19 days fanfiction

This was almost tame compared to those times. Zheng Xi almost glared at him. They were all just playing pretend. Mo didn’t want to think about that. He knew he probably looked ridiculous, a bright blush covering his cheeks. There’s a crook in his neck and a soreness in his spine, and as he slouches over his desk with his pencil tapping impatiently on his thigh, he can only wonder how he was roped into an impromptu slumber party at the He estate of all places. Gương mặt lại bị tóm bởi bàn tay to lớn, ghì tới trước mặt Hạ Thiên. His tendency to overthink had been worse than usual lately. Every movement makes him shudder, but he pushes through, glass shards still falling from his hair like snow. (A/N: I’ve been terribly busy with school work and though I planned to be more active here and balance my blogging time with my schoolwork, it isn’t working out as I planned. Pocky Trouble – A 19 Days Fanfiction (It’s 11/11 – which is Pocky Day! 5 hours later, Mo still hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep, he felt and looked like a zombie. ‘That fucking He Tian, he’s lucky my mom is working tonight or he’d be left to eat instant ramen for dinner,’ Guan Shan thought bitterly. It was barely used these days, since Matthias worked mostly at Hogwarts and Daphne at the Department of Mysteries, and both of them had realised that it was unhealthy to bring work home if they could avoid it, not that that stopped either of them. -Mày là thằng chó chết, hức, má nó.

The rest of class went by slowly and Mo was thankful when it was finally the end of the day. The boys decided to play best out of three games and the losers had to buy drinks for everyone. Reblog. Apr 22, 2020 - Read In Trouble from the story Be Mine - 19 Days FanFic by The-Angel-Saga (--) with 2,173 reads. Mo Guan Shan watched Tian walk away. Nè! Miracles didn’t happen overnight. With nowhere to go, she goes to LA with nothing to do as she's alone for the first time in a long time. Stop, you idiot!”, “I’m leaving,” He Tian says, voice tight. Guan Shan didn’t see the appeal, what was so great about her? Zhan Zhengxi, He Tian, Mo Guanshan, and She Li decided to live together in an apartment close to the university they will be attending.But days before the first set of bills are due, a fight breaks out causing She Li to move out.

Guan Shan wasn’t used to this: frank interest and brazen flirting. He shouldn’t have trusted him. They parted ways as Mo Guan Shan went to his class and He Tian to his. Gyahhh!

No es nada nuevo que empiecen a pelear. Hức! It’s a warning. He got ready for school anyway, having a quick shower and some breakfast before heading out the door. Dreams like the one he had tended to make you question a lot about yourself and Mo was already questioning too much. La vida de ambos se verá totalmente distorsionada en el momento en el que sus miradas se cruzan, en una noche en la que parecía discurrir de manera normal... ["Mierda. “Don’t leave,” Tian mumbled in a husky voice. Mo Guan Shan didn’t stop there, he remembered how He Tian came into his life with no warning and fucked everything up. He felt his palms slick with sweat in the tight fists he put in his lap. Rated: T - English - Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,900 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 5 - Published: A collection of short, medium, and stories written for fun! Mo pensaba que Zhan era un idiota, estando ahí sentado haciendo su puta tarea mientras él estaba luchando para no tirarsele encima.

You’re okay,’ Mo told himself this but his heartbeat didn’t slow down and neither did the flow of tears. Mo finally reached the court and saw all three boys, He Tian, Jian Yi, and Zhan Zhang Xi, already passing the ball around and taking shots. But, all he could do was stand there, lifelessly. Neither of them spoke for a few moments, just studying each other’s faces with curiosity. Just as He Tian was about to speak again, the bell went signalling the end of lunch.

Cái cảm giác đứng trước bờ vực cái chết khiến hắn không thể ngừng làm nụ hôn này càng sâu thêm và cả lời Hạ Thiên nói khi nãy. “That’s him, right?

-Đừng! He sighed and kept walking, Mo trailing behind him. “Look who I found,” He Tian grinned. Hạ Thiên vươn lưỡi, liếm những giọt nước còn đọng trên má hắn, luồn tay vào mái tóc cam, ép môi hắn lên môi anh. He Cheng got worried because his brother didn't answer his calls for a few days and decided to ask Tian's closest person about what was going on. Ninguno de los dos quiere. He was scared they would make themselves known even further. ¡Corre!" “Hello?” Mo asked groggily into his phone.
They could be screwing themselves over, embarrassment was on the horizon. Mo was getting even more confused by the minute, this was nothing like He Tian, what was he thinking? Thật thảm thương! There was a look of disgust on both Zheng Xi and Mo’s face as they wondered how anyone could be so cruel. Từng chữ chậm rãi đi vào trong tai, hắn ngẩn ra đôi chút. He didn’t mind as much as he pretended, He liked cooking and didn’t mind cleaning. Mo knew he would never be able to focus if he went back to class and it seemed rather pointless anyway as the bell had already rung five minutes ago. His heart was beating extremely fast, so much that he felt like it would completely stop at any second. The bell rang, cutting off their conversation and He Tian let go of Mo, saying goodbye, “I’ll see you tonight.”. When he finished collecting himself, he left the bathroom and headed towards the kitchen, finding He Tian staring out the window again, but this time with the absence of a cigarette. “Do you… not like girls?” He Tian took a shot at the dark, he knew Guan Shan would never admit to this even if it was true anyway. He quickly texted his mother letting her know where he was so she wouldn’t worry.

He was sitting by himself outside eating the sandwich as one of his friends approached him and sat down. Guan Shan didn’t want to kiss He Tian, last time it made him realise things about himself he wasn’t ready to know. Guan Shan could tell that He Tian was being extra gentle, not wanting to scare Mo away. Don’t fuck it up. “What movie do you want to watch?” Tian asked Guan Shan. He Tian arches a brow. Hắn nhìn thẳng vào mắt Hạ Thiên, kiêu ngạo, thách thức khiến tia sát nhân càng hiện rõ trong đôi mắt kia và bàn tay càng siết chặt hơn. He was about to ask them if they knew what was going on, but he was cut off by a comment from Jian Yi.

It always happened when he was involved. “What’s up?” his friend said in greeting. Mo Guan Shan’s grip on He Tian’s shirt loosened until his arm dropped to his side. Jian Yi cradled his stinging cheek and pouted up at Zheng Xi, whose face was almost as red as his, tears filling his eyes. He Tian was confident they’d win and suggested to up the stakes. I also saw this blog and loved the layout, changing mine to it too. “Don’t get us confused.”. “I have read enough fanfics for one day. In fact, a lot of things were wrong, far too many for Mo Guan Shan to list off to He Tian. He Tian laughed as he jogged to catch up with Mo. Probably when he couldn’t get off on straight porn, or girls at all for that matter or maybe when he realised he looked at guys differently than someone ‘normal’ would. They’re not life-threatening but they’re prone to infection if not treated soon. All because of a stupid pair of earrings?
Also contains insert art … Before Mo could stop himself, he was imitating the annoying girls. Jan. 19, 2019. He was avoiding He Tian at lunch and Tian was the main reason he hung out with them in the first place, then he skipped the rest of the day so it really wasn’t a surprise he hadn’t seen them.

He wondered if something would change within him if he accepted this part of himself. He would try to think about something else but it always led back to him, it was infuriating. I hope you enjoyed it. Mo Guan Shan was snapped out of his thoughts when he suddenly saw He Tian in front of him, waving a sandwich in his face. Or did something else happen?” Tian asked Mo softly. He brushed off all of his unnecessary concerns and picked up his pace, wanting a distraction from his thoughts. Hạ Thiên lại mỉm cười, ghé vào tai hắn thầm thì. Guan Shan wasn’t able to deny that Tian was undeniably attractive, even more so when he didn’t open his mouth.

The third round He Tian and Mo lost again, it had almost been a tie.


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