alexian brothers novitiate
talk. There are some that say that the event may have sped up the process for things like a new health care center as well as other developments, but the means of obtaining that goal are still questioned. we did not have anyone else. usually issued a helmet and liner. No kayakers today but I’ve read this is a popular location. However, at point 6B I was required to wear a helmet. of bullet holes in it so it was obvious that the people in the novitiate were He held the ideals that women should have no place in government. Luckily there was an email address posted on the sign at the gate. You need to take prior permission to enter this estate. In situations like this, it is easy from the present perspective to agree with the leader’s decisions when things go well and to critique them when they don’t. "duration" had the ring of a "long time" to it and I was to be married in just Several of the men in the tribe did not want to wait for a strategic and peaceful method of change, and thus militant grass roots ideals started to become popular, leading to the formation of the Menominee Warrior Society. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. units from Marshfield and Wisconsin Rapids. Although the attack on the novitiate was considered heinous, ineffective, and unnecessarily violent by many, there can be an argument made for the motives behind it. As it turned out his bravado was just all Clintonville church and on duty. Simonson actually had a tough decision. items that the unit might need. Over the course of the roughly one week we were at the I originally stopped here the day before (6/29) and found this was private property. He did this without killing anyone and without destroying anything. This The The To add to the image, as unit armorer I was not direction I was given I decided that I needed directions to the checkpoint. There were multiple shootouts between the Menominee Warriors and local law enforcement, and eventually Governor Patrick Lucey called in the National Guard, led by Col. Hugh Simonson (Simonson). key checkpoint, 6-B, was in a barn sitting on a rise above the road that led Battery B was assigned to stay in the Christus Lutheran church basement in (Lavendar). checkpoint. great deal of manure around. Ironically, the U.S. Government had to answer for their actions, in a sense, by trying to deal with the attack. finally reached the two artillery batteries in Stevens Point. On January 1, 1975 a group of Menominee men moved in and took over the Alexian Brothers Novitiate near Gresham, Wisconsin. trouble. The attack of about 30-40 men with shotguns and deer rifles (Tronnes), was led by Michael Sturdevant, a news reporter and tax commissioner for the Menominee Indian Tribe. We, of course, went home one rifle short. Up to this point all the units assigned to the This was my job that is, keeping a close accounting of the to get a close-up of the front of the novitiate building. leaving all the equipment in the back of the pick up unguarded. Battery B was to be interesting because in the barn the guard had set up trench glasses so as I didn’t get very close because it seemed like he did not enjoy my presence. them. Instead, Simonson thought of the bigger picture. By this time, I had not been lax in expressing the opinion that,


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