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Thanking the Grand Priest, Zeno gave him a piece of candy, much to the Priest's delight. Sealas | He states that his reason for visiting was out of concern that Beerus and Champa were shirking their duties as Gods of Destruction. He can summon ki blasts which vary in ultimate degrees of power. When his future counterpart gets hugged by Goku, he likewise seems unfazed. Since the events of the "Future" Trunks Saga, Zeno co-rules jointly with his future counterpart. However, he does have limits to what he can tolerate. Additionally, Zeno cannot be defeated. Ultimately, due to this childish and naive nature driving Zeno to often make impulsive and irresponsible decisions, and despite having everything under his whim, the Grand Minister is usually the one who handles the more responsible matters the most, along with the one who controls a large portion of Zeno's authority himself, hereby making him somewhat of his grand vizier. During the tournament, both Zenos watch in amazement at the battle. The true purpose of the Tournament of Power is revealed. Beerus, Quitela, and Belmod are the only three capable of fighting by the end, however the Grand Minister stops the battle. Their servant, the Grand Minister, willing obliges and has both Universe 7 and Universe 9 gather three warriors each to compete in the contest. So he's not MFTL. According to Beerus, Zeno does not fight. After more fighting ensued, and Gohan knocked out Universe 10's final competitor, the two kings raise their hands and erase Universe 10 from existence. As of the Tournament of Power, Zeno has now wiped out 13 total Universes, while Future Zeno has wiped out 25, which includes the Universes that he jointly erased with Zeno on top of the 18 from his own timeline. Saitama is not a gag or parody, the verse has never indicated so, neither has ONE, so the “because hes a gag character lol” argument doesn’t work. Since the events of the "Future" Trunks Saga, Zeno co-rules jointly with his future counterpart. Hence, much to the bewilderment of others, Zen-Oh likes Goku, as he was the first person to ever treat Zen-Oh as an equal and not to be distant like his subjects or feared like the Gods. Zen-Oh (in Japanese: 全王 Zen’ō, lit. The two Zen-Oh's watching the Tournament of Power with delight. He wears a black and white shirt underneath, with the kanji for "all" (全) on the front. This caused Bill to enter the physical world with a physical form. Dragon Ball Super I think they said in the show that nothing could kill Zeno. Jason: But he couldn't get in due to the dimensional barrier surrounding them. They also possess GodPads, tablet devices, which they use to keep track of which warriors have been eliminated. During Goku's battle with Bergamo, Future Zeno is surprised by the power of Super Saiyan Blue as his counterpart explains it to him. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! He's able to destroy all of existence if he wanted to. Though they state they have made their decision, they would allow it if Bergamo wins in his battle against Goku. Zen-Oh insists its fine, bids farewell to everyone, and goes back to his castle. Champa | Test the virtue of mortals in the Tournament of Power.

It is a pun on 天覧試合 (tenran-jiai), or a match attended by the emperor. It´s more a lol that Zeno should beat him. Either of team 1 solo's Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT and all of its spin-offs in one shot. Bill does have limitations.

Is he ftl. Seeing his counterpart's point, the two agree and host the tournament.

This is shown at the end of the tournament, where Zen-Oh and Future Zen-Oh expressed genuine happiness that they did not have to erase their only friend even if only temporarily, showing they truly considered him a friend. He and his counterpart also said "squish" in a light-hearted, delighted tone when they were erasing Universe 3.

Characters who cannot die of natural causes.

Ugo is on the same Level like Sinbad and, both are far above Ill Illah, a Universal Being. Absolute ImmortalityAuthority over all gods of the multiverseInfinite powerFlightMatiokinesisNonexistenceMeta Fear InducementOmnineutrality Zen-Oh The trio then leave the palace without another word. As the fight goes on, the two kings keep track of who has been eliminated and who has not using Godpads given to them by the Great Priest. Jason: Bill Cipher, the king of the nightmare realm! Yuzun | They also show admiration for Gohan despite never referring to him by name in the anime (calling him "Goku's son", much like Beerus), becoming excited when he turned Super Saiyan to fight Lavender and calling him "the coolest" when he fought Dyspo. Jason: Bill Cipher was once one of the inhabitants of the second dimension. At the same time, Zeno is also shown to be flexible, tolerant, and even willing to go back on his word on occasion. After both Team Universe 2 and Team Universe 6 were defeated, the two Zenos promptly erased both Universes 2 and 6, with the exceptions of Sour and Vados, respectively. Dyspo was vaguely stated to be FTL, who's faster than SSB Goku. It takes place in Zeno's Palace. It was then that Goku introduced himself to Zen-Oh, actually shaking his hand and lifting him up in the air, greatly shocking all of the viewing gods. In the anime, the two universes selected for the exhibition match, Universe 9 (lvl 1.86) and Universe 7 (lvl 3.18), are those with the lowest average mortal level among the twelve universes.

As he was told, Beerus orders Whis to take Goku to Zeno's place together with Shin. This was echoed again during his fight with Kefla. The Zeno Expo (全ぜん覧らん試合しあい, Zenran-jiai, lit.

Agreeing to be his friend, Goku tells Zeno to just call him by his name and, in return, Goku will call him "Zenny," to the shock of those present. Powers/Skills Also, while these two are not fatal weaknesses, you have to note that Bill is extremley cocky and his eye is only 3D. While the true capabilities of Zen-Oh are unknown, as Beerus notes he does not fight, Zen-Oh possesses enigmatic power far beyond comprehension. Before Goku and friends return home, Zeno asked if they would ever see him again which Goku assures him he will before sharing a fist pump.

Zeno makes his debut appearance as a playable/support-type character in Dragon Ball Heroes, being introduced in the first mission of the original series. Duplicate Vegeta | And Grant My Wish, Peas and Carrots!". As it turns out, from the beginning, Zen-Oh had planned that the Universes he erased be restored by the victor and should they wish for anything less than that, Zen-Oh would immediately erase them, revealing that Zen-Oh, although scarcely showing it, does have the wisdom necessary to be the Supreme Being of the Dragon Ball universe and in the end he saw the mass killings he committed as being only a temporary collateral damage that would be undone eventually. They only appear as a dialog box portrait and voice. He is currently the most powerful character in the entire Dragon Ball franchise. Crimes When Goku summons the future counterpart of Zen-Oh, Future Trunks questioned who he was and became surprised to learn from Bulma that Zen-Oh is the most eminent, powerful god in the universe.

If Goku presses it, the Omni-King will come right to him.

Frost | After Fused Zamasu and the future timeline's world are destroyed and erased, Goku and Future Trunks return using Cell's Time Machine.

I do agree with you that he is not a fighter and if push comes to shove he would probably lose a straight up fight to any of the great strong fighters in the show. Afterwards, Goku and Future Trunks bring Future Zen-Oh back to the past. However, the most famous way is to erase you from his mind. Yunba |


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