Prof Arshad Javed Books In Urdu PDF Free Download

Prof Arshad Javed is a hypnotist and clinical psychologist. His clinic is in Lahore Pakistan. He wrote many books in multiple topics, but his three books for happy marital life become most popular. On book is written for all persons second one for married men and third one for married women. All three books are available in Urdu pdf format for free download.

Prof Arshad Javed Books In Urdu PDF Free Download

Book Rahnuma-e-Nojawani or sex education by Prof Arshad Javed is written for unmarried boys and girls. When boys and girls entered in to puberty, a number of changes occur in their body. Pubic and axillary hair grows both in boys and girls, discharge from penis and vagina, growing genitalia, changing voice. Nocturnal ejaculation in boys and menstrual cycle in girls starts. Development of breasts in girls. Due to these change boys and girls become worried. In our culture boys and girls are not encourage to discuss their sex problems with teacher, parents, elder brothers and sisters. This is the reason why Prof Arshad Javed wrote this book especially for unmarried boys and girls. This book is in Urdu and can be free downloaded in pdf format. This is basically a sex education book in Urdu written by Prof Arshad Javed, especially for unmarried boys and girls but married men and women can also read this book.

Azdawaji Khushiyan for men is another book of Prof Arshad Javed. This book can also be free downloaded in Urdu pdf format. In this book men are addressed, but women can also read this book. We do not recommend unmarried boys and girls to read this book before their marriage. In this book a detail description of first wedding night called suhagraat is presented. In remaining chapter different types of positions and method of enjoyment are discussed. Management of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and male infertility venereal diseases are also discussed. Different methods for birth control are also discussed.

Azdawaji Khushiyan for women book is mainly written for married women. But men are also suggested to read this book. In this book Prof Arshad Javed addressed to the women and discussed in detail about their problem. A detail chapter about the first wedding night and in another chapter the different style of enjoyment with husband is discussed. Women are guided in this book that what is her role in the management, if their husband have problem of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Pregnancy, infertility and different methods of contraception are also discussed in this book. Azdawaji Khushiyan for women can be downloaded free in Urdu pdf format.