aerolite 103 with briggs engine
You might remember seeing such a machine at Sun ‘n Fun 2014. The company estimates the time to complete the airframe at 60–80 hours. However, Aerolite reports growing sales in USA – more than 40 in 2014 – and now there is a German type-certified version – the Aerolite 120 – it looks like sales are set to grow exponentially over the next few years. Since 1982 FAA’s Part 103 for “ultralight vehicles” has been one of the most intriguing sections in the lengthy Federal Aviation Regulations. Less obvious is that Aerolite 103 with a four stroke engine can still make the low empty weight of Part 103 to enjoy the benefits of less federal interference in your flying fun. Another option is the ready-to-fly aircraft for under $20,000. Believe it or not, the V-twin briggs, are coming in at 12 to 15 pounds lighter than ALL 2 stroke engines (depending on horsepower). In addition, he said that even with straight pipes the exhaust noise is modest but he plans to add some silencing. DeLand Showcase 2019 — Ending the Airshow Year for Light-Sport Aircraft and SP Kit Aircraft. Several hundred are airborne and production has never been more solid. First UK owner is Stephen Oliver, who writes in the UK’s Light Aviation Magazine of an entertaining first circuit and subsequent cross-country flight home in his new Aerolite 120. There’s more information about this amazing little aircraft on byDanJohnson – a major USA website/blog covering a vast range of light sport and ultralight aircraft. Aerolite 103 is surprisingly well equipped: Flaps, trim, conventional three-axis control with a yoke and rudder pedals, windscreen and nose fairing, steerable nose wheel with sturdy shock-absorbing main gear, four-point seat belts, 5-gallon aluminum fuel tank, Azusa brakes, fully anodized aluminum airframe and all basic instruments including airspeed, altimeter, slip indicator, tachometer, exhaust gas, and cylinder head temperature gauges. Two-seater with a high cruise speed – Vans RV-7 Also, computer tuning is now available for these wonderful engines, aluminum flywheels now available to shave off many pounds, roller lifters. Biplane – Boeing Stearman Your email address will not be published. Contrary to the suggestion in its name, the e-Go is not battery powered (yet). The kit does not include powerplant, propeller or instruments. - 50 hp. As in the United States some were skeptical at Aero.April 12, 2014, Several news items in our March 2013 LSA News Wrap and we’ll get to it … right after this: We’re thrilled to tell you that — for the second month in a row — achieved another record.March 12, 2013, In the near future, we’ll present fuller stories of some of the following short bits from Oshkosh 2012.August 20, 2012, [UPDATE spring 2014] — The Aerolite 103 is now manufacturered in Deland, Florida by U-Fly-It, the contact info for which is located at the end of this article.August 12, 2011, Many pilots speak of airplanes they cannot afford. Indeed, $150,000 Light-Sport Aircraft are priced beyond common budgets.August 12, 2011, Manufacturers in the ultralight industry believe they know what pilots want or what they will buy, anyway.November 1, 2002, Affordable Carbon Part 103 His posts are quite frequent, particularly at this time of the year, with not only Aero Friedrichshafen but also Sun ‘n Fun in Florida. Super Wonder. His appropriate caution caused some to again conclude that it simply wasn’t possible. 350 - 450 fpm. YES! In July 2009 there were 12 Aerolite 103s registered as experimental amateur-builts in the USA. Main options include a ballistic rescue system, wheel spats and lift strut fairings. I wonder when RA-Aus will stop moaning about declining membership numbers and do what they should be doing to open aviation at grass roots level and work with CASA to ‘de-regulate’ these single seat aircraft? Diameter: 60 inches: 63 inches: Stall Speed: 26 – 28 mph: 26 – 33 mph: Cruise Speed (2) 45-63 mph: 45-70 mph: Top Speed: 63 mph: 63 mph: Rate Of Climb: 500 - 650 fpm: 500 – 1,600 fpm: Sink Rate: 350 - 400 fpm. The Aerolite is an excellent entry level aircraft, once you get your flying licence . There is a fourth small caster-wheel under the tail, because when the pilot's seat is unoccupied the aircraft rests on its tail, due to the aircraft's empty center of gravity. Engine Power Requirements: 28 hp. If you’ve been one of the naysayers, I recommend you adjust your thinking. Although heavier and a bit less powerful than the 2-stroke alternatives, the B&S motor still gives the aircraft a climb rate around 600 fpm and a cruise speed in the same 60 mph range. However, Aerolite lacks for nothing to give you a good time in the air and it won’t break your budget. I firmly believe that a sub A$30,000 single seat aircraft would sell well in Australia, if only the authorities here (where are you Recreational Aviation Australia??) Hi Dan. Dennis forecasts 2015 may record 60 sales. Modifying the new fuel injection system is just now getting under way to gain more horsepower, if needed.


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