Unique Seed - Iftikhar Ajmal Bhopal - Sabaq Amoz Kahani

Unique Seed: An instructive Urdu story

انوکھا بیج ۔ ایک سبق آموز اردو کہانی ۔ افتخار اجمل بھوپال

A business man become successful by his hardworking and became the owner of a large organization. When he became old then he decided to select new director of the organization in an interesting way. He called a meeting of all directors and told them that his health is not so good to fulfill the responsibilities. So he wants to transfer his responsibilities to one of them. In the meeting he gave a seed of plant to every director and told them to grow in a pot. After one year he will see the growth of their plants and will decide about future director of the organization (continued below urdu story image).

Unique Seed - Iftikhar Ajmal Bhopal - Sabaq Amoz Kahani (انوکھا بیج ۔ ایک سبق آموز اردو کہانی ۔ افتخار اجمل بھوپال)

After few days all the directors are discussing about their plant which were grown from seeds. All of them are praising their plant and told that their plants are well growing from seed. But Zaid was upset because his seed never grow to plant. He changed the pot, soil and fertilizer but his seed still not plant.

After one year the old business man called meeting of directors once again and asked them to bring their plants. All directors came with their plants which were well grown except Zaid. Zaid seed was not planted and he came without pot of the plant and seated on the last row. When meeting started all the directors describe their hardworking and praise there plants and hope that businessman will select him as the future director of the organization.

After listening of the speech of all directors businessman said that one director is still remaining to present their plant and speech about that. Then from the last row Zaid stood up with bowed head and told slowly the business man that his seed did not grow to plant. All other directors laughed on him.

After tea the businessman announced the name of new director of organization. He said that Zaid will be the new director. All directors become astonished after hearing this announcement. Then businessman told that the organization needed an honest director and Zaid fit on the honesty. He said except Zaid all the directors are not honest and they tell a lie about the plant of seed; because he has  given boiled seed to all of you and that seed cannot be grown into plant.