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Life Of Indian Students In USA University Urdu Safarnama

Life of Indian students in USA University is taken from Urdu safanama book about USA written by Qamar Ali Abbasi. During his visit to Washington at his friend Mr. Salamat Ali, his neighbor invited him to visit their house. Salamat Ali neighbor were an Indian couple who were students in USA University doing Research Work there. According to Mr. Abbasi he visited Indian couples home, Madhu is very beautiful with short height and her husband Parkash is very smart look like an Indian actor. There house was very clean and courtyard was full of green peppers, tomatoes, oblong, flattened leafy vegetables. They became very happy to meet me. First of all they visited me their house, show the basement, bathroom, washbasin, shower and commode. Every things and places in their house were neat and clean.

Jobs In USA For Pakistani Peoples Urdu Safarnama

Jobs in USA for Pakistani people depend upon his qualification as well as his immigration or visa status. If he is not Green Card holder and having not Job visa then he cannot get proper job in USA. In this page you will read the story of a Pakistani boy whose stay in USA was illegal and facing difficulties to getting job. This story is taken from the Urdu Safarnama Book of USA written by Qamar Ali Abbasi. According to that boy he went USA in visit visa and did not back before his visa expire. After expire of his visa he tried to get job in USA. His friends were in Jackson Heights. He went there, where his friend with his other friends were staying. All were hidden. He had only two hundred dollars.

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