best fm20 save ideas
I managed Fiorentina in Serie A for my first FM19 career, and I now want to go through the other major leagues outside of the Premier League. If I do, though, I've got two saves in mind. If you're looking for a team to manage, a challenge to do, or you yourself have suggestions for teams/challenges for other people to do, use this thread to discuss. I'm so engrossed in my current FM19 save with Lyn that I'm not even sure I'll play FM20. 1. 2. Football Manager 2020 Teams to manage: 25 best challenges to tackle in FM20 Posted at 02:34h in Football Manager , Football Manager 2020 by Plugsville Football Manager 2020 teams to manage – Finding the best side to manage can be a long and arduous process, especially when you’re a few games in and fancy a new challenge . Megathread is back, FM20 version! Good to see this @KEZ_7 and some ideas developing, be interesting to see what others have, heres my thoughts: - Yeovil Town - Potentially, did one last year until the file got corrupt, took them to the Prem where the journey ended.-Network save - Me and my brother began a network save end of December, we're now 16 seasons in so a repeat of that but from the start would be good Football Manager 2020 is the latest update from the team at Sports Interactive, offering your best chance at taking your team to glory from the hotseat. A short-term save in the Bundesliga, probably with Bayer Leverkusen. This is to seperate these kinds of questions from the Help Thread, which is more for gameplay/tactics questions Football Manager 2020: Best teams to manage on FM20 – Man Utd among top 20 clubs to pick Football Manager 2020 launches next week, but which club will you lead to glory? Starting the season on -12 points after entering administration, Bolton were forced to start the League One season by almost exclusively fielding teenagers, only getting a permanent squad in place during September. Even if you have FM20 and are deep into a save, it is the perfect time to jump into a fresh challenge thanks to the winter transfer update. His persona is probably the one I can’t move away from… and as mentioned above, the term ‘flawed’ is probably the best way to describe him. Like any true anti-hero, you need to accept the dark as well as the light. FM20 represents the third year of Bastardo (after FM17 & FM18). The ultimate long-term save challenge for FM20.


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