Jobs In USA For Pakistani Peoples Urdu Safarnama

Jobs In USA For Pakistani Peoples – Urdu Safarnama By Qamar Ali Abbasi

Jobs in USA for Pakistani people depend upon his qualification as well as his immigration or visa status. If he is not Green Card holder and having not Job visa then he cannot get proper job in USA. In this page you will read the story of a Pakistani boy whose stay in USA was illegal and facing difficulties to getting job. This story is taken from the Urdu Safarnama Book of USA written by Qamar Ali Abbasi.

According to that boy he went USA in visit visa and did not back before his visa expire. After expire of his visa he tried to get job in USA. His friends were in Jackson Heights. He went there, where his friend with his other friends were staying. All were hidden. He had only two hundred dollars. In Pakistani currency two hundred dollars are much enough but in USA it is just 200. So he wants to get job as early as possible. He said "my friend were very clever, the false promise me and asked to bring bread, butter, egg etc daily. Ultimately my all money finished.

When my all money finished, my friends start ignoring me. So I got loan for fair and went to Washington to my sister house. At my sister's house my living and eating problems solved. Daily I go to different offices and shops for job. I have learned a sentence in New York about job is “Have you any opening”. I repeat this sentence in all places. One day I reached a small hotel. On reception a girl was sitting, I repeat the same sentence “have you any opening”. She asked a question. But I don’t understand due to my poor English. So I replied irrelevant. She asked me to stay there and she entered in a room. She returned with a middle aged man, I went along with him in a room.

He asked me few questions. His first question was “have you a Green Card”? I replied “No”. “Will you work honestly”? I replied “yes”. Surprisingly he hired me. I became happy, not asked him about pay. He also did not told me about my salary. I informed my sister, she did not believe me, that I got job. Next day I joined my duty. My duty was to take orders from customers. That was a difficult job for me because my English was very poor. Customers generally speak fast and I could not understand. Receptionist girl and owner of restaurant Mr. John helped me. He trained me about how to take order and thanks customer. Within a month I understood every things, even I understand how to save dollar from bills.

My many friends got job there through me, but did not stay there longer. Mr. John was very happy with my work. He praised my work. I stayed there two years until I got my Green Card. After getting Green Card I got proper job in USA according to my qualification. I informed Mr. John. He said he will increase my salary, so don’t leave him. I refused. He became sad and cleared my all dues. I asked him “why he gave me job, when my stay in USA was illegal”. He told me, “I knew you will work hard and honestly due to fear and don’t ask me to raise salary”.

He then asked me, “do you want to know that why your friends could not stay here for more than few days”? Then he continued that my all friends were not good and made conspiracy against me. Mr. John did not like this type of employee, so he fired them.