 3.”. Relatively recently, Nintendo announced that all three Zelda timelines end with Breath of the Wild. Bearing the right hair, eye and skin color, Groose is practically the spitting image of the Gerudo. Another oddity regarding him is that the Lunar Children all seem to bear his face beneath their masks. Known as “the Tetraforce Theory,” this hypothesis suggests that the empty, fourth space of the Triforce, the separate (and fourth) icon on the Hylian Shield, and the repeated use of “four” throughout the series are subtle clues pointing to a secret portion of the Triforce. There’s a lot to this theory and, although we don’t believe it, there’s still strong evidence to support it. Oh, what is the most cliche theory? It is also recommended that you play the game first for this is gonna have some major spoilers for the whole series in general of course. Another example is Zelda’s frustration about being unable to unlock her power (the creative team’s turmoil.). As for groose being a coward and full of himself, that could change ! In the original Breath of the Wild, Zelda has long, flowing hair that might have made it trickier to design a customizable character model for the princess. Throughout BotW, Zelda stuck to a strict routine of prayer and research to unlock her Triforce power. One of the critical components of the legend is that it was used in hexing rituals by an “ancient tribe.”, The banished Twili seem to fit that bill, and a design that appears eerily similar to Majora’s Mask adorns the Fused Shadow in Twilight Princess…. This theory is somehow based on the zelda timeline released a while ago by nintendo and mainly focused on the legend of zelda skyward sword game. The leaker claimed players would be able to switch between Link and Zelda to solve puzzles and traverse dungeons. I thought it was quite obvious that Link was stealing Groose's lighting. My theory here suggests that to be on the safe side, the goddess hylia has chosen another one who could as well save the situation... And that is groose ! This means that groose could've been zelda's lover, the goddess's lover ! But the thing that’s scary about the Zora is that they are fated to become ugly, malevolent monsters, as soon in the original Legend of Zelda. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. It’s been confirmed that some temples in OoT were modified or cut. Despite the revelation of the timeline and the interconnected lore that fans have pored over since the series’ inception, there are still plenty of unanswered questions about many elements of the franchise, and that’s where fans come in. Precious few details are revealed about the nature of Majora and the origin of Majora’s Mask. He’s even wearing a portion of his old uniform…. This is a fan-favorite theory that borders on being needlessly edgy for a game that’s already pitch black, but it still has enough weight behind it to make it compelling. I'm not saying he would be the link we'd want to have but he would indeed become the hero with the triforce. Let's say link was dead before getting that sword, well maybe during the first storm incident ? Basically, this theory suggests that most Zelda games are dreams (and some are even dreams within dreams!). For example, Hyrule believed they could use the same method to repeatedly defeat Ganon (mirroring Nintendo’s reliance on the OoT formula) but it eventually failed (people grew tired of it). The theory then evolved to suggest that he was the ancestor of the Gerudo, and that one stuck. This would be interesting, who knows! But what if he failed ? The scant information about the highly-anticipated sequel has led fans to look to Nintendo job listings and alleged leaks to dig up any semblance of new information. The power of boners will only get you so far. Even more, we do not really know what link was before becoming a hero since his personality is kind of mysterious to us. This heart-breaking theory is all but confirmed, as during the credits, we see the Deku Butler weeping at the roots of the withered husk in question. Princess Zelda has been rumored to be a playable character in BotW 2 since the game’s announcement last summer. Next comes fii, the sword. Obvious title out of the way, the Happy Mask Salesman isn’t just a weird dude; he’s the subject of a multitude of bizarre theories, and we’ll do our best to hit on the major ones. This is a place for fans of various creative works to share theories, interpretations and speculation related to that particular creative work. Dedicated Zelda enthusiasts have done their best to fill in the franchise’s blanks with elaborate theories… and some of them have a lot of weight behind them. Not the best theory around, that’s for sure. More intriguingly, though, is the “Wind Temple,” which many speculate became the Forest Temple. When zelda was gone he was broken hearted, yet he wanted to help her. Now, a fan theory based on an overlooked details in the BotW 2 trailer suggested Link might not go about his next adventure alone. Press J to jump to the feed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FanTheories community. Although this theory seems like it tries too hard to be “dark” and “edgy,” we hate to admit that there might be some credence to it, especially since it’s tied to the arguably well-supported “five stages of grief” theory from earlier. … yeah, that’s about it. This was actually confirmed in the Hyrule Historia, which shows that fan theories can have more weight than you might think! Beyond that Groose is a coward, not to mention vain and egotistical, he couldn't have been the hero no matter how much he liked Zelda. So long as plan A went right it's doesn't matter. The chief evidence for this is the fact that Link often starts the game asleep, and then proceeds to stay awake for the rest of the game. Nintendo hasn’t said a word The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 since dropping that delightfully surprising E3 2019 reveal trailer. Thank you for reading this guys i hope you like this theory, and if you have anything to say feel free to say it, it would be fun knowing what you guys think about it :). Despite the revelation of the timeline and the interconnected lore that fans have pored over, The Legend of Zelda leaves many questions unanswered. Well first of all i wanna say that i haven't read all the zelda theories out there so i don't know if anyone did figure this out or not, but anyways i thought it would be fun to think about it. Of Course That Is A Theory. Link was the chosen hero and yes he could have failed but that is exactly why he was plan B. Of course, fitting into different outfits isn’t the only theory about Zelda’s new do. What's more, a reputable leaker recently said that the game’s development was “taking longer than anticipated,” so fans might need to keep digging for tidbits of information as they await Nintendo’s eventual update. Afterall, the whole quest was to look for courage, wisdom and power. BOTW’s story may have divided fans, but if the theory regarding its meaning is ever confirmed, we can’t imagine people would dislike it much longer. And now that you think of it, it is mentioned that link used to rely on zelda with everything he does ! The Hero’s Shade is a skeletal phantasm that teaches Link the way of the sword in the Twilight Princess, but we never really figure out who (or what) he was. Of course, with a character as mysterious and cool as the Hero’s Shade, fan theorists went all in to postulate an intriguing answer to the question: he was Link from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Hahaha omg power of boner XD it is true that link was plan b but still hylia had more than a plan which explains why shiek saved zelda before link did. While that sounds cool in theory, we find it hard to believe… especially considering that the relic is called the TRI-force. All of this remains speculation until Nintendo finally updates fans about BotW 2 with a Direct announcement. In honor of these creative hardcore fans, we decided to compile the most intriguing of their theories and put them in one place with our The Legend Of Zelda: 20 Fan Theories That Make Too Much Sense list. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Hello everyone ! Groose could simply be plan c or even d since saving the world is worth all the planning. The hypothesis is that Nintendo shortened Zelda’s hair to make it easier for her to equip the same helmets and armor Link wears.


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