as the mutts attacked at the cornucopia
We break into the clearing. We bolt as fast as we could across the field. The mutts attacked Cato, and out of pity Katniss shot him. I ask Peeta. Later, when he thought backabout it, Aragorn could not understand how they had managed to keep ahead of the wolves. Katniss and Peeta manage to climb up the Cornucopia, but Cato is already there. "There!" Age:18 Weapon: sword Place:3rd Death:Shot in the arm by Katniss and fell off the Cornucopia attacked by mutts but finished by Katniss Day:18 As he ignores them, the two realize something is wrong when the Mutts attack them. He was portrayed by Alexander Ludwig, who also portrayed as Jameson fromFinal Girl. Hunger Games, p. 339 Cato is the main antagonist (alongside President Snow) ofthe novelThe Hunger Games and its film adaptation of the same name. After a closer examination, he was able to permanently deactivate it. The next day, he slowly approached the sensor from a blind angle and carefully dismounted it. As Katniss and Peeta climb onto the golden horn, Katniss recognizes that the mutts each resemble one of the fallen tributes, and the thought terrifies her. In that split second we were stopped, I hear the mutts' growls and footsteps thundering closer. The 74th Hunger Games was the Hunger Games that serves as one of the primary driving events in the series. in the woods in District 12 when the girl was pulled into a hovercraft. "You know why," he says, and pulls me closer to him. Cato says that if Katniss shoots him in the head, he’ll take Peeta down with him. "Go!" How was Rue able to help her ally Katniss? I cry, pointing to the Cornucopia. They were the dead tributes. Katniss uses her bow and arrow to shoot Cato, giving Peeta the opening to push him off the edge of the Cornucopia. fix her tracker jacker stings. He is a voluntary tribute from District 2, alongside with his district partner Clove. He found out that the sensor had been the reason why he had been attacked by mutts because it sent a signal within a … The 74th Hunger Games was the only known year that these creatures were used, acting as a painful and effective weapon to drive together the remaining tributes at the Cornucopia. She tries to think of how she can get to Cato to attack him, when she turns to see that Cato has Peeta in a headlock. In a senseless rage, Cato fights the two of them in a violent showdown, and easily wins due to his superior strength. Where did Katniss see the red-haired Avox? This Hunger Games was controversial as being the first in Panem's history to have two victors.The two victors, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark achieved this through attempting a double suicide with nightlock berries, which forced the Gamemakers into letting them win. The mutts had lost precious time wondering whom they should attack, allowing the two friends to get a nice head start, but they seemed to have made up their minds now. The 74th Hunger Games was the only known year that these creatures were used, acting as a painful and effective weapon to drive together the remaining tributes at the Cornucopia. The Hunger Games is actually pretty loyal to the books, so much so that one of the biggest differences from book to film is towards the end of the movie, when Katniss and Peeta rush to the Cornucopia to end the games.. RELATED: The Hunger Games: The 5 Best Friendships (& The 5 Worst) While the mutts that attack them just look like very scary big dogs, in the book they have a more sinister meaning. I slam my hands on the Cornucopia as soon as I reach it, and I see Cato stretch out his hands at about waist-high. What did Katniss realize about the mutts as they attacked at the Cornucopia? After spending an entire night on top of the cornucopia while Cato is being mauled by the mutts, we see this exchange: "Why don't they just kill him?" Both Katniss and Peeta ran to the Cornucopia only to encounter a severely injured Cato, who was still strong enough to fight Peeta. Four of the pack were following them now, and gaining on them.


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