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Klicken Sie auf die verschiedenen Kategorienüberschriften, um mehr zu erfahren. How nice to see you two out together! thanks for linking up, xox. My friend and neighbour Anja is back in town and she agreed to come into town with me. Sie werden jedoch immer aufgefordert, Cookies zu akzeptieren / abzulehnen, wenn Sie unsere Website erneut besuchen.

The orange sweater is like a big lightweight blanket. And … (important).. no wind blowing. I’m also loving Anja’s coat and jeans and velvet tunic… I could basically just jump into either of your outfits and feel very happy! But it will be better starting tomorrow. NBIC – Nano Bio Info Cogno In 2016 Jay Data’s ELEKTRO BODY FORCE reflected the futurological themes of our postmodern information age: nano technology, bio technology, information technology and cognitive science. I cannot do that. Below: Anja photographing me across the table and me photographing her. The days of throwing snow balls are over. For some reason I’m thinking Anja is a woman to laugh and cry with. Her family still lives in Poland where Anja also owns a home. By the end of the year she was labeled fashion's rising star by

She was selected to cover the fourth issue of Porter magazine (following the likes of Gisele Bündchen and Lady Gaga), the print offshoot of luxury e-retailer Net-a-Porter, by frequent collaborators Inez and Vinoodh, and Mario Sorrenti photographed her for the covers of Lui and The New York Times Style Magazine. orange.

Created by Jay Data and Anja Sputnik, Autopoiesis is a work that shows the fascinating story of existence and the evolution of life and conciousness into ever more complex forms of self-organization and reliable self-reproduction (see autopoiesis concept by Maturana/Varela). In September 2015, Rubik made her directorial debut by directing Issue 04's teaser film featuring Andreea Diaconu and themed around the five senses. So gorgeous. We liked the red table and benches against our green coats. But missing your old friends…such a heartache. Btw, if kids in their teens were taking shots of one another, no one would think twice about it… so why not we girls, in our, ahem, advanced years? Below: The scarf is by Pauw. The brand's designs and image are largely inspired by Rubik's punk-meets-feminine style. She wears it well. You look like 2 gorgeous colorful cuddly teddy bears. In addition, Rubik has been the principal in campaigns for Barneys New York, Belstaff, BLK DNM, Bottega Veneta, DKNY, Etro, Dante Herró, Forever 21, Gap, H&M, Jimmy Choo, Karl by Karl Lagerfeld, Kurt Geiger, La Perla, Lacoste, Mango, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Seven Jeans, Tod's, Tommy Hilfiger, and Zara.[12][13]. Wonderful colourful girls in Haarlem, good to see both of you.

As I am always on the lookout for bright coloured clothes, I immediately spotted this orange sweater.
The publication is an annual collector's print exploring artists' views of sensuality. Wir benötigen zwei Cookies, damit diese Einstellung gespeichert wird. Die Änderungen werden nach einem Neuladen der Seite wirksam. You can cheer up Anja a little bit, she’s not happy I guess because of the snow! I normally do not have saeaters like this as most of them are wool and itch. These don’t, yay. I saw your photo of the white wonderland. “We are the universe experiencing itself.”. The orange sweater, what can I say, it suits you down to the ground. I might splurge on that. This is the last month they are hosting “How I wear my..”. In fact, there are times that I look in my closet and think yippee!!!!! The visuals are enhanced by the semi-improvised dance choreography by Anja and the funky space electro soundtrack that was composed for the video and is performed live by the “funky futurist” Jay Data (inspired by Electro acts as Kraftwerk, Cybotron, Anthony Rother). Below: Spread across the couch. My name is Greetje Kamminga, I am Dutch, born in 1954. So are a colourful person!love the big orange sweater and your black boots are just perfect!I know I have something with shoes…. If I were to wear your gorgeous solid green I would add Anya’S embroidered booties, a combination..I am in between and a fan of both… Neither Anja nor I leave the house haha.

❤️❤️❤️ It just multiplies. Sie können Cookies jederzeit blockieren oder löschen, indem Sie Ihre Browsereinstellungen ändern und das Blockieren aller Cookies auf dieser Webseite erzwingen. [7] In 2011, the International Business Times hailed "supermodel" Rubik as the "world's most in-demand model". As Jay Data – The funky Futurist I compose and perform my ecstatic and fluffy electronic underground dance music (90s House, Detroit Techno and Kraftwerk Electro) dressed in white and ultra-mobile, with my attached KORG Electribe 2 Groovebox. Look at that bear rug underneath the blue chair! Rubik was born in Rzeszów, Poland. Jodie Wenn Sie Cookies ablehnen, werden alle gesetzten Cookies auf unserer Domain entfernt.

Thanks Marjolein. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Every Sunday morning (my time–in USA), I open my computer and look forward to reading your weekly post. Something in her eyes and maybe you describing her as your Bohemian friend makes me think it’s easy to share good heart to heart conversations with Anja. “Play” in our case means: taking pictures for blogs as Anja also has a blog, a travel blog (Curly Traveller). Here I am trying it on in Hudson Bay Maastricht. XOOX Oh guess what… I found a really big “rhinestone” brooch, transparent/white with lavender and I put it on my fuchsia coat. Quite a miracle as she hates the cold. But there are also times that I’m missing the basics, and I need to remember that basics are important too (although boring IMO…ha ha)! Hi Greetje. Hello there I have just found your blog, I love both the orange and the green sweaters, both my colours.Also I am with you about winter and summer outfits I like to keep to the seasons, I can not understand how people can wear short sleeve tops and fip-flops in the winter as I often see here. [3] In 1988, she and her veterinarian parents moved to Greece. It reminded me so much of the green coat from Tara Jarmon. Jay is pushing buttons and turning knobs of his electribe synthesizer groovebox creating uplifting rhythms and melodies as Anja responds to the music with her intricate dance moves. Anja’s ..lightblue boots are very nice as well. That’s something we all need in a friend. Live-generated electro-bass tracks generated live with the synthesizer meet overwhelming, poetic visuals. You are going to Spain???? As long as it is a bright colour. The pleasure is mutual my dear. Which is why this orange sweater is better on jeans with boots. I love your bright and cozy orange sweater Greetje. Required fields are marked *. Bitte beachten Sie, dass eine Deaktivierung dieser Cookies die Funktionalität und das Aussehen unserer Webseite erheblich beeinträchtigen kann. In 2014, Rubik starred in a music video for the song Chleb by Mister D., a music project of the Polish author Dorota Masłowska. Below: When I took this picture it was still too bright to see the pretty lights.

Even so, the light indoors is never sufficient. Andernfalls wird diese Mitteilung bei jedem Seitenladen eingeblendet werden. It is very cold and snowy here, so I would love to have a couple of sweaters like that right now.

Those metallic, rounded toe boots that you have would be fun with this look too!
Thanks for the compliments. Rubik has been modeling in London, Milan, New York, and Paris throughout the 2000s. [17] She starred in his runway collection in 2012 and subsequently appeared in campaigns for his self-titled brand.

[22] Contributors include Alex Prager, Araki, Daniel Arsham, Hedi Slimane, Isabel Marant, Inez and Vinoodh, Marina Abramović, and Woodkid. Never a mix. We liked the red table and benches against our green coats. Thanks for liking my new sweater. Snuggly and as you say, stylish. Anja Rubik (born Anna Helena Rubik; 12 June 1983)[3] is a Polish model, activist, philanthropist, and businesswoman. Oh yes, we have heart to heart conversations all the time. “We are the universe experiencing itself.” Autopoiesis (2017-2018) is a poetic multimedia video performance for a musician and a dancer, electroluminescent wires, and a KORG electribe 2 Synthesizer Groovebox playing electronic live music in front of a gigantic video projection.


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