7s superfish xl

7s superfish xl poly vs epoxy. Depending on your size everyone can ride a Super Fish XL. It has taught me too much and taken me too far and still rips . Only surfed on twice. I'm 71 years and needed to move up to a more stable board that still carves. So we introduced the three larger sizes. Like new. NOTE: Rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level. Single-to-double concave delivers a very consistent and predictable feel, without restricting speed or the ability to transition quickly from rail-to-rail between turns. See Details. Just a great board to have for all surf conditions. All polyester boards are CNC milled from the shapers files and laminated by hand using quality components such as Hexcel fiberglass, Silmar resin and Bennett foam. I was able to go out and ride the 7’3 at 53L In the whitewash straight away . I was looking for a board to transition down from a longboard and the Superfish hit the spot. I believe if it wasn't for me getting on a Superfish, my surfing would have really stagnated. 7S. Because of this board, I can now surf shorter boards (6'2) and be confident with my ability. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. The tail outline tapers so you can make tighter radius turns when you position your back foot right on the tail. The Super Fish XL is a joy to ride. The rocker can be an issue on steep take offs but As I am getting on in years I enjoy the extra volume and help to catch waves. The Super Fish XL was designed because of the constant feedback we got from Surf Shops saying bigger surfers and Longboards wanted to get on but the 6'3" was too small. Buying my first Board (7S Superfish XL) Hi guys, I've been surfing longboards for a while and have been looking to buy a step-down board. This is my 3rd board of this series and it feels like it is their best work so far. In Stock - ships immediately

Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought . Quad fin FCS setup with a slot for a center fin. Or you can choose to be notified when we get more in stock by selecting the Notify Me link in the Notify column. The board = Stable and fast

It's fast as hell. The Superfish was a game changer for me. This provides amazing paddle power so you can get into waves early. Now 7 years later my whole life revolves around surfing ... ROCKER: The 3 stage rocker is well balanced, with just enough flip in the entry to prevent nose-diving in steeper waves. PERFORMANCE: Renowned for its wave catching prowess, this model really does appeal to a wide demographic. It goes in anything from 2 foot through to 6 foot. I really want another one of these boards but the poly dings every single session. The board is in Davis, CA 95616. From knee high, to well overhead, the SF4 will keep you coming back for more. Unit price / per . I started surfing on long boards and bought a 7'0. Out of Stock - we may get more but it is not currently on order with the manufacturer. So we introduced the three larger sizes. Definitely recommend.

Why not! I can whole heartedly recommend this board to you . Love the 7S Superfish.

I am 188cm, 205lbs and have the 7' superfish.

The board is in Davis, CA 95616. While still targeted at surfer’s looking for a high volume modern fish shape, we believe this is our best Superfish yet; offering the perfect balance of stability and turning response. The 8 foot 7S XL Superfish will get you on as many waves as you want. And I love the name: 8 foot 7S XL Superfish. The swallow tail also adds bite especially in smoother conditions. Sold Out - we are sold out and will not receive any more. I own an 8ft 7s superfish xl. The chart provides price, UPC, and availability data. These boards work great with quads but also are a heap of fun as a twin with stabiliser! The board is a fast paddler , is stable and fast on the wave . Fantastic board , used it in bali and got the waves of my life, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, Sold out online / CHECK YOUR LOCAL DEALER. Will be buying another. tightlines. Used 7S Super Fish II X2 Surfboard - 7'3". I’ve ridden it on knee high east coast days up to triple overhead at namotu lefts , cloud break Fiji . When you ride this board you will find that it paddles quickly because of the step deck. Agent009.

Took boards to Samoa and Tonga and both held up well to airline travel.
This was my first board , excellently selected for me by Nick at underground surf . I found it easy to paddle and definitely helped my progress my surfing. 7s superfish xl poly vs epoxy. The flatter mid section maintains forward drive and flow. Its a very fragile board. We give the boards either the silky smooth Pro or Gloss Polish finish and they come standard with FCS M7 Quad Glassflex Series fins. Have a 7’3 and a 6’8, I liked the 7’3 but loved the 6’8! This is a very user friendly model for an intermediate woman surfer, and I've actually purchased two over the years. Most sessions now - 20 waves in two hours - it gets my vote. It feels light underfoot. FOIL: We’ve added volume to this model, under the chest and extending towards the nose and tail. Have set up as a quad and has speed and good turning. Quad fin FCS setup with a slot for a center fin. Backordered - we have the product on order with the manufacturer and expect to ship the product by the date indicated Love the superfish. My theory is, if you're gonna ride something like this, ride the 8 footer, I mean 7'3" is practically 8 foot anyway, what's 9", people aren't going to think its small --- go the 8 footer. Will definitely be coming back once I have an itch for another board. Polyester construction will perform in all surf conditions and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of surfboard models. We have updated this model with the Quad option. A used 7S Superfish XL 7'3" surfboard. 5 Nov 2017 2:28PM Hi all Been practising on a mate's softboard for the last 3 weeks and have started to get the hang of it. This makes it go even faster and gives a new meaning to smooth turns.

It put my wave count through the roof AND it was very durable.

Goes fast. Find out about our special sales and discounts before anyone else. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. very stable. I recommend getting a few inches longer than your height if starting and a few inches shorter than your height if more advanced. Vendor 7S Surfboards Regular price $525.00 Sale price $525.00 Regular price.
DESIGN: The return of the original step deck! 7S SuperFish 4 - PU.

It is a paddling machine. You can take late drops that you couldn't on a Longboard and you will do bottom turns like you haven't done for years. My buddy gave me a brand new 6'5 Stretch Fletcher Four fin, but from what I've been reading on the forums shortboards have a pretty hard learning curve and I should go for something bigger.

Like new. Receive 20% off anything else purchased with a new surfboard. I still use it regularly 7 years later and my friends are always offering to buy it from me but I would never sell this one . While still targeted at surfer’s looking for a high volume modern fish shape, we believe this is our best Superfish yet; offering the perfect balance of stability and turning response. Depending on your size everyone can ride a Super Fish XL. The shortboard only forum. The Superfish 4 (SF4) is an amalgamation of the Superfish 3 shape, with some old design features from the past. I am often riding it as a quad but it rides equally well as a thruster . Created by Agent009 > 9 months ago, 5 Nov 2017 Shortboards; Longboarding; Agent009. 18 posts. This feature increases volume through the spine and out towards the rails, creates a flatter deck, while allowing for a lower, more sensitive feeling rail.

by dirtyweasel » Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:02 pm . Surfing it from anywhere waisthigh to overhead. 18 posts. Polyester or PU construction uses traditional materials and laminating techniques to produce a strong, reliable surfboard with high quality finishes. I'm making amazing progress but the board cracks or dings every session.

I like the wave catching ability of this design and stability as well as the ability to rube thru fat areas on a wave. Super clean, no dings or scratches. We’ve eliminated the flyer making a smoother curve in the back half of the board. 7 years later and I still use this same 7 year old board when the conditions suit . paddles well once it picks up. Good easy to ride and catch waves board. I was standing up on it from day one and that moment changed my life , it began what appears to have become a lifelong passion for surfing . The 7S Super Fish does not come with fins. Get one . See spec table below for suggested template. The Superfish 4 (SF4) is an amalgamation of the Superfish 3 shape, with some old design features from the past. A review of the 7S Super Fish XL an 8 foot fish surf board Tested as a 5 fin (with quad fin set up and small trailer fin) Why 5 fin?


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