birmingham al garbage pickup holiday schedule 2020
Recycling materials are collected from the curb once a week on the same day as garbage and trash service. Garbage is household/kitchen waste placed in a sealed bag. Items that can be recycled include newspaper, aluminum, steel and other metal cans, No.1 & No.2 plastic containers, HDPE clear plastic milk jugs, PET plastic soft drink containers, cardboard, cardboard boxes, and household and office paper products. Forth-five people, all men, have led the U.S., starting with George Washington to the current president, Donald Trump. For questions, contact Public Works at (205) 254-6344. Martin Luther King's Birthday 1/20/2020 - Closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day 1/21/2020 - Monday's garbage collected 1/22/2020 - Tuesday's garbage collected 1/23/2020 - Wednesday's garbage collected 1/24/2020 - Thursday's garbage collected . December Schedule, Glen Iris, North Titusville, Oak Ridge, Sherman Heights, Oak Ridge Park #1 (Antwerp Ave. to Crest Green Rd. The Mountain Brook Public Works Department would like to remind you of the following: If you have problems with your trash pick-up, please contact Waste Management at 841-2740 or the Mountain Brook Public Works Department at 802-2390. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Abraham Lincoln Day, President's Day, and Veterans Day do NOT affect service. Please contact the Jefferson County Health Department (205-930-1290 for additional information. (No plastic bags please). Christmas Day. Garbage cans should be easily visible and located outside fences, garages, basements and similar enclosures. Find additional updates at The City's garbage contractor does not pick-up dirt, cement, wallpaper, roofing material, plaster, concrete blocks, bricks, and major amounts of building materials, land clearing debris. Separate trash from recyclable materials at the curb. The City of Birmingham is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Monday-Saturday, After Hours and Emergencies: 205-254-6344, Eastern District Please contact Waste Management at 841-2740 or the Public Works ​, Address endobj Contamination will cause loads to be delivered to MSW landfills. For questions, contact Public Works at (205) 254-6344. Household garbage is collected at the back door of residences and, while not mandatory, the use of plastic liner bags in your garbage is strongly recommended. The garbage pick-up schedule WILL NOT CHANGE. New Year’s Day January 1, 2020 Wednesday There are NO service changes to collection this week. Department at 802-2390. x�\L$gY�������ߞ?����cC�%OD�R��?ƁD“� ���+E�O��Gd�@fx������v^�6���H�����2�~m~;��}s]���W{[�9y�{`>m��3�����ۣ|����y��7G�&�? Public Works regular office hours are Monday - Friday from 6 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. For more information please click the link below 2019-2020 WM Trash Pickup & Recycling. Night Shift: 8 p.m.-4a.m. �0$�]�mO{����²w��,c���_=����5�O��'���7����ɧ������n�]�m�?N.����������pi�l|z6��d��N����R�¿��$M2�3/E2;{������g���t����TnnIe2�h�$�PL


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