Life Of Indian Students In USA University Urdu Safarnama

Life Of Indian Students In USA University Urdu Safarnama By Qamar Ali Abbasi

Life of Indian students in USA University is taken from Urdu safanama book about USA written by Qamar Ali Abbasi. During his visit to Washington at his friend Mr. Salamat Ali, his neighbor invited him to visit their house. Salamat Ali neighbor were an Indian couple who were students in USA University doing Research Work there.

According to Mr. Abbasi he visited Indian couples home, Madhu is very beautiful with short height and her husband Parkash is very smart look like an Indian actor. There house was very clean and courtyard was full of green peppers, tomatoes, oblong, flattened leafy vegetables. They became very happy to meet me.

First of all they visited me their house, show the basement, bathroom, washbasin, shower and commode. Every things and places in their house were neat and clean. Then visited to bedroom where beautiful paintings on the wall and nice curtains on the windows. I appreciated all and they became happy.

When we were visiting vegetables on the backside of the home, Madhu entered into kitchen silently. After a few minutes when we reached drawing room by stair found a change scene on table. The table is full of delicious food and Indian dishes. All food and dishes were very tasty. Madhu insisted me to eat all food, and Parkash was insisting to taste every dish. I appreciated and both spouses became happy. I saw three suitcases and two hand bags there. I asked about those, they told that they were going to India.

Both spouses were complaining about heavy work at university. There university life is very difficult, they are bound to work during snow, extreme heat and in pouring rain. Working in USA University is like a Jihad, but their relatives and friends think that they are enjoying in USA University. Everyone is asking them to send visa and help to settle them in USA. They think that it is easy for Indian people to get overseas job in USA.  When they say it is not easy to settle in USA, they don’t believe and became angry. They thought that we don’t want to call them in USA.

When so much time passed with Madhu and Parkash, Indian students of USA University at their house, daughter of their neighbor Salamat Ali came and inform about a telephone call from Albany. Madhu insisted to come back soon and took dinner with them. I asked help Saira Bhabhi, that it is difficult for me to take more food. So it was decided that the dinner will be at one o clock.